gymnastics and cheerleading

@ the one who said "Thanks for all your opinions on how cheerleading is the most dangerous. Now let me tell you a well known fact... GYMNASTICS IS WAY HARDER AND MORE DANGEROUS THAN CHEERLEADING! Anyone can clap their hands and shout out silly chants. You realize that cheerleading is just part of gymnastics but I feel for you because everyone wants to feel like they are tough enough to be in a really dangerous sport... But the truth is cheer is not dangerous. Gymnasts bust there butts everyday trying to perfect everything... But it doesn't matter if you guys mess up because they aren't paying attention... They are either sleeping or watching the basketball game. If you guys mess up you have people to catch you... But if you mess up in gymnastics... GOOD LUCK! Hopefully you don't have to get surgery... OR DIE! So all of you princesses who think shouting chants and jumping around the floor is dangerous... Try gymnastics... You will beg to go home after our conditioning... I'm sure anyone can crotch the beam or bail on a flip or even miss the bar... But all of you that think you can land it like we can... Try it... See how many bones you break... You'll change your opinion!"

gymnastics and cheerleading are both equally as hard. we don't clap our hands and shout sily chants. yes cheerleading IS a part of gymnastics but you dont see gymnasts pulling needles and flipping in the AIR. cheer is dangerus. one wrong move as simple as not keeping your legs together or elbows in can injuse every one inn the stunt below, or even you if they drop you. it DOES matter if we mess up. toes werent pointed? deduction. didnt stick your tumbling? deduction. stunt didnt hit? deduction. you all think weyre the prissy girls who always have to have perfect hair and makeup. youre wrong. thats what the movies make it seem like. people arent always there to catch you either, you could hit them as you come down, and they would back up and you hit the floor, hopefully not breaking anything. conditioning? we practice just as much as you do. every day of the week, 2+ hours. we condition, we run, we do ab workouts and pushups and planks. no, we dont lift weights, we lift our athletes-and we hold them 10-15 feet in the air until our arms shake. until our legs quiver. the amount of balance, leg muscle, and core tightness it takes to stay in the air is unbelievable to someone who has never done it before. we run full speed at nothing, then flip in the air, twist, and land on our feet. we jump. we jump high-without a trampoline. concentrating on pointed toes, extended legs, tight arms, jump height, facials, and smiling… ever based a basket toss? you get blood blisters on your hands. softball sized bruises start to appear like magic. as for the flyers, if you’re not tight, expect to have your back jammed into your bases knee. now you have 2.5 minutes on a paneled mat. you have 1000+ people in the crowd every time you go on that floor. 4 judges. 2.5 minutes of horrendous physical activity and we make it look easy. cheerleading is something you have to want and work for. You have to love it and have a passion for it. so you doubt us? fine. we’ll prove you wrong. say we’re not athletes? okay. come to a practice. compete with us. you’ll think differently. say what we do is easy? try it. i dare you


You know what cheer is the most dangerous sport and you are just to scared to admit it... So I'm 4x national champion cheerleader and what are you oh ya a gymnatist and if you have some thing to say comment, I dare you! - lovcheer13

First of all have you ever gone to a real cheerleading comp? That's what I though. Cheerleading is way more dangerous we have to lift a 100 pound girl in the air over our heads and stay there for minutes if they fall you have to catch them. If somehing wrong happends there comes.A. new broken bone or a new bruise! Wow you can tumble across A. Mat so can we! You have to balance on a beam we have to balance on HANDS if one hand moves then you would probubly have a worst injury then if you fell of a beam that is not even 2 feet of he ground! ! So does. Cheerleading still sound easy to you didn't think so - visitor

You don't think gymnastics is hard? Come to one of our practices! Gymnastics is way mor hard than cheer. Cheerleaders clap their hands and yell stupid stuff. Oh, and by the way we flip high in the air and we get deductions for bent legs or not pointing our toes. And when we don't point our toes it is a lot more noticeable because we are bare foot and you cheerleaders wear gym shoes because you guys are too afraid to dirty up your feet. Like I said, gymnastics is way harder and way more dangerous than cheerleading. - visitor

