Ninjago Season 8...crap

And I thought it couldn't get worse. This will be a rant.

Apparently, Lloyd is getting a new voice actor. Seems completely unnecessary. But it honestly doesn't really bother me that much.

What does bother me is this rumor that yet ANOTHER (inevitably one-dimensional) love interest is being introduced…for Lloyd, full stop. Just let that sink in.

It's just a rumor but…after the Jay-Nya-Cole love triangle rumor turned out to be true in season 3, this will probably eventually come to fruition. *sigh* I seriously don't understand why the writers feel the need to give every main character a love interest. They could have at least stopped with Kai x Skylor, but really in my opinion, Jay x Nya was enough. This is an action-comedy show aimed at young boys. Or, at least it was. Now it's so obviously catering to it's teenaged fanbase by inserting a canon love interest for every ninja so that the fangirls (who only watch this show for the shipping) will be satisfied. Regardless of the target demographic, it's just bad writing.

I also wanted to mention, one of the creators even baited people on Twitter by telling them to "keep watching" to find out if Lloyd gets a love interest. Real classy. Yeah, keep writing your fanfic-level, garbage plots and forced, out-of-place romantic subplots so that you can milk the cash cow to a shriveled corpse. Oh and, in that same tweet he said something along the lines of, "Lloyd is bound to grow up sometime." What? Since when does getting a girlfriend=growing up (or vice versa)? Last I checked, he's already grown up A LOT since we first saw him! He went from being a mischievous little punk who loved to cause trouble, to being a likable kid who wanted to do the right thing and be a hero like the other ninja, to being the frickin' savior of Ninjago! Not to mention what happened in season 5 *spoilers* where they axed Garmadon (a d*** move on the writers part😡) and Lloyd became so depressed that he was overpowered and possessed by Morro. Losing a parent, in particular a father, at Lloyd's dubiously young/teen age, automatically elicits maturity. Especially because he's only just begun to have a quality relationship with him (seeing as they were estranged before cuz you know, evil Lord Garmadon). AND we've specifically seen Lloyd's maturity in action. What with him not only leading the team, but also holding it together!

Ugh. I really hate what this show has turned into. It's overly dark. Takes itself too seriously. The jokes aren't charming or cute anymore. The action isn't upbeat or exciting, just melodramatic…I dunno how else to describe it, like it's trying to be a dark, edgy anime. Nothing against anime, I'm just saying this is freaking LEGO! It's supposed to be humorous and have an upbeat atmosphere! Yeah, there were serious moments in the first two seasons, but they were well written and laced with humor. The characters have lost the charm they once had. They're no longer their happy, upbeat selves. They're basically ghosts (haha, pun not intended) of their former selves. Especially Zane. It all just feels…pretentious. Like it's trying to be something it's not. I saw a comment somewhere from someone who shares my opinion. She said, "It's like seeing those kids who forsake their true selves and personalities to blend in with the 'cool guys' and end up making themselves look stupid and end up having to pay such a heavy price for it." Yep, that pretty much sums up the direction Ninjago has taken.

Honestly, the romance is what bugs me the most because it's so...I'll say it again, out of place! It's like, if the Furious Five in Kung Fu Panda all got paired up with someone and had, by nature, terrible, fanfic-styled romances. I mean, Jaya was cute and just enough to satisfy. But even that relationship has been marred, and pretty much ruined, by melodrama. I could learn to accept Kailor if it had actually been written well and Skylor wasn't such a Mary Sue, flat, and cliched character. Heck, I even tolerated the Wu-Misako-Garmadon love triangle because it was kind of a nice tribute to the girl-must-choose-between-two-brothers trope. But Pixane was totally stupid, ridiculous and unnecessary (3 years later and I'm still salty that this pathetic ship is actually canon!😤). The Jay-Nya-Cole love triangle was also ridiculous and unnecessary. And now Lloyd may also get a love interest. Completely ridiculous and unnecessary. And you know what? It's rather sexist that these love interests are only there to be love interests. Not to mention, they're glaring examples of BAD WRITING and POOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. And yes, that is the only reason P.I.X.A.L and Skylor exist. I even read somewhere that Skylor is supposedly based on an OC that the fangirls created to ship with Kai. What does that tell you?😑

*sigh* I'll be happy if Nexo Knights dies out from lack of popularity before devolving into Ninjago 2.0, seeing as it's the same people who work on both of these shows. In my opinion, Ninjago should have ended in 2012 with season 2, as was originally planned.

