Don't Agree With a List? Remix It!

admin You asked for it and now it's here. As of today, logged in visitors to TheTopTens can "remix" any of the lists on the site to create their own top ten lists.

To create a personal top ten list, make sure you are logged in and browse to the list you would like to remix. Then click the "Your List" tab above the first list item and then the "Click here" link to start the list creation process.

In Step 1, you will create your top ten. Select from the existing items and click the right arrow, add them to your list, and organize them using the up and down arrows. If the item you are looking for is not listed in the existing items, you can add it in the Add New Item section.

When you have 10 items in your list, in the order you would like them, click the Next Step arrow. In Step 2 you can add comments to each of your items explaining why you believe they are in your top ten. As is the case when adding a new list to the site, comments are optional, however, lists with more comments generally attract more viewers and will be featured more prominently across the site.

After you have added your comments, click the Next Step arrow again. In Step 3 you will have the option to promote your list by posting it to Facebook, Tweeting it, or submitting it to a number of other social media websites. When finished, click the Next Step arrow a final time and your list will be added to TheTopTens.

Having your own top ten lists will be a good way to demonstrate your tastes and expertise above and beyond voting on the primary lists, and based on our experience creating and testing the remix tool, creating the lists is kinda fun. But that is not the only point of remixing lists. As a way of giving more voting power to contributing members and better promoting list items that may deserve to be in our main top tens but do not get enough votes because they are not people's number ones, we will be factoring remixes into our list rankings. So, for example, even if Santana does not get very many votes on the list of greatest guitarists because people do not consider him to be the very best guitarist of all time, he will still rise in the rankings if he gets included in the top ten of members' remixes of the greatest guitarist list.

By adding member lists, we are happy to be able to cross another item off our to do list of visitor suggestions, but more importantly, we feel this is a feature that will add to the enjoyability of using TheTopTens.


Awesome. Now I just gotta find some awesome lists.... - booklover1

I've tried "remixing" but the lists remain the same. - 8gerrard8

Great idea with remixed lists - Alexandr

Is that that the whole point to make your own list/remix - mleat97

Actually that's not fair. Many people came to vote for someone and then like 3 people "remixed" the results? I've been voting here 4 like several years. Now I don't want to any more. :/ Besides, there is a lot of cheating going on here. Not cool. - visitor

Sorry you feel the way you do. Unfortunately, no change will make everybody happy, but we have tried to do our best to satisfy the largest number of visitors possible and feel the recent rankings updates have been a step in the right direction.

Also, your comment was not deleted as you can see. Instead, blog comments are not displayed until they have been moderated. - admin

Why have you deleted my comment? It wasn't offensive or something. I wish you were more energetic while figthing the cheatting on this site rather than deleteing the comments that don't include only the praise to your initiatives. You should post: "No critical comments allowed towards our site. " I wouldn't have written you at all. Sheesh. - visitor


Good idea - Khadijat

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