A Dog's Life: Showers

Puga I lie down, relaxed. The human has let me leisure myself on a couch yet again. All of a sudden up the stairs a noise of running liquid is made. It didn't sound like a drip, it sounded like a combination of drops. Not bothered, I continue with my lie on the couch, when the feminine human calls my name. "Woofy!" I scratch my ear, trying to ignore. I want to sleep. The human has ignored my plea. "WOOFY!" I have a biccy!" At the mention of that word I jump down, stretch and sprint up the stairs to the human room. Only to find no biccy. Instead I find the source of the water sound. There is a room of some of the nicest smells in the house where I find a cuboidicle. It has a hose, spraying the drops from earlier into the ground where it disappears into more holes. Looking to escape from this satanic scene I bolted from the place but I was caught by the other large human. There is also a small human, an orange fish who has told me about these drops and the dreaded cat.

The human takes off my collar. I growl at him. I am not comfortable with nudity. I am forced into the water cuboid. The man exits the room and the woman puts suds on my body. She calls me a good boy repeatedly, as if it will make this blasphemy tolerable. She sponges my whole head followed by my body and then agonises my tail. She refused to clean the underside if my belly, as did the big male. That I do not have the answer to. After my wetness has finished, my fur was dripping as was the water on my hair. My whole body now knew what my nose feels like. My human scraped me with a towel, almost taking all my hairs out. I sighed, relieved, and waddled my way out of the room only to walk into Purrball. Purrball smiled at my misfortune, and then was forced into the cubicle by humans. I watched in glee as she attempted to escape. Finally, when she walked past me, I shook myself and got her all wet. We got in a fight and I was put on the naughty step. I wonder why I never see the humans get their wetness.


Good post! - visitor

Agree - Puga

African children have suffered from dehydration and starvation and this is torture to you? - visitor

He was doing this from a dogs point of view I believ - FasterThanrandom

So showers torture you, huh? Wait until you see cat's life. - Delgia2k

I read on the internet that there's a dude who hasn't showered in 60 years - bobbythebrony

What is next? A guy who slept on the floor for and not the bed for 75 years? - Fabricitem

There are many steps to take in bathing your animal. The most important is step 4 which is, and I quote, "Brushie Brushie". - bobbythebrony