Anyway, I feel sorry for any girlfriend of Lloyd's. Prepare for more cringe in season 8.


Oh, and I forgot to mention Cole will be getting more focus in this season. Whoopie. - visitor

Great post. I also wanna add some things -

It's not just the love triangles and the fact that everyone has a boyfriend/girlfriend in this show that bothers me, but it's also the way they handle it. I mean, they make it look like it's completely okay to steal another person's partner. When Cole tried to make a move on Nya, the show tried to make Jay look like a helpless idiot who deserved to be mocked and laughed at. They also never explained why Cole liked Nya (apart from the relationship tester machine doohickey, but that's a weak reason) and the whole time it seemed like he only wanted Nya just to hurt Jay. And Pixane is also poorly handled. I think they were only shipped together just because they were both robots. Kai x Skylor is understandable though.

It seems like the writers are giving Lloyd the Amourshipper treatment. Yep, I'm expecting a Serena, and not feeling good about it. - TwilightKitsune

Thanks. And I agree with everything you said!

My opinion of Nya went WAY down after she let that machine make her doubt who she should date. How weak minded are you?!? Such a terrible message to send. And character derailment for her, seeing as she was always strong willed before. Cole suddenly having feelings for her was such BS!

And yeah, Zane and P.I.X.A.L being robots so they must be together was also a load of BS. Especially because robots shouldn't have romantic feelings (in my opinion). Pixane just makes love out to be something SO shallow. Why couldn't they have made her like a sister to him? That would have actually been cute.

Kailor is at least cute because she's a red head and he's the master of fire. Makes sense even though it's poorly written.

Amourshipping treatment? Oh God, NOO😫 - visitor

It happened to Fairy Odd Parents (Timmy and Chloe), Ben 10 (Ben and Julie) and now Ninjago is next...ugh I hate characters made just for the sake of shipping - TwilightKitsune

I didn't get the vibe that Chloe and Timmy were romantic at all. Aren't they just best friends? But anyway, Chloe is still a terribly written Mary Sue. - visitor

Forget what I said about Kailor. I don't think it's cute in the least. I despise Skylor. And Kai acting like a moronic, love-sick puppy anytime she's in the room was so so stupid and annoying. Out of character for him, like it was literally written by fangirls. And also, it was obvious he was willing to say anything just to win her over and I HATE that kind of manipulative sh**!
Not to mention it was some "love at first sight" garbage, so there's no real reason these two characters should like each other.
Kai should not have a love interest. Lloyd certainly shouldn't have a love interest. Zane ESPECIALLY shouldn't have a love interest.😤
JayxNya should've stayed the only canon romance in this show. - visitor

Ugh, thank god I am not the only one who thinks this show has declined. This sounds absolutely ridiculous. So Ninjago has now turned into a teenage drama? It has to be thanks to all of the shipping. Just kill me now. I remember when the Overlord was defeated and I thought the show was gonna end. I was sad and wanted it back. If I knew THIS was what was coming up, I would've been happy with that ending. - DCfnaf

Yep, exactly. Me too. I was excited when I heard they were 'rebooting' the show in season 3. One episode in and my reaction: "what happened? This isn't the same show anymore." - visitor

What other T.V. show now is shameless enough to not only take Garmadon out of the picture for a season, but when he appears again, that's the last time he will ever appear? These writers are atrocious! - DCfnaf

You can say that again. - visitor

Saw Cursed World Part II. IT WAS HORRIBLE. They tried to convince us that Lloyd was no longer the Green Ninja and Morro was, but the story of the Green Ninja is that he's the one destined to defeat the dark lord and he DID defeat the dark lord. He also still had his powers while telling Garmadon this. WHAT? Also, the whole "have enough ghosts at your disposal and you can do anything" thing made me slam my fist through my wall. I'm about to suffer through Season 7. Wish me luck. - DCfnaf

What bs. - visitor

Seriously, the ghosts die in water and so does the Preeminent, so how can ghosts surrounding the thing protect it? They should all DIE. Terrible writers.

