Ht's Takeaways on Week 4 of the NFL

htoutlaws2012 Miami Dolphins Vs Cincinnati Bengals: Totally not surprising Bengals bounce back after tough loss, and Dolphins just move on, but really A.J Green was just great in this game helping his team getting down the field in win.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: The first London game featured two bad teams facing off in which Gus Bradley peaked a lucky one in a win over the awful Colts, if he had loss this match you bet your ass he would of been gone cause this team should not be 1-3 they are much better than this. The Colts on the other hand represent there record with there atrocious defense even if they got Vontae Davis back they still lost the game even in a rally comeback.

Carolina Panthers Vs Atlanta Falcons: I mean it's already week 4 and the Panthers maybe in panic mode after this game. The Falcons not only did they beat Carolina, but convincingly handling them on offense shredding there defense the Panthers gave up 48 points in that game. I mean Julio Jones was playing like he was Calvin Johnson out there nobody could stop him that game nobody could.

Oakland Raiders Vs Baltimore Ravens: I knew this game was going to be tight back and forth match and nobody can be perfect and unfortunately for Baltimore it was what it was. Nothing to be ashamed of though sure you lost to a much more quality opponent, but hey you put points up compared another team who is no where near quality whom will get to later.

Tennessee Titans Vs Houston Texans: No J.J Watt can we somehow pull this out sure. Only that there were so many times Houston kept giving The titans life with turnovers. This Titans is very underrated on defense don't take them lightly.

Buffalo Bills Vs New England Patriots: Totally dominated game in which the pats could not show up at all offensively boring stuff hey facing Cleveland should be a good warm up for Brady's return.

Seattle Seahawks Vs New York Jets: Well that tough schedule plays a factor once again for the Jets as once again the woes continue for Fitzpatrick yet Seattle looks like there back in playoff form.

Cleveland Browns Vs Washington Redskins: I'll give the Browns credit for really trying to not go 0-16 cause they may not be they could somebody just not on this day. You may do next week either. Meanwhile Washington can sorta think straight again.

Detroit Lions Vs Chicago Bears: All I have to say is pathetic absolutely PATHETIC! Coming into the game The Lions had a top scoring offense, then here's this Bears team very wounded all around the place and still find a way to win the game how do you screw this bad well it's the Lions this happens every time now. This has to be one of the worst games I had to sit threw. You come in against the 2nd worst defense and couldn't come up with not one offensive Touchdown and Golden Tate being benched. Can you say Jim Caldwell is so outta here!

Denver Broncos Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Not a surprise Denver came out and dominated like they do, but losing Siemian in the game was very concerning for this team, but who knows what we see out of Paxton Lynch. Once again Winston throws more interceptions than touchdowns only this time he can't use the weather excuse cause he was no where to close.

Los Angeles Rams Vs Arizona Cardinals: What is going on with the Cardinals 1-3 i'm speechless! Your telling me the Rams with Fisher is superior to Arians and the Cardinals oh man this need to turn otherwise this team may change for the worse. Oh wait it has Palmer may not play Thursday meaning the Crap 49ers could potentially win in an upset victory and then Arizona being 1-4 would be very shocking.

New Orleans Saints Vs San Diego Chargers: Lot of memories for Drew Brees in this stadium made him cry of joy as if he won something here he'll never forget is that he was the better Quarterback then Phillip Rivers in the same draft selected ironically although Rivers himself didn't have an awful game up until the game ending pick.

Dallas Cowboys Vs San Francisco 49ers: Fairly decent game that wasn't that bad as expected to be. Hey if you can't embarrassed yourself bad enough then maybe your doing something right so far chip kelly your not off the hook your team still sucks regardless. Meanwhile I'm actually getting behind the rookies from Dallas suprising I know I actually like this Prescott & Elliott combination if they were smart stick with this, putting a 36 year old Romo back on the field in week 8 no.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: So apparently the Chiefs still have prime time fever to overcome they got killed badly. Bell ran all over them Big ben did all the dirty with 5 Touchdowns they couldn't cover any that night the Chiefs were terrible all around even Jamaal Charles returned in the game and he hardly did a thing what are they doing?

New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings: Once again Vikings impressive as always on the other the story of the day goes to sore loser Odell Beckham Jr. in which he was so up set his own Quarterback told him to suck it up fight another day you go Eli make Beckham man up try to reason with him.