Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 12 recap

htoutlaws2012 Finally the time has come folks its crunch time for many teams who are fighting for the wild card, while others are pretty much eliminated this was a big week for wins, and losses effecting the playoff race, It all started with Thanksgiving...

Minnesota Vikings Vs Detroit Lions: We start off with the game with high stakes, and one that could of gone either way, but in the end Minnesota was able to fend off the Lions with a clutching interception against injured Matthew Stafford I think I've seen this movie way to much, and its coming to how once again why his hated in his own crowd. Meanwhile Case Keenum was like Tom Brady out there you could not stop him he kept rolling them real good. Now all the Lions have to do to not make the playoffs is lose 2 more games because 9-7 is simply not enough in the NFC, and even if you make the playoffs you play like bums, and most likely you'll be bounced to a much more superior team than you. Why is he the highest paid quarterback again i'll wait?

Los Angeles Chargers Vs Dallas Cowboys: The second game on Thanksgiving was one I did expect to go the way it was considering how bad the Cowboys have been without zeke Elliott, meanwhile this is Phillip Rivers First thanksgiving game of his career he balls out and feast on the Cowboys who could really use a lifeline somewhere to bail out zeke.

New York Giants Vs Washington Redskins: In the least interesting of the three that day ended up being a competitive game that almost meant nothing in a simplistic way sense Washington looks to be finished with Philly having the division almost certainly wrapped up. What are the Giants playing for they should be finding the future star right. The phonies beat the Chiefs which was meaningless, and now please for love of god finish 2-14 otherwise you'll have no chance of getting a top tier QB replacement for Eli Manning.

Thus he waited for anticipation of how the other games would fall Sunday...

Buffalo Bills Vs Kansas City Chiefs: In the more interesting contests of the Sunday games the Strange Chiefs vs the bizarre Bills who gets back on track in the battle of ugly losing streak collapses. Alex Smith has struggled the last two NFC East opponents, and now against a team that had given 40+ the last two games something is seriously wrong with Kansas City not sure what it is, but they better fix it now because the Chargers are on the rise coming for the title. Meanwhile Buffalo is not out as they move to 6 in the AFC.

Carolina Panthers Vs New York Jets: In a must win for the Panthers came down to big key turnover, and punt return touchdowns that made em count to escape the MetLife high and dry. While Robbie Anderson had an unreal performance the Panthers ultimately won the game in many different ways.

Chicago Bears Vs Philadelphia Eagles: This was all Eagles do they not look ready for the playoffs man what whop on da Bears who already were competing for nothing. The touchdown celebration were pretty creative though.

Miami Dolphins Vs New England Patriots: In a pretty much predictable outcome Miami is somehow hanging on by a thread meanwhile their best chance to win any games would be with Matt Moore, sure he lost, but if Cutler was in... they would of had 10 points total.

Tennessee Titans Vs Indianapolis Colts: The Titans 9 year streak is finally over, it wasn't pretty, but they got it done historically and prevail to temporarily take the AFC south whom I get to in a little bit.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta may need to win out in order to stay alive. It was close to call, but Julio Came up big which what the fans were waiting for. Meanwhile the Bucs strange 2 game winning streak has ended.

Cleveland Browns Vs Cincinnati Bengals: In the battle of Ohio Cleveland had a shot, but that was totally prevented by Joe Mixon pounding the football up the gut of the Browns rolling them to be winless forevermore.

Seattle Seahawks Vs San Francisco 49ers: This all Seattle, but the bigger story is the future starter Garapollo slings a quick touchdown for the injured Bearhard.

Denver Broncos Vs Oakland Raiders: Oh my folks there at again Crabtree and Talib round 2 Talib grabs the chain again only difference is Gabe Jackson attacked an official 2 for 1 loss for Oakland, but didn't matter as Paxton Lynch looked really poor for 4 Quarters ended up going back to Simiean who almost got Denver the win nearly.

New Orleans Saints Vs Los Angeles Rams: The game of the week certainty did not disappoint as the Rams response after getting physically dominated by the Vikings go by home and beat saints who were winning 7 straight since losing week 2. Saints got a ton pressure on offense, but one man the Rams could not contain the boy named Kamara making the big plays. Not enough though as Jared Goff gunslinged the ball over the place without Robert Woods.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Arizona Cardinals: Wow what happened here I mean Arizona who is realistically done for season found a way to beat Jacksonville who needed that win more than anything.

Green Bay Packers Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: In a game that actually turned out great went in as a great comeback story for Pittsburgh as Big ben got the drive alive with a game clinching field goal for a win ti stay in it for home field advantage.

Houston Texans Vs Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens clearly needed this win to maybe have a chance at a wild card spot, with that Tom Savage struggling offense there must be a ton of confidence going for that defense in company. Yes Baltimore's offense is ugly, but if the manage to make the playoffs then don't underestimate Joe Flacco he is money inn the postseason believe me his record will surprise you. Meanwhile for Houston its back to the drawing board, and get more needs for the draft because the season looks over.

Now that he knew what the chances are getting more slim for some teams how can they just make it to the end as the playoffs come to a fatal finish.