The Angry Outlaw Episode #7 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

htoutlaws2012 2003 was probably the year that had a lot of horridly awful video games, Drake of the 99 Dragons was pretty bad but at least had an objective even if at times you ended up going huh, Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis at least had an objective and that was just a boringly bad title, and Charlie's Angels is considered one of the worst beat 'em ups ever but at least had some functionality, but the biggest one that won most of worst game of that year would be Big Rigs Over The Road Racing.

Background Info: Stellar Stone's hailing achievement is by far this game, while they made other notable bad titles like taxi Racer or that trophy Hunt game, but of course Big Rigs takes it. Stellar Stone was a company that originated in Ukraine, and yes it was a low budget game as well to the point they tried there own engine. Okay quick question if you knew your game was so unfinished why even bother releasing it?

The Actual Game: on the back it shows an objective ''in order to safely deliver illegal cargo being carried by the vehicle, while avoiding the local police'' now installing the game. First I notice no one chasing me nor, is the A.I moving like what am I in for now. Instead of just getting the race over with I just went around the place and ''oh look I crash into a building'' and your truck goes threw everything there is literally no collision detection required in this game. Then at one point I decade to go in reverse and even then the truck is moving ridiculously fast. Finally after finishing the race I get an infamous inspiring text ''YOU'RE WINNER'' (chuckling) that is just what makes a game a legend, but not in a good way. Oh I've forgot to mention there are 5 levels and one of them is broken and unplayable it just crashes the whole game. While they tried to patch some parts of the game it seems they just decided to leave it's awful gameplay cause they already know they messed up.

Epilogue: This game is so laughably terrible you can't help it, but be enjoyed at the same time of it's crap factor. Majority of critics gave not higher than a 1, if you gave it a higher rating than that you might as well be labeled a masochist. It's so odd how anyone can approve this game I mean it's just so completely unfinished it's almost as it was intentionally bad. The game exceeds and breaks the laws of physics to a new level in gaming to stupidity heights. You can literally be sarcastic and call it good but in reality it's a great game to make fun of. Stellar Stone did make games after this, but it wasn't until 2006 the were officially defunct from gaming history.

Hope you enjoyed this review many more in the future to come... No! No! stay away from me WHAT do you want from me stay away beast!


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