What us Equestrians say about you cheerleaders.

Listen, I have seen cheerleaders going around saying their so called sport is more dangerous. Cheerleading may be a sport to some people but to a lot it isn't. Cheerleading is actually last on my list of most dangerous. sure it's 1st for most dnagerous dances or preformances but not sports.

Horseback riding or Equestrianism requires you to be strong in your legs, core, and arms. Requires you to have a 110% connection with your horse, even if the horse and rider trust each other it is not guranteed that you will stay on and not get injured or die. thousands of people die each year riding. We either risk our lives or don't ride. All of us, choose to risk our lives.

It's both a sport, passion, lifestyle and hobby. But it;s also more than just any sport, it's Equestrianism.

So before you cheerleaders go saying, "Omg horseback riding is not dangerous at all. Cheerleading is!"

No it is dangerous. more than cheerleading.

oh and by most dangerous dances or performances I meant my lists of that. Got bored one day....


True, horse riding is dangerous. That's why it's top of the list. I have recently taken up horse riding and love it. BUT you have some wrong ideas about cheerleading.
Cheerleading requires TUMBLING (so includes an element of gymnastics), STUNTS ( we have one or two bases who lift and throw the flyer and one spotter), JUMPS (including standing back tucks), DANCE and while we are doing all this athletic activity, we will often cheer. All this in a 2 and a half minute routine. It is fast and athletic and we train for hours every week.
You have to be very strong to lift another person above your head and throw them over 10 feet in the air. You are told to catch them, even if it ends up in an injury yourself. Being the flyer is no easy job either. You have to be strong in legs and core especially, very flexible and still smile while being tossed in the air. - CheerleaderGymnast

Um… guess what we have to be strong in our legs arms and core too. Flyers risk their lives going up in the air. - visitor

No one is denying that cheerleaders need to have a strong core and arms and legs. Yes, it is a physically demanding sport.
The difference is that the flyers have a team on the ground to rely on, and can communicate with words. Equestrians cannot. Their only team mate is a 1000lb animal that can kill them with one misstep. Every second, dozens of signals are being passed between horse and rider, and the rider's job includes insuring the safety of themselves AND the horse.
So um... Guess what when you have had a team mate that cannot communicate with words and can in one instant kill you or paralyze you you can be as condescending as you please - visitor

Um guess what, you need to do some research before you talk - visitor

I am a semi pro cheerleader and a professional horseback rider and dressage trainer. These two sports are both the most physicaly demanding, the most dangerous, and the most wonderful sports I have ever done. One is not better, or more dangerous than the other. All athletes should treat eachother with the same respect. - visitor

Really. there isn't that many professional riders... whats your name - visitor

I was a flyer too, and I wrote this post, I did cheerleading for over 10 years and riding for 15. I personally think it's fun being in the air and enjoy it the whole time. But... When I'm in the air from being thrown from a horse... It's not fun landing on medal bars, on your side. I broke three of my ribs that day. Also got a concussion because I was slammed into the gate with my head, by the same horse. I'm not stupid and know you have to be strong. But you can TALK to each other, in riding you can't. You're with an animal who doesn't understand english. If cheerleading is so dangerous why is it not even 2nd on the list? Because there's hardly any deaths or injuries recorded, when riding... There's a lot. This girl's horse fell on here, broke her neck, and killed her. Just like that. - visitor

Also, almost EVERY sport is dissing cheerleading... So you guys better quit the complaining because you lost. - visitor

Cheerleading is probably the most popular, NOT dangerous! In equestrianism You live 7ft from the ground ALL day. You head full speed towards a solid object, using the correct leg aids, making sure your horse doesn't refuse, fling you over the fence and kill you, making sure you use the correct jumping position and keeping you feet in the correct area. Equestrians go to the Olympics, you see Cheerleaders getting flung around in the most popular event in the world? I don't think so.. 1 kick your dead, one bite and a chunk of you is gone. If we make a little accident during riding, we can die. We put our lives at risk every time we set foot in those stirrups! Cheerleaders are professionally trained, horses are always wild and fierce and never trained. If you get thrown up in the air, you know someone is gonna catch you.. Horses, you dun see them running around and catching you again huh? But hey, that's my opinion.. Just saying, you cheerleaders know nothing about us. - visitor

Well to all you cheerleaders out there who think our sport it dumb, I have proof! You think it's stupid. I don't care if our sport is last on the list, no one will never stop me from riding. This video will prove you wrong!



