To Linnea:

So I saw your "Criticism is Bad" list, and I'm trying to be as mature as I can. I personally found this list biased for several reasons. Please take your time and listen to this:

Firstly, the world and the internet's not a sweet place where everyone's just going:"Hey dude, your art's the best!"
No. Somewhere around the world, somebody's not going to like it. And here comes criticism. I think you need to toughen up, as there's a lot of hate in this world.

Secondly, all of your items are focused on "bad" criticism. There is such thing as good criticism. If you see stuff such as:
"Hey you, I found your story great, but I think you can improve your plot."
"Dude! I like your post! However, I found a lot of typos in there, so I think you should revise it."
Then that's "good" criticism.

Thirdly, this happens to us every day. From getting drafts proofread to judging someone's art is criticism. Notice it or not, every day, you are getting criticized.

Furthermore, you might be criticizing someone/something yourself. Don't be such a hypocrite... Also, criticism is an opinion, and by saying that "criticism is horrible," you are kind of saying that, "we should censor opinions even more."

In conclusion, I think you should lighten up just a bit. Hate me all you want, but I think there are several TopTenners out there that agree with me.

Frostbite The Shivertooth.


Yes but I don't think Admin likes it. I'm sorry for making the list. I'm sorry for not taking criticism. - visitor

I think that I've heard the admin say that, "Criticism is allowed, however, it must not be derogatory things such as, "Your art sucks." Comments like that would probably get deleted." - visitor

I agree with FTS - visitor

Criticism is about opinions. Bad criticism contains insults and good criticism contains none or sometimes a little. - visitor

Criticism is good on a level, but once you pass that, it's outrageous that you even spoke about it. - ARandomPerson