Saw Season 7. It was a fan fiction for Jay X Nya. - DCfnaf

You mean season 6, Skybound? Yeah, definitely. I saw someone call it "Jay wangst-fest," lol. And that retcon involving his parents? More bs! - visitor

"Oh hey! Let's change the story! Those two parents are Jay's adopted parents! And his real father happens to be the guy that acted as Fritz Donagan! That's totally not forced in or utterly stupid at all! It totally makes his character develop! "

Idiocy. Just end this show please. What's Season 7 then? - DCfnaf

Why couldn't they just end this at Season 2 after the Green Ninja defeats the Overlord? That was the whole story they had to tell, so why did we keep going? Every character doesn't need to be here anymore. The fact that they axed Garmadon was awful (because they knew his character arc was finished), but the fact that they went the entire Skybound season without Sensei Wu just shows how much this show needs to end. "Teenage girls don't care about the old man with the teapot, so let's keep him out of the story! " Sensei Wu was important in the first two seasons because he had a PURPOSE. He mentored the first four ninjas and Lloyd. Now he serves absolutely no purpose, and when the SHOW KNOWS THAT, then that's NOT a good thing. Nobody else even needs to develop further! Lloyd went on his whole journey and his story to defeat the dark lord, so why do we need him? So teenage girls could draw their fan fictions? This show is dead and they need to stop milking this series just to sell toys. - DCfnaf

Agreed. Season 7 is called Hands of Time. - visitor

The sets are good though - VideoGamefan5

Also season 7 is hands of time? , I thought it was day of the departed, and that season 1 was the pilot season and season 3 stone warriors, - VideoGamefan5

Pilots (Way of the Ninja & King of Shadows)
Season 1: Rise of the Snakes
Season 2: Rise of the Spinjitzu Master
Season 3: Rebooted
Season 4: Tournament of Elements
Season 5: Possession
Season 6: Skybound
Day of the Departed was a T.V. special. - visitor

Oh, wow. I just realized what a total rip off Morro is of Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda. - visitor

I used to love Ninjago when I was younger. But the show has overstayed it's welcome and I hate how it keeps coming and going from CN with no warning. Also, this show became way too continuity heavy. Last year, I decided to watch some newer episodes in order. I missed ONE EPISODE and I have no clue how Cole became a ghost. I wonder if the movie will be any good. - visitor

I have hope the movie will be good because it will be an AU interpretation in the vein of the other Lego movies. But if it ends up being trash, that's another nail in this coffin. - visitor

The movie will probably be great, unlike this shriveled Corpse. - DCfnaf

Wait... this is still around? I remember when they tricked everyone into thinking that season 2 was where it ended. - ProPanda

It was supposed to end with season 2. But because the teenage fanbrats couldn't let the show end on a good note, they brought it back. - visitor

I remember when my little brother was upset about Gravity Falls ending. I told him "it sucks, but it ended the best way it could and the story it needed to tell was done with". I said that because that's not what happened with Ninjago and I wish they just ended it at Season 2. - DCfnaf

Eventer, it was because the ninjago fans raged about chima replacing it - VideoGamefan5

VideoGamefan5, exactly. They were all butthurt that their favorite show was being "replaced." When really it had run it's course and needed to end gracefully. - visitor

Ok guys, this is what I think,
Pilots: Very good
The snakes villian seasons: exclellent
Stone warriors: great
Rebooted: ehh, not as good
Tournament of elements: part when the show starts getting backlash
Possession: ehhh...
Skybound: this is getting ridicolous (sorry if I spelt anything wrong)
Day of the departed: the villians are back, AGAIN,
Hands of time: stop already,

Chima was supposed to replace lego ninjago for 2013, and because it was meant to replace it, lots of people hated chima, but I thought chima was great, the show wasn't amazing, but it was solid for 3 seasons, which chima was on for 2013-2015, and loads of people wanted ninjago back so it was brought back in 2014 and is now absolutely overstayed its welcome, and after chima had a good ending, when the fire characters vs the ice tribe characters and stuff, which is why I liked it, and then after chima stopped in 2015, nexo knights came in 2016 and is still going now in 2017 (as I'm writing this comment) which I used to hate nexo knights, now I think it isn't bad, I watched some clips and it wasn't that awful, the sets look good, so that's for lego shows

