Jackie Evancho

I have concerns about vote rigging on my lists. First of all, Jackie Evancho is number one on a lot of my music lists (mainly the ones not about metal). But I don't care about her being number 1, its the fact most of my votes are for her. I have 3 lists that got 100 votes: top ten artists that are best at their genre (Jackie got 15% of the votes, beating Michael Jackson who has 11%), best albums (excluding compilations) (Jackie's "awakening" got 17% of the votes, her album "dream with me" got 12% of the votes (a total of 29%, beating the closet runner-up (days of future past - moody blues, which has 7% of the votes) and most talented singers of all time (she has 15% of the votes, beating Bruce Dickinson who got 14%).

Another thing I want to say is about the comments in her favour and supporting her. On the most talented singers list, 2 comments surpassed 10 thumbs up (both for her) (one being "there is talented, then there is Jackie Evancho talented"). One comment surpassed 10 on the best albums (excluding compilations) for her album "awakening". Also, on artists that are best at their genre, a comment "this young lady has music in her!" got 28 thumbs up, "Jackie is 1 of a kind!" got 32 thumbs up and "princess of classical crossover. no-one like her!" got 31 thumbs up. these are by far the most thumbed up comments on any of my lists.

Now lets talk about the votes in more detail. 2/12: Jackie got 2 out of the 3 votes. 2/13: Jackie got non of the votes because a visitor voted for Bruce Dickinson/iron maiden 7 times (on different lists). 2/14: only 1 vote (non for Evancho). 2/15: 2 votes (both for Evancho). 2/16: 2 votes (non for Evancho) and 2/17: 11 out of the 12 votes for her. It doesn't sound that bad, but its usually worse.

So because so many votes are for Jackie Evancho, she's number 1 without being on any remixes and most of the votes are anonymous, I have concerns that many lists are getting rigged and this may have been hacked. can you please tell me why this is happening and possibly solve this dilemma I have on several of my lists. thank you for reading and please do something about Jackie Evancho.


Haven't you seen those times when the feed only displays a vote for an element on a list like a thousand times? Like those in best religions or worst people ever? It's something that happens a lot on this site. But with Jackie Evancho I'm not sure if that's the case. I listened to her thanks to this site, and she has an amazing voice. - keyson

She has a good voice, but no one else hardly gets votes except her - visitor

Exactly the same thing has happened on several of my lists, with almost exactly the same voting pattern as you mentioned. I'm now firmly convinced that something is rotten in Denmark. - PetSounds

Nothing is "rotten in Denmark", unless you mean that people who actually vote is a bad thing.
True that here is plenty of "bot voting" on TTT, just check out the religion polls, that have 75,000 votes, but nobody is going to set up a bot for 100 votes.
Quit being offended that somebody you don't happen to like is winning in a handful of polls, and by far the person Jackie Evancho is most likely to be ahead of is Ariana Grande.
You should be far more offended that charlatans like Selena Gomez, or even worse, abominations like Nicki Minaj are even allowed to be nominated.
Worst of all, I don't notice any objections to a TTT list that counts down the ways to kill a 14-year old girl, not to mention has as many or more "hate" lists as there are for the worst possible lowlifes and no-talent autotune addicts.
As I have mentioned before, I have seen live concerts with the Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Prince, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Creedence Clearwater, Linda Ronstadt, Eagles, and numerous other Hall of Fame acts, and many of Jackie Evancho's fans come from this same demographic; they know when somebody has the goods or not. - visitor

How contradictory that you say to stop, being offended over something you don't like is winning in the polls, and yet you then express being offended over something you don't like winning in the polls.

Jackie Evancho being a good artist is not a fact. Get over it. - visitor

This post was from 2015, isaaon. - Nonpointed

I am involved in Jackie's fanclubs.
Voting on the Top Tens is very popular with our thousands of members. We maintain lists of available Top Ten polls containing Jackie and share them around.
This gives people a way to express their admiration of Jackie, sometimes people who have few other ways of doing so.
As far as I know the votes are all legitimate and all made within the rules. Some people like ti vote every week, so polls that are otherwise abandoned will tend to become dominated by Jackie.
Understand that Jackie has a deep emotional affect on many people - google and read about the "Jackie Effect".
As far as I know the votes are all legitimate and all made within the rules. Some people do vote every week, but that is within the rules.
If you only want votes from people who agree with you, or otherwise want me to remove your list from our lists, email me at rbermanseder@westnet.com.au and I will do so.
- Robin - obelisk9

I think she's overrated - waldo