Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Also called "Miraculous", "Miraculous Ladybug", "Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir", "Ladybug and Cat Noir" or simply "Ladybug" . It's a French show created by Thomas Astruc and Jeremy Zag, produced by Method Animation (by Zag) and SAMG Animation (in Korean version). The theme song singed by Cash Callaway and Wendy Child in English dub and Fiestar in Korean dub. Miraculous first time aired in South Korea.

The show takes place in Paris, France. It's about two teenagers named Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste who get a miraculous jewelries. Marinette, with her kwami, Tikki, and her earrings, transform into Ladybug, while Adrien, with his kwami, Plagg, and his ring, transform into Cat Noir. Their goals are trying to saved Paris from evil Miraculous holder named Hawkmoth who always akumatize people who have negative feelings.

Miraculous was originally planned to be an anime called "Ladybug PV" created by Toei Animation. However, it was scrapped because the Toei animators complained about how hard it is to animate Ladybug's spots.

Miraculous premiered in Tfou in France, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel in English dub, and EBS1 in Korean dub.

The merchandises of Miraculous produced by Bandai.

The spin-off of Miraculous, "Miraculous Ladybug 2D Webisode" will aired on January 2017 with the different title, "Miraculous: Tales Of Paris" and with different characters styles designed by Angie Nasca .

The show is about romance, friendship, magical powers, and superheroes. It's popular by fans called Miraculers and the uniqueness due the mashup genre between superheroes and magical girl show .

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