I was just reading the "Top Metal Vocalist" its A damn shame that Ozzy is number 6 and Ronnie James Dio is number 10. I will say that at least DIO is the top 10, but at the bottom, no. Yes Ozzy is A good singer but RJD has got him beat. His singing is so much superior. He is also A better singer for Sabbath. What is disappointing is that Ozzy will always be recognized as the singer for Sabbath, and I mean by the fans, critics, etc... ok this is just my opinion, I know. But, I know there are other people who share my opinion.

As for other singers,I dont know why they are even on this list.

I hate to burst peoples bubbles but Fred Durst, Amy Lee, are not metal singers! They dont even deserve to be on there. I quote

"Please, if you're going to add to or vote on this list try and know what you're talking about"


it is not just in the top metal vocalist but in other music lists look at the top of them like slash, yoshiki, etc. they are indeed good but there are lots of people are better than them. it is very hard to judge because it is in a worldwide scale and it is very disapointing that the votes are based on popularity and favoriticism, u know what i'm talking about - ronluna

ozzy is awesome man!!! - Marcopwnzatdrums