The 5 Best and 5 Worst Episodes of Season 1

Gangem Season 1 was a great season, despite the fact that my favourite episode of the show is in season 3 (Chocolate with Nuts) season 1 was a great season and had great episodes and some weak ones and here are them
The 5 Best
5. Jellyfishing
A great episode that is very entertaining and the firmly grasp it scene is disturbing but still very funny
4. Help Wanted
The first episode is a good episode. The anchovies were funny and the I'm Naked! scene always puts a smile on my face
3. SB-129
This is a classic episode and the future scene always cracks me up
2. Tea at the Treedome
When I was younger, this was my favourite episode of the show, it is not anymore, but is still a favourite of mine
1. Hall Monitor
The best episode of season 1 and second best episode. It is very original and hilarious
The 5 Worst
5. Neptune's Spatula
This episode was a weak episode and not very funny. Patrick's face on his butt was a funny bit though
4. Mermaidman and Barnacleboy
Honestly, I thought this was a weak episode, it was not very funny and quite boring
3. I Was A Teenage Gary
Boring and not very funny, it was not the most original episode and a bit bad
2. Ripped Pants
Lots of people like this, but think it is bad. They forgive him for singing a song! That is pretty useless
1. Squeaky Boots
This episode is really boring and the boots were annoying. The plot is very bland and it is one of the worst episodes before the movie
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