NFL Week 12 Analysis

You know the drill by now. So grab some Thanksgiving leftovers and enjoy some time away from your annoying family members. It’s time to see how Turkey day went for the NFL. Who was thankful for a win? And who had their Thanksgiving spoiled by an L?

Chicago 23 (8-3). Detroit 16 (4-7)
Even without Trubisky Da Bears were able to beat Detroit with Chase Daniel who outplayed Matthew Stafford. Although this wasn’t a blowout game by any means Chicago was able to take advantage of a few costly turnovers on Detroit. Watch out for this Bears team they could be a scary threat come January

Dallas 31 (6-5). Washington 23 (6-5)
The ‘Boys are officially back in business after proving to be too much for a severely banged up Washington team to handle. Amari Cooper and Zeke had solid performances and showed what this offense is capable of. Meanwhile the defense also helped by picking off Colt McCoy 3 times. To be fair he hasn’t played since like 2014 and didn’t have too much preparation time but still not looking good in Washington. They’re gonna end up desperately fighting for a playoff spot as Dallas takes their division from them.

New Orleans 31 (10-1). Atlanta 17 (4-7)
Drew Brees and the Saints continue to feast on teams across the league. This time they were given the treat of their biggest rival and absolutely demolished the Falcons and really put the final nail in the coffin for Atlanta. I feel bad for anyone who has to play this team now. Saints still look unstoppable

Denver 24 (5-6). Pittsburgh 17 (7-3-1)
The Steelers 6 game winning streak was snapped by Denver who previously upset the Chargers. Even with JuJu’s 97yd run Denver made up for it with a few key takeaways. Including one on James Connor and another at the end of the game. This was a huge win for Denver as it puts them right in the mix. Meanwhile Pittsburgh drops to #4. Not a big deal but still

Indianapolis 27 (6-5). Miami 24 (5-6)
The Dolphins almost had the Colts with a 24-14 lead but Andrew Luck realized they were playing the Dolphins and Indy proceeded to score 13 points in the final 8 and a half minutes. If you’re looking for a hot team in the NFL the Colts are heating up. There now all the sudden right in the mix and waiting for someone to slip up.

Los Angeles Chargers 45 (8-3). Arizona 10 (2-9)
The Bolts were able to rebound nicely after Denver stunned them last week. They beat up on a Cardinals team with barely any life or talent. Literally the most interesting thing that happened was Phillip Rivers who had 25 straight completions. Also you better hope Melvin Gordon can come back

Cleveland 35 (4-6-1). Cincinnati 20 (5-6)
Well well well. Hue Jackson finally helped the Browns win a game.... as a Bengals coach... Regardless if Baker Mayfield woke up feeling dangerous again or not. He had arguably his best performance and continues to break Browns streaks. And Cincy you’re screwed without Andy Dalton. Hmm it’s almost like the Browns and Bengals are trading places on the totem pole. You regret having Hue Jackson AND Marvin Lewis yet Cincy?

Seattle 30 (6-5). Carolina 27 (6-5)
In a critical game for both teams the Seahawks were the winners. This game was a very back and forth battle with Russell Wilson and Cam both delivering blows to the other. In the end though it was Sebastian Janikowski who lifted the Seahawks to victory . This Seahawks team is not one to sleep on. If you’re still asleep on them I advise you wake up. Meanwhile Carolina You blew a chance to really secure a wild card spot. Now you’re just fighting in the mix with the other NFC contenders.

Buffalo 24 (4-7). Jacksonville 21 (3-8)
Well what do we have here? A rematch from last year’s wild card game? No! This was a battle of two of the biggest disappointments of the season. This was one of those “both teams deserve to lose but someone had to win” games. Hey Jags! You regret not getting a real Quarterback yet? Because Bortles ain’t it. You’d be stupid not to get a QB in the offseason. And Congrats Buffalo you won a game you shouldn’t have and now you’re moving back in the draft line

Baltimore 34 (6-5). Oakland 17 (2-9)
*yawn* The Ravens Ran all over the Raiders who show almost no pulse or sign of life. Nothing else to see here. Next

Philadelphia 25 (5-6). New York Giants 22 (3-8)
This game was another reason why I would fall back to sleep on the Eagles. Yeah they fought back and won but against the G men? That’s not gonna get you far in the playoffs.

New England 27 (8-3). New York Jets 13 (3-8)
Yeah nothing to see here. The Pats beat the Jets... water is a liquid. What else is new? Next

Tampa Bay 27 (4-7). San Francisco 9 (2-9)
So Jameis Winston actually looked decent. And the Bucs dominated the Niners. Unfortunately it’s kinda too late now. San Francisco really wins here because the draft

Minnesota 24 (6-4-1). Green Bay 17 (4-6-1)
The Vikings were able to handle the Packers thanks to Kirk Cousins who played an overall better game. Sorry Packers but Aaron Rodgers couldn’t bail you out this time. You might as well just Tank. Because you know it’s bad when Cleveland has the same record as you. If I were you I’d get rid of McCarthy. He’s so unoriginal on offense and chooses to play conservative when he shouldn’t. As anyone could tell you winning on the road is crucial for making the playoffs. How have you guys been on the road this year? Winless. That’s not gonna cut it. Enjoy sitting on the couch in January! And you can’t play the Aaron Rodgers injury card for an excuse this time

Houston 34 (8-3). Tennessee 17 (5-6)
The Texans continue their hot streak and have now won 8 games in a row and are firmly in the AFC South drivers seat. Tennessee isn’t eliminated with a loss but they have some work to do with a Colts team on the rise


My blame for Green Bay’s season falls on Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. - PackFan2005

I’d blame it on McCarthy who has almost no originality on offense and almost never goes for it on a 4th and manageable. And when he does it’s not in the right way. I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is to blame. If anything he should be the last person to blame because he had another year wasted due to a lack of talent around him - Randomator

I get where you’re coming from with the Rodgers thing, but despite his stats showing a solid season, he’s been incredibly inconsistent. He’s thrown the ball away more than any quarterback currently in 2018, he’s missing wide open receivers, he’s missing throws he should make, it’s been a roller coaster season. I do blame Mike McCarthy way more, but I feel Aaron does deserve part of the blame. - PackFan2005