NFL Week 17 Analysis

The Regular Season has approached the final week. This is it. The final chance to push for the playoffs. Honestly this week had a little bit of everything. Blowouts, meaningless games, Close calls, Drama, you name it. Seeing as it’s the final playoff push and several division rivalries there’s even more incentive to win and/or make a new year’s resolution. So whether you’re going to the playoffs or the couch as we move on to 2019 Let the chaos begin!

Detroit 31 (6-10) Green Bay 0 (6-9-1)
So now you decide to flex on offense Detroit? I find it interesting how you couldn’t do this against oh I don’t know Buffalo? Minnesota? Or Chicago? Anyway Matthew Stafford had a solid finale to the season and even the KICKER Matt Prater had some fun by tossing a touchdown pass. (How many other kickers can say they did that?) Green Bay I have no idea what to think. On one end you guys successfully added to your tank but did you even try? I would’ve thought you would put up at least something.
New Year’s Resolutions
Packers: Give Aaron Rodgers some Talent to work with
Lions: Improve Consistency

New England 38 (11-5). NY Jets 3 (4-12)
*yawn* So the Pats beat the Jets? (Insert slow sarcastic clap here) good for you! I wasn’t sure if you’d win in the 4th quarter but glad you got the victory! (Obvious Sarcasm) In all Seriousness though this game was as lopsided and boring as the AFC East has been for the past Decade. And the Pats dumb luck their way to a bye. Honestly this team is the most UNDESERVING team to get a bye I’ve seen in a while. They are not the Patriots of Old. May football fans everywhere pray that they lose to someone before the Super Bowl.
New Years Resolutions
Patriots: Find some young talent
Jets: Fire Todd Bowles... Well it’s like you read my mind. Good job now get some talent

Houston 20 (11-5). Jacksonville 3 (5-11)
That was just what I expected. Houston handled the Jags easily and clinched the South. Unfortunately no bye for them as the Pats undeservedly get it. But the 3 seed is theirs.
New Years Resolutions
Texans: Keep Staying Healthy
Jags: Move on From Bortles!!

Buffalo 42 (6-10). Miami 17 (7-9)
An absolutely meaningless game between two teams who have been mediocre at best all season. Josh Allen ends his rocky rookie season on a high note while Miami ended 2018 on a sour note.
New Years Resolutions
Bills: improve the O line
Dolphins: Be more Consistent

Kansas City 35 (12-4). Oakland 3 (4-12)
Well this was your chance to get your confidence back Chiefs and you definitely did that. Oakland had no chance at this game as the Chiefs offense was too explosive and the defense actually did things. The Raiders continue to tank on. Maybe they can do something with all those draft picks. As for KC they have once again set themselves up nicely in the playoffs as division champs and the top seed in the AFC. However they always blow it. So the question I have is How Will the Chiefs Blow It This Year?
New Years Resolutions
Chiefs: Win a home playoff game and improve the secondary
Oakland: make smart draft choices!

Carolina 33 (7-9). New Orleans 14 (13-3)
Congratulations Carolina you got a very unnecessary win over your rival who is already looking forward to the playoffs that you should have been in.
New Year’s Resolutions
Panthers: fix up the defense
Saints: Get over the hump

Dallas 36 (10-6). NY Giants 35 (5-11)
A surprisingly back and forth contest between two division rivals goes to the ‘Boys on a last minute TD pass for Dak. The Cowboys escape the Big Apple with a close call. Don’t worry G men that loss may hurt but it’s for the best. Should give you a top 10 pick to build on.
New Year’s Resolutions
Giants: consider getting a young QB to replace Eli
Cowboys: Add some more offensive weapons

Atlanta 34 (7-9) Tampa Bay 32 (5-11)
Meaningless Game Alert! Next

Baltimore 26 (10-6). Cleveland 24 (7-8-1)
One of the most dramatic games of the week was this AFC showdown. Both teams were fighting so hard you’d think this was a playoff game. But in the end it was the Ravens who survived. But not without Baker setting the Rookie Touchdown record. And putting Baltimore on its heels by giving them flashbacks to a year ago. But this time they won and killed the Steelers playoff hopes. The Browns had a great season however! I expect big things next season
New Year’s Resolutions
Ravens: Give Lamar Jackson some good passing options
Browns: Add talent.

Philadelphia 24 (9-7). Washington 0 (7-9)
Nick Foles did his thing again and gave Philly a chance at the postseason. Is the story true? Can he lead the underdogs back to the top?

Chicago 24 (12-4). Minnesota 10 (8-7-1)
Da Bears got it done in Minneapolis which did nothing for them however it put Philly in the playoffs and the Vikings out. Yes the Vikings who were disappointing down the stretch are out. Was it Kirk Cousins fault? Or did the team fall apart? Who knows? But you wanna know what would have eased the pain of this loss? Beating the Packers at Lambeau and not losing to Buffalo.

Pittsburgh 16 (9-6-1). Cincinnati 13 (6-10)
The Steelers did their part to avenge last week’s defeat by beating Cincy again. however it was not enough. Baltimore won and killed your playoff hopes. But do you want to know what would eas this pain? Beating Denver Oakland and the Chargers. Not fumbling the game last week. Beating the Browns in week 1. Paying Le’Veon Bell. All of those things would have got you to the playoffs but instead you will have to sit on the couch this season

Indianapolis 33 (10-6). Tennessee 17 (9-7)
Well well well the Colts have completed their reformation. Andrew Luck is back and has some protection now! If you would’ve told me that this team would be in the playoffs after being 1-5 I would’ve said you were crazy. But here we are now. Unfortunately this game wasn’t as close as I expected but that’s because Mariota didn’t play. The Titans were still competitive but not enough for the playoffs.

Yes I skipped a few games because they were meaningless. I’m not wasting my time on them.
This may be the last week but I will still analyze the playoff games after the Super Bowl. So the Stage is Set! Good Luck to All


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