There are different types of Cheerleading! Cheerleading is NOT just clapping and chanting, in fact most cheerleaders don't even do that. Cheerleading is hard. Its incredibly hard and a lot of people get hurt from it. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about and should learn before you go saying things without knowing what you're saying. I understand gymnastics is hard. But YOU have to understand how hard Cheerleading is and how different it is than to what movies portray it to be. Cheerleaders are always told that what they do is not hard and that its not a sport. People need to learn about what they're saying and TRY IT before they judge us and put us down. - visitor

I think both are dangerous and risky •~• - visitor

yes - visitor

I did competition cheer my freshman and sophomore years of high school and it was tough. During one of our comps a group of bases on my squad dropped my friend and she fell straight on her head/neck and had to be rushed to the ER (she still has spine problems from that), that is what caused me to quit. HOWEVER, between the two sports I would say that gymnastics is the more dangerous one. Cheer has many gymnastics elements and that is mostly where the danger comes from.Yea, cheerleaders have to hold up 100 pound girls 6 ft. Off the ground, so what, that is not a reason for it to be all that much more dangerous. To the person who said balancing on hands is worst than a balance beam, umm no! I would rather fall to the floor from a few feet in the air than come down wrong on a balance beam. Like I said, I was a cheerleader for all of my life up until this year and I know it is dangerous, not saying that. But by comparing the two I would give this to gymnastics. There are just so many more ways a gymnast could get hurt than a cheerleader. - visitor

Hunny... We run full speed at a large non moveing object I'm pretty sure that's way more dangerous the running full spead into nothing.. And in high school you don't not practice that much. I know. Now maybe in all start cheer, like cheer teams. But no not high school. cheerleading. We don't balance on a beam darlin... We do tricks in the air then land and balance on a beam. I would so like to see a cheerleader go and do what you do on a floor, but on a 4-inch beam... "Yeah before that let me call an abulance. " We do some of what you guys do... But aslo 4 other events more, plus dancing, and cheering. We have 4 events to do, doesn't matter if you roll, break, anything at one event, unless you're seriously hurt, like screaming, you have to compete the next event. We have 1 minute on every event to do things cheerleaders wouldn't understand. And yeah there's a lot of people we have to face to, and we have 4 judges, sitting there, to tell us no matter how hard we try, it's not good enough. And we get so many more deductions I can't even put how many we get into words, without writting a short novel. To be a gymnast, you must be mentally, emotionally, phiscally, to do the things gymnast do. You know why we aren't the sport with the most injuries. Cause the average optional gymnast trains everyday for 5 hours, and weekends for about 5 or 6. We don't just train our skills we train how to stick and how to be safe if you fall out of something, like a safety roll, cause we don't have others to spot us on our tricks during meets we have to do the tricks by ourselves for it to count. And a lot of cheerleaders will say "Well we have to hold up 300 hundred pound girls. Try holding your own weight every single day in the gym. We condition so that we don't get hurt. We have to. That's why we have such strong dependt legs, arms, etc. During practice we don't screw around and talk to eachother about buys, makeup, drama, we don't stand around at our gym each time we sit down, unless told to, 10 push ups. We don't mess around. We don't put on 10 gallons of make up. We don't have time for it. We have to compete back to back days, it doesn't matter if your bones hurt or not, if you wanna qualify you have to tough it out. And cheerleaders go for like a couple of months or for a season. Gymnast don't stop we go all year longg. And getting good grades doesn't mean your not a snob, cause most cheerleaders are. You have to get good grades to be on a school sport. Cheerleading isn't really a team sport. Not the way it matters. Yes you guys are a team as in holding each other up, wining as a team, but behind that gym floor, trust me I know, you guys talk bad about eachother. My gym, we are pure family, We don't do that to eachother, we hangout with eachother, we don't leave others behind cause they're not pretty to us, unlike most any cheerleaders. Face it 87% of cheerleaders, think they're all of that, rude, snobby, and they like to show off to the guys, that's why most cheerleaders, are so skinny they look like a skeletan, with long blonde, brunette, black big boobed pretty girls. You don't see many thicker girls on the team. Because you care more about the team look then the sport. We can sit here and argue all day long. But trust me, you have'nt seen fear, felt pain, been heart broken, until you've been through gymnastics for about 8 years... You have to truley from the bottom of your heart love the sport and want it. That's why a lot of gymnast quit and go to cheer, it was too hard, they wanted to show off in front of the school, its like gymnastics tumbling wise, just watered down, and sugar coated. TRAIN AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO BREATHE... AND YOU'LL SUCCSEED. <3 - visitor