The new movie honestly looks stupid, but I won't judge too much because I thought lego batman movie was going to awful and it turned to be amazing, which is why its an unexpectedly good film, either way, eventer, what do you think of chima and nexo knights? - VideoGamefan5

I couldn't really get into Chima. Watched a bit of episode 1 and it didn't appeal to me. But I like Nexo Knights right now. It's cute (though cheesy) and it hasn't strayed from it's core tone. Check out the list I made about it. - visitor

Same opinion on Chima as eventer51314 except I saw more episodes of it. - Skullkid755

Season 3 (2014) = last season worth watching the one after that was average and now this show isn't crap, it's sh*t. - Skullkid755

I absolutely hated season 3 and thought it was s*** as well. - visitor

Considering the show season wise started in 2012 and it has 8 seasons while there also not being any in 2013, it's undeniable the show has been milked so much that the cash cow doesn't have bones do to lack of calcium. The cash cow being the show, the bones being me watching the show, and the calcium being the quality of it. - Skullkid755

Now that you mention it I remember the roller skating scene and I think it was a good standout moment. More original than season 3's Zayne's sacrifice scene because it's harder to find cool roller skating scenes than cool sacrifice ones. I'll just tie season 3 and 4. Both meh but with standout moments. Season 3 had it's unoriginal premise (machines take over and humans fight back) and season 4 way overdid it with the love triangle. Both are mediocre and not as good as the previous 2 seasons which were amazing. I liked the videogame based off season 3 though so I like it better.

First 4 seasons ranked best to worst :
Season 2
Season 1
Season 3
Season 4 - Skullkid755

Lol, nice analogy. - visitor

Yeah, that sounds about right. - visitor

You know, I honestly thought season 4 was a slight improvement over season 3, at least at the beginning. It seemed promising. It was a return to the more classic, ancient Chinese/Japanese setting. The ninja divided over Zane's supposed death was a nice way to start the season (and it was the right mix of drama & humor what with everyone taking ridiculous jobs in place of being ninjas). Lloyd showing newfound maturity (yay, character development) in taking charge and getting the gang back together with his pep talks. The Tournament of Elements was a really cool concept, though I don't think it was executed all that well. One part I really liked, that seemed like a return to form, was the rollerblade race. It was intense, Jay popped off some lines that actually made me chuckle again, Kai not being able to skate was funny without it feeling forced, the music was awesome, so was the choreography, & Chamille was a good rival. But that scene was what...a few minutes long? So ultimately, season 4 fell flat on it's face. - visitor

I though they don't showed anymore :v - visitor

Wow... that's seasonal rot taken to a whole another level. How'd Ninjago turn from a Lego-animated classic full of action and comedy to a poorly-written fanfiction? It's essentially become another cash cow franchise like Teen Titans Go!.

Seriously, I don't know what the executives at Cartoon Network are thinking these days. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh my God. Has anyone watched the Wu's Teas shorts? They're horrendous. - visitor

Don't tell me Sensei Wu suffered character derailment in the show too... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That's not even...I think my IQ just dropped a few points after watching them. - visitor

Thank you for ruining Tea for me. I need to watch every single scene of Iroh from Avatar to regain my sanity - TwilightKitsune

To be honest, this show is another one of these most milked franchises, along with other film, T.V., or videogame series, just like (not saying all of these series are awful), star wars, fast and furious, transformers (talking about the newer cartoons and live action films) teen titans go, flappy bird, ice age, call of duty, super smash bros (don't take this as me hating on smash bros, just saying its overrated) etc, this show really needs to improve, I like chima because the storyline was good with lions vs crocodiles, and it had good writing, and it ended well, nexo knights, I hope doesn't turn to be milked, - VideoGamefan5

Yeah, Ice Age is an especially good example. The first two were good. The rest went way downhill.
At this point, for me, Ninjago is ruined. Even if, by some miracle, the writing improves. And I really don't see how it can. The news about the upcoming season 8 tells me it's getting worse.
Looking forward to the movie though. - visitor