Just copy and paste it into the link at the top of the screen. - visitor

I would like to see you cheerleaders ride a horse, you'll probably cry because you broke a nail or got dust on your boots! Oh no! What are you gonna do then? :O - visitor

Well I like your wording I guess and I'm not a cheerleader but I really don't think its that dangerous! I love riding horses I don't do it a lot but I've riden a horse bareback and it had a decent speed so I'm sure I know! It is dangerous but it's certainly not at the top of my list! - rainbowdashrules

Well I am a horseback rider myself and I have a mare that never listens and has a habet of bucking out of no where. I have been jumping her and I have been thrown into a wood fence and have had 3 broken ribs, broken arm and was nocked out for an hour, I was alone and it took half an hour for someone to find me and take me to the hospitle. I have fractured my back so I couldn't ride or do anything for months! And I'm not saying cheerleading isn't dangerous I'm just saying maybe not as dangerous as riding. - visitor

Cheerleaders risk their life two...I fell once got a concusin, couldn't see or hear for 10 mineuts. The two sports r different, plus we only dance for 30 seconds - visitor

Cheerleading is the most dangerous sport - Ajkloth

Nevermind, parkour is the most dangerous sport - Ajkloth

My trainer got thrown broke her pelvis, fractured 6 ribs, broke her ankle, fractured her hip, got a concussion and messed up her back. Not saying cheerleading isn't dangerous but I haven't heard a flyer breaking that many bones in their body in 1 fall - visitor


16 year olds have taken over this website. Make an age restriction to get rid of these yankee cheerleaders - visitor

I would like to see you yankee cheerleaders get a 1,200 pound animal thrown on top of you! -. - - visitor

I am an equestrian and absolutely love it. But, cheerleading is actually VERY dangerous too. Yeah, I don't think that it's more dangerous than horse back riding but it's definitely close. I've seen how some of those girls fall and it really is brutal. They have to put their lives in the people willing to catch them. I don't think cheer should be at #1 but it definitely should be in the top 5. - visitor

I would love to see a bunch of girly cheerleader crying because they fell off a horse and broke their manicured nails! You can talk to your team mates! Our team is just a horse over 1000 pounds and is a flight animal! And you sure as crap can't talk to them... If they are having a bad day they can't tell you! I have been stepped on, thrown into a 3 foot solid wooden object going 35 mph, have had about 4 concussions and a few broken bones and almost broke my back! We don't take days off because of our period or because we have the flu... At least I don't... I do actually respect your sport! But working 3 days a week maybe 2-3 hours is nothing compared to 7 days a week 2-3 hours a day plus all the other stuff, stalls, grooming! Sorry for my rant... - visitor

Well, I respect cheerleading but... (please excuse my rant) I have had about 4 or more concussions, broke both my arms and a leg, was thrown into a solid wooden jump going 30 mph then having the horse fly into me almost breaking my neck and back... I have heard of bad cheer accidents... just not as harsh and I have had a cousin get a brain injury. I also did cheer when I was younger I got bored of it (yes)... Controlling such a powerful animal that has flight instincts and a mind of its own is scary, no matter what you are doing its dangerous, trails, dressage etc... I'm a 3 day eventer, I ride every day, whether I have the flu or my period anything thing, I must ride. 2-3 hours a day, not including grooming, stalls and much more... it's a life style! Sorry! - visitor

I got concussion from surfing... People DIE from riding. - visitor

I dun think cheerleading is as dangerous as riding, cheerleaders get concussion, riders die. When you cheerleaders get thrown up in the air do you ever get a 2000 pound animal trampled over you, I think that would be a no. You get thrown up in the air and someones gonna catch you. Do you see horses running around and catching you again? In my opinion, Cheerleading wouldn't even be in the top 10 list. Like, who thinks bull riding isn't as dangerous as cheerleading? But hey, that's my opinion.. (I still respect your sport and think it's pretty amazing and sorry for my rant) - visitor

I don't cheer no do horseback ( I'm a boy), but am I the only one SICK of cheerleaders complaining that it should be the most dangerous sport? All sports are dangerous, cheerleading isn't a sport unless it's for COMPETITION. Just saying. - MusicalPony