Full-fledged List Analysis: 10 Things that Will Trigger Americans

NuMetalManiak America! America! God shed his grace upon a nation that as diverse and cultured as it is, people get triggered on and off about things that really don't matter. So what does this FFLA on one of the current hottest lists show? Well...

1. Donald Trump: An obvious #1 pick. This guy can breathe and already a bad meme is made about him. I think people ought to be triggered by the voters who voted him to office instead, since anything Trump does is super stale now.
2. Gun Control: Bottom line with this, mental health evaluations are all we need so that people can be respectable gun owners, and even then it's not nearly enough to prevent shootings. THERE IS NO PROPER SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM.
3. Abortion: One of the hardest debate topics, it probably should only be allowed in the most extreme cases that threaten the woman's life. Otherwise, no.
4. Global Warming: "It's a myth!" Republican's exclaim, well why are heat waves so common in the summer time?
5. The Media: Yeah the media clearly eschews every story, because what you'll notice about media is that it fearmongers things that they want to hate, and the majority of media portrays lots of negative events.
6. Transgendered People: One thing that ruins transgenders is THE MEDIA. Yeah, might as well go ahead and say it. Another is the obvious idealism that the transgenders demand extra rights, which also ruins the image.
7. Taxes: Well this pisses everyone off, not just Americans. Only the government who wants to lounge on money loves taxes.
8. Diversity in Film: What's wrong with it? It really doesn't make sense to whine about a certain race or gender NOT being portrayed in a film. Also didn't the female-fronted movies actually do horrible? That's cause their scripts are horrible.
9. Racists: Racism is bound to trigger anyone. Too much implication on racism though will piss me off because it shows how obsessive some people are to shout racist on things that are not racist.
10. Star Wars: A global thing, not necessarily Americans. You just say it triggers Americans because they are often a majority in many cases. But the Star Wars fanbase and hatebase is worldwide and just full of toxicity.
11. Alex Jones: Heard very little about this guy but it doesn't seem good.
12. Disney's Live-action Remakes: Like #8, this is bound to piss anyone off. So big deal there.
13. Video Games: Right now, the media-gullible American baby boomer generation clearly is rustled by video games, thinking they cause violence just because some shooters may have played them in the past.
14. Mexicans: Are they the ones with the degrees and education who are more qualified for jobs? Sadly yes they are. Same goes for Indians.
16. Teen Pregnancy: This would piss anyone off regardless of location, but moreso first-world countries.
17. Capital Punishment: So you think the nastiest and diabolical of criminals don't deserve death for killing loads of people? I don't get it.
18. Titanic: I'm guessing this has to do with conspiracy theories as to why it sank. The Lusitania was a worse case.
19. Taylor Swift: Lots of people love her and her music, sorry but I don't agree with this item at all.
20. Justin Bieber: Is this a 10 Things that Trigger Americans list or a 10 Things that Trigger TheTopTens Users list? If it's the latter, I think I made an FFLA on it already.
21. Kanye West: I'm more triggered by celebrity reactions than celebrities themselves.
22. Miley Cyrus: Honestly these people are successful and you're not. So shut up.
23. Jake Paul: Or they are successful in some controversial way, but most people just don't care or should care.
24. Star Trek: How does this trigger Americans? I can only see this triggering scientists, and even then it's well-respected by scientists.
25. Taco Bell: How about you don't eat there.
26. The LGBT Community: My issue with the community that I'm a part of is that they are associated with really dumb acts that ruin their reputation.
27. Electoral College: VOTES SHOULD BE POPULAR VOTE ONLY!!!1!! please no. If it were the case, then all the big cities (New York, Philadelphia, LA) will all be the deciders on who wins elections, meaning all rural places are basically without a vote in that case, especially since the cities I mentioned always vote the same way.
28. The Olive Garden: Pff, a restaurant triggers people? Get real.
29. Illegal Immigration: The system is flawed and needs fixing. Immigrants need to be naturalized citizens to be legitimate Americans, and this is to help strengthen the security of the nation.
30. Fortnite: Stop getting triggered over video games you idiots.

So this is a hot list even though it's only 30 items. Maybe there'll be more, but regardless, it's obvious I'm not a fan of a lot of things on this list, especially in the later parts of it. I'm aware of the other stuff though, and it shows just how ridiculous people can be. Remember some of these things trigger people outside the US though.


1 - obviously, but didn't the listmaker mean to say "Adolf Trumpler"?

5 - it's true. The media can't be trusted. Listen to independent news. I made a list on it once, but I probably should've left out one...

9 - I think Democrats are more racist than Republicans.

11 - he was banned from every social network imaginable (except gab which is full of extremists like him). Why is it that all the major social media platforms have teamed up to silence him? Could it be a part of Google's mass censorship campaign? I think I better listen to him for now, even if he does sound insane.

17 - So you think it's okay to kill a mass murderer but you think it should be illegal to kill an unborn fetus? Oh, the irony. It amazes me.

20 - Oh no it's Justin Bieber Could anyone imagine seeing him on the--

Everyone. Literally everyone saw this coming.

21-25 - Okay this list is just getting stupid.

26 - I get triggered by the anti-LGBT community more. Seriously? Who cares? Let them do what they want.

30 - I only hated the game because nobody would shut up about it. Since it's dying now I really don't care anymore.

Honestly I think this list analysis is better than the list itself. You have some talent for these. - visitor

1. A lot of the times it's justified but then there's moments where it's exaggerated.
2. Agreed
3. Also agreed
4. It's real and anyone who says otherwise is a complete dumbass
8. It's not a bad thing at all really.
9. Because it's bad
10. Since when did a movie trigger people? Oh yeah, The Last Jedi controversy but that triggered people around the world
11. Massive retard but he'd make a good comedian
13. They sure trigger gullible low IQ soccer moms and even the media sometimes.
16. Likely to trigger anyone and for good reason. I don't think a person is capable of raising a child until they are at least 20.
19. Dead horse but she whines about criticism
20. Even bigger dead horse
21. Somewhat of a dead horse although he is an ass for claiming slavery was a choice but he does make some bops
22. Bad singer but most likely a dead horse
26. They deserve their rights because they are people although I'm not a fan of the crazy SJW side of them. Also @Shadomatrix has a point, the anti LGBT community is worse
30. Outgrew this game and it's a dead horse at this point. - DarkBoi-X