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Yo I'm Dï$çörd1 I joined da top tens on August 3 2015 I hope we can be friends. I usually just upload images and browse lists whenever I am on here. Feel free to message me. Just a warning, I am quite introverted.

Update: I have gotten quite bored with this site lately so I am semi-active here from now on.

My profile picture: Kintaurus from Show by Rock!!.

Discord: TheElementalGriffin#0925

Identity V ID: 306154074

Genshin Impact ID: 603275049

Punishing: Gray Raven ID: 11266896

AOTU World ID: 304785461

I love Happy Tree Friends, anime, video games, and music.

Please don't take my interests listed below for granted since I am not good with choosing favorites.

Birthday: July 5


Favorite Cartoons:
Happy Tree Friends (Favorite character: Russell)
Wakfu (Favorite character: Yugo)
South Park (Favorite Character: Kenny)
BoBoiBoy (Favorite character: BoBoiBoy)
BoBoiBoy Galaxy (Favorite character: BoBoiBoy)
Over The Garden Wall (Favorite character: Greg)
Angelo Rules (Favorite character: Angelo)
School For Vampires (Favorite character: Ashley)
Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl (Favorite character: Taxidermy)
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Favorite character: Carl)
The Boondocks (Favorite character: Riley)
The Bedfellows (Favorite character: Fatigue)
Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (Favorite character: Shrignold)
Moominvalley (Favorite character: Snufkin)
Clarence (Don't attack me it's an opinion. I know Clarence has ALOT of hate lists on this site.) (Favorite character: Sumo)
Candy Hole (Favorite character: Kitty)

Favorite Anime:
Tegami Bachi (Favorite character: Largo Lloyd)
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Favorite character: Veldora)
Tsuritama (Favorite character: Haru)
SHOW BY ROCK!! (Favorite character: Kintaurus)
Girls’ Last Tour (Favorite character: Yuuri)
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (Favorite character: Titus)
Pandora Hearts (Favorite character: Leo)
The Promised Neverland (Favorite character: Emma)
Made In Abyss (Favorite character: Nanachi)
AOTU World (Favorite character: Phantom.S)
Seraph of The End (Favorite character: Mikaela)
Merman In My Tub (Favorite character: Wakasa)
World Trigger (Favorite character: Yuma)
Uta No Prince Sama (Favorite character: Natsuki)
Grimoire of Zero (Favorite character: Mercenary)
Rokka: Braves of The Six Flowers (Favorite character: Hans)
Gregory Horror Show (Favorite character: James)
Moomin (Favorite character: Moomintroll)
Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions (Favorite Character: Rikka)
Usavich (Favorite character: Kirenenko)
Karneval (Favorite character: Yogi)

Favorite Music Artists
Jack Off Jill (Favorite song: Vivica)
Green Day (Favorite song: When I Come Around)
Scarling. (Favorite song: Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole)
Flyleaf (Favorite song: All Around Me)
Lil Darkie (Favorite Song: AMV)
The Birthday Massacre (Favorite song: Kill The Lights)
Avicii (Favorite song: Hey Brother)
MARETU (Favorite song: Darling)
Get Scared (Favorite Song: My Own Worst Enemy)
In This Moment (Favorite song: Big Bad Wolf)
Destroy Boys (Favorite Song: Honey I'm Home)
Grandson (Favorite song: Riptide)
New Medicine (Favorite song: Rich Kids)
M.I.A. (Favorite song: Visa)
Jazmin Bean (Favorite song: Worldwide Torture)
Co Shu Nie (Favorite song: Zettai Zetsumei)
311 (Favorite song: Down)
Sleeping With Sirens (Favorite song: If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn)
Zheani (Favorite Song: Dirt on The Name of Steven)
Family Force 5 (Favorite song: Chainsaw)
IC3PEAK (Favorite song: TRRST)
YOHIO (Favorite song: Silent Rebellion)
Set It Off (Favorite song: I'd Rather Drown)
The Devil Wears a Prada (Favorite Song: Dez Moines)
Avril Lavigne (Favorite song: What The Hell)
Papa Roach (Favorite song: Help)
Bad Religion (Favorite song: 21st Century Digital Boy)
Bunkface (Favorite song: Darah Muda)
Charli XCX (Favorite song: Break The Rules)
Ghostemane (Favorite song: Ai)
Skrillex (Favorite song: Kyoto)
FAKE TYPE. (Favorite song: Devil's Wedding)
Reol (Both the band and the singer) (Favorite song: Endless Line)
Ashnikko (Favorite song: No Brainer)
WHOKILLEDXIX (Favorite song: Kismet)
Alan Walker (Favorite song: On My Way)
100 Gecs (Favorite song: Money Machine)
Dzhizus/Джизус (Favorite song: РАССВЕТ)
Kis-Kis/кис-кис (Favorite song: лбтд)

Favorite Music Genres:
Grrl Riot
Witch House
Hardcore Punk


SongStar No Star - Jack Off Jill
MovieJack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart
ActorElijah Wood
AlbumClear Hearts Grey Flowers - Jack Off Jill
Cartoon CharacterNutty (Happy Tree Friends)
TV ShowMagi: The Labyrinth of Magic
SingerCharli XCX
FoodCrab Legs
Video Game CharacterRalsei (Deltarune)
Video GameAlice: Madness Returns
AnimeMagi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Music GenrePunk
CartoonHappy Tree Friends
Music ArtistGreen Day


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