Tragic Stories: Broken Devices

Meet Tom, he's a thirteen year old boy from the thistle-thorns of Scotland who recently made the biggest accident of dropping his iPad when his music dropped the biggest base since 1945, riding his bike home from school. He's crying now and everyone made fun of him, he recently started self harming himself and had scars around his arms and wrists. He's been anti social since the incident and his friends are worried.

It's sickening how small mistakes can change the course of history for the better and the worst but unfortunately, this shocking accident falled into the latte. If only science could figure out ways to make products more sturdy and strong, these wouldn't happen, people wouldn't have become sociopaths and Leonardo DiCaprio could have won oscars. People are getting their squirrel delicacy all crumble up from hard metallic bars and stinging insects are getting more increasingly populated.

Please, for the people reading this and for the people you might safe and with all your Twilight fan fictions, please donate money from our local town centre of only £19.99 today and no later than that. We'll send you a decapitated head of Paddington with a hidden camera to film yourself at your daily Interweb of free nipples and foreskins and a top dollar suit to get millionaires to socialise you at strip clubs and assassination contracts to fill in the Godfather family.

These stuff aren't just for your treatments but it's also for Tom because he needs support from his broken devices. These type of things are urgent requests to spread awareness across the globe. This type of treatment will save the apocolypse from happening, this will stop World War 3 and cancer will be cured. Thank you so much for the people reading this. Now it's time to watch Impratical Jokers.


I love how we're on a website talking about how big of a deal people make about devices breaking... love the irony! - Turkeyasylum

People should stop acting like 50 and start acting their age. - visitor

As usual, I have no clue what this means. Well done. - PetSounds

How tragic - Delgia2k

Pot tom:( - Nateawesomeness