What are the Steelers doing not paying Le'Veon Bell?

htoutlaws2012 Okay football is gonna start soon, and one big interesting set of news is that Bell has not entered the building of Steelers practice what tension is going on behind the scenes?

Never showed up in Pre-Season nor are they on good terms as of now if i'm any Steeler fans right now I would be angry about this. Knowing this was gonna be what many of us believed would of been Bell's last year given they chose not to pay him the big bucks unlike the following players... Blake Bortles, Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Odell Beckham Jr, Brandin Cooks, Mike Evans, Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack. The one name we were waiting for to just get it over with is Le'Veon Bell. I understand if he didn't want to get hurt in the Pre-Season, but you might need to give veterans some snaps right one drive at least. Heck even Earl Thomas you got a word he may return to Seattle not immediately, but its a work in progress meanwhile turmoil drama of this, and as somebody who picked him at #2 I figured this would be handled quickly, but no the issue is Bell wants a lot just as the season is going to begin this creates problems when your great O-line puts you under the bus.

Now there's a chance there will not be any solution to this as the season progresses you gotta hope James Connor is that replacement because if his not Pittsburgh is in a hell of lot of trouble this season on the running game. Bell could very well be traded mid-season if he doesn't play the first half of the season potentially. Whoever agrees to do that is gonna pay a big loss of draft picks to make sure Bell gets his satisfactory. I mean look Bell has never looked like an arrogant player on the field, but to not give one of the best running backs int he league his well earned money just does not seem right its like when Washington let Kirk Cousins easily walk to Minnesota point proven. The NFL is trying to be more like the NBA in terms of player salaries. Yes it will hurt teams who don't have the cap space, but what's the one guy, or even two are earning of their contract renewed greatly?

I get that owners (or in this case Presidents are the ones who are to pay the players) can be bitter and all that, but in this case its absurd. The landscape of the AFC North division could change greatly in favor of a possibility of anybody's ball game take Bell out of the equation Steelers are pretty much a heavy passing team than a running team. If I like anybody right now i'm pointing immediately to the Ravens, and call me crazy the Browns just based on the talent looking a lot better than last season. Things don't look like roses in Steel City in fact I wouldn't be surprised if they lose early on because of this situation being such a distraction to the team.


Yeah this could come back to haunt them if they do end up trading him. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Steelers are on the decline. Right now they’re still floating on the surface and they might be safe for now but keep your eye on them. This team could go down at any time.Could this whole thing be the beginning stages of a power shift in the AFC North? Baltimore Cincy and even Cleveland look better. Beware Steeler nation and Pittsburgh. The dark age is coming - Randomator

Mike Tomlin has repeatedly said that James Conner has looked good and will fill in the void left by Bell if he doesn’t play. But Conner can’t do what Bell can. He is a once in a decade running back, and Pittsburgh isn’t paying him. With the Steelers becoming lost in the weak AFC behind New England and Jacksonville, they need Bell more than ever. - PackFan2005

Well looking back they couldn’t get to the playoffs this year. I knew that their year long drama would haunt them. Now it looks like Antonio Brown wants out and Big Ben may be on the verge of retirement. Things are not looking good for the Black and Gold. I wouldn’t be surprised if they struggled even more next year. - Randomator