At this point, I'd wish someone would edit the Seasonal Rot page or whatever for T.V. Tropes to set Ninjago as an example of a franchise that has jumped the shark, gone downhill, flanderized its characters, etc. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It definitely should be. I actually have an account there, so I could do it. - visitor

Sounds good. Tell me when you're done editing it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

@Eventer, what did you think about the other series I mentioned? - VideoGamefan5

What series? - visitor

The milked franchises? - VideoGamefan5

Star Wars and Super Smash Bros are high quality. I don't think they're an example of milking it till it's dry.
All the others you mentioned though, I agree. - visitor

Super smash bros, true, it isn't really milked, just overhyped by the fanbase, as for star wars, in my opinion, is extremely oversaturated, - VideoGamefan5

Eh, for good reason. - visitor

Super Smash Bros is definitely not milked - TwilightKitsune

It is overrated but not milked - VideoGamefan5

Star wars is even more overrated than ninjago in my opinion - VideoGamefan5

@VideoGamefan5 What do you think of Nexo Knights? - visitor

Nexo knights is fun... until the fanbase makes useless shippings and is a fanfiction is when it goes downhill, - VideoGamefan5

Yeah, shippers are always annoying. Luckily, there hasn't been any canon shipping in the actual show. I'm praying it stays that way. It's now reached 4 seasons, 40 episodes; that's longer than Ninjago lasted.🎉
And I honestly think Nexo Knights has improved slightly, if not stayed the same quality. - visitor

Who's your favorite character? - visitor

I mainly like lance and axl - VideoGamefan5

I think Ninjago was continued because of Chima - TwilightKitsune

Well then, f*** Chima.
…….Jk, I'm pretty sure it was continued because entitled fanbrats complained so much about it ending and/or being replaced with Chima. It's not Chima's fault; it's the fantards' fault. - visitor

I used to watch the show when I was younger(stopped after season 2 ended). Point is, the show should've ended after season 2. - Therandom

Yeah. It's nice to see other people that share my opinion on this. Pretty much everywhere else on the internet heart-eyed fans worship it like it's some kind of masterpiece. And you'll get chewed out for saying anything contrary. - visitor

It's not a masterpiece for sure. - Therandom

It is ending after season 2, just too long after season 2. And we don't know how much more longer til it ends. - Skullkid755

Yeesh! What happened to Kai being annoyed by shallow fangirls in season 1? Now he's a self-obsessed, Instagram star? *sigh* - visitor

That's not how character development is supposed to work... - TwilightKitsune

It's the opposite of character development. It's character devolution. God, these writers. - visitor

Oh joy, it's been confirmed that another character will be killed off in this season. *sigh* Makes sense, seeing as the writers don't have any idea what to do with any of these characters anymore. They should just kill off everyone so the show can end.
Also, they're changing the overall design to match the movie (to lure in new fans) and Season 8 has been described as "Next Level Ninjago," implying a major change in the series' tone/story. That...actually raises my hopes a tiny bit. Maybe this will be a quality reboot. I highly doubt it though. - visitor

If they kill someone please make it Darreth - TwilightKitsune

I'm guessing he's your least favorite character. If I remember right, he made a rather sexist comment towards Nya...
My vote is on P.I.X.A.L...or Zane, because he's the one out of the main cast to suffer the worst character derailment...or how about both of them, seeing as she's trapped inside his head like the pathetic waifu she is, so if he goes she'll go too.🎉 - visitor

My least favourite is Lloyd actually, due to his mary-sue ness. But yeah, Darreth needs to get a new brain. - TwilightKitsune

The new season looks HORRIBLE, it looks like the animation of norm of the north, I don't mind the newer seasons as much, but S8 looks awful! - VideoGamefan5

Ikr? - visitor

The show has already gone downhill in every other area, bout time the animation did too. - visitor

Oh and also the animation of the emoji movie! - VideoGamefan5

Lol - visitor

Honestly, that is so sad that the show has become too dark. I love dark shows if they are meant to be it, but Ninjago was not too much of a dark show to begin with, that being said, it makes the veiwers depressed to see a somehow happy show go sad. - visitor