New Feature for Remixes: Vote Down Items with Dishonorable Mentions

admin Over the weekend we added a first for TheTopTens, the ability to push an item down the rankings. Previously, visitors only had the option to vote items up lists either by voting on a list or including them in a list remix. This meant that if an item showed up in the top ten that you didn't feel belonged there, the only way for it to get pushed down was for the items behind it to receive enough votes to move above it.

Now when creating a remix, once you have added 10 items to your list, you will have the option to select up to three items that you feel do not deserve to be in the top ten. These items will show up on your remix as Dishonorable Mentions.

Then, just as we give a rankings boost to the top 10 items in your remix, we will apply a ranking penalty of sorts to the Dishonorable Mentions. So, for example, if you notice that on the Best Guitarists list there are some musicians in the top 10 that you feel have been voted up based on their looks or commercial popularity and not their true talent, you can positively affect the rankings of the 10 guitarists you feel truly deserve to be in the top ten as well as negatively affect the rankings of up to 3 guitarists who do not.

We recognize that the democratic format of TheTopTens combined with the viral nature of the Internet can lead to rankings that do not accurately reflect the opinions of the majority of people. Creating the ability for people to add remixes has been a promising step in improving some lists. We expect that the Dishonorable Mentions feature to further this cause and make the lists on TheTopTens even better.

So if you see some lists that could use some work, please go ahead and remix them. Simply click the Your List tab on a list page to get started. And don't worry if you have already remixed a list. You have the ability to edit your remixes at any time so you can add your Dishonorable Mentions to any of your existing remixes.


I like the idea. I've missed something similar to 'vote down' option here and tere it is, sort of. Thank you! - saaarsdej


Push down should exist. Some people could post a retard idea that has nothing to do with it, and the nonserious top tenets will vote for it. - CityGuru

I take full advantage of this new perk - Turkeyasylum

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