Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations!" She wears the symbol of her clan on her back.

During childhood, she was often severely bullied possibly a lot more than anyone else of her age due to her large forehead, this resulted in her hiding her forehead underneath her bangs. Ino Yamanaka, one of her classmates noticed this and abruptly defended her, she also encouraged her to show her forehead instead of hiding it any longer. As time passed, Ino's encouragement and friendly nature made her become more comfortable with herself and who she was. However, after a while, Sakura began to feel as if she were living in Ino's shadow, due to her being a lot shyer than Ino during this time, and wanted to become her friend's equal. However, she could not really find a way to go about this.

Soon, she meets a boy by the name of Sasuke Uchiha, and develops an infatuation with him. She tells her friends, only to learn that Sasuke is rather popular with the girls in the academy, much to her surprise. A couple of years later, she also learns that her best friend, Ino, also has a crush on Sasuke. In the manga, Sakura apparently ends the friendship. However, in the anime, Ino does this. This could possibly be due to the fact that more story ideas were created as the series progressed and had become more popular.

When Sakura confessed her infatuation towards him to Sasuke, he rejected her almost immediately due to the fact that he simply didn't know her. She quickly fled out due to embarrassment and frustration. She took this out by punching a tree, and this is how Inner Sakura came to exist.

Initially in Shone Jump, she is physically weak and has an immense crush on Sasuke and dislikes Naruto, however as the manga progresses, she is shown to have grown a soft spot for him and respects him as her friend.

Her strengths include her excellent chakra control and being generally smart as shown by in the first part of the Chuunin exams, where she is easily able to answer the questions on the exam despite them being described as impossible, besides Hinata Hyuga she is one of the only few people who did not cheat during the exams, and if constantly said to be one of the most intelligent on her team.

Sakura highlights her weaknesses during the second part, as she is very non-capable of defeating a sound-ninja or hold her own for that matter. She makes a pledge to try her best to become a better ninja and person. In order to escape and fight with the little skills she had at the time, she cut her long hair with a kunai.

In the third part of the Chuunin Exams she goes up against Ino Yamanaka, her former friend but current rival for Sasuke's affections. Ino is shown to be very surprised by just how strong Sakura has gotten, but manages to trick her, by cutting her own hair and forming using her Chakra to create a rope to bound Sakura. However, with the help of her friend, Naruto Uzumaki she is able to shove Ino's spirit out of her own. Eventually, after a very long match, two defeat each other simultaneously, causing a draw in the match. This turns their relationship into a rivalry between friends, causing their rivalry to no longer be bitter.

During the course of Part I, Sakura learns more about both of her teammates, eventually developing a sibling-like relationship with Naruto. As for Sasuke, her feelings of infatuation soon become deeper, forming into love as she learned more and more of his past and his suffering.

Close the the end of Part I, Sakura is at the village's exit, being the only person having actually known that he would try to leave the village. She confesses her love for Sasuke, the first official time she's confessed to him out of actual love. She begs him not to head in the wrong path, bringing herself to tears. Sasuke tells her that she's annoying, however, instead of doing this out of hostility as he initially did before, he seemingly does this out of reminiscent. Sakura, not knowing what else to do, threatens to scream, Sasuke then quickly appears behind her, knocking her unconscious and thanking her before he does this.

The next morning she wakes up on the bench, quickly telling Tsunade of Sasuke's departure from the village. Tsunade then sends a team consisting of Sakura's friends/academy classmates, Kiba Inuzuka, Neji Hyuuga, Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee, Choji Akimichi and Naruto Uzumaki. Sakura begs Naruto to bring Sasuke back to the village, and Naruto promises to do so, even if it takes his entire life, causing Sakura to cry at his determination and dedication. However, Naruto gets brought back by Kakashi, their sensei, still having not been able to bring Sasuke back. Feeling guilt and a newly formed determination, Sakura asks for Naruto to wait on her and promises that she will personally help Naruto bring Sasuke back.

After the time skip she is now a Chunnin, having been trained by Tsunade for the past two years. She is now a medical Ninja of considerable skill, and is foreshadowed to surpass her tutor. Evidence includes scenes such as when she is able to do a complicated surgery to extract poisons out of Kankuro's body and make an antidote of the new type poison that Sasori used within seconds, which the Hidden Sand Village's medical ninjas were unable to do. Sasori almost instantly thinks that her Master, Tsunade made this antidote.

During the time skip she's also matured in personality, she has become calmer compared to when she was a Genin and more confident of her skills on the battlefield. Sakura has grown not only as a medical ninja, but now she's also a capable Kunoichi. She manages to destroy the ground with her fist easily using her inhuman strength, a chakra control technique she learned from Tsunade. She is also able to beat Sasori from the Akatsuki, who is one of the strongest members. Additionally she is a genjutsu type, and though she has yet to use that potential she does show a complete immunity to being trapped in an illusion, even being able to resist the mysterious water in "The Last" and releasing Naruto out of the genjutsu.

Sakura also tries to attack Sasuke when she, Naruto, Sai and Captain Yamato attempt to once again bring Sasuke back, she is shown to be quite shocked when she sees him, being able to simply feel how different Sasuke's personality is, and how much he had changed, but afterward the mission, still yet remains motivated to bring him back with Naruto.

During the Pain Assault Arc, Sakura is unable to fight because although she is strong at this time, she is told to look after those who are injured and her Master due to her being a Medic ninja. Up until the "Five Kage Summit Arc" she is shown to stay by Tsunade's side until she recovers. While Sakura is helping Tsunade recover, Sai notifies Sakura of the physical abuse he suffered due to him being unwilling to sell out his former teammate, Sasuke. Along with Shikamaru they all form a plan to eliminate Sasuke. At tears, Sakura agrees, no longer able to deal with the fact that Naruto is taking so much brunt. She makes them swear not to say or mention anything to Naruto, however, she secretly plans to handle the entire situation by herself.

Sakura then puts Naruto in a genjutsu as a diversion, falsely professing her love towards him as a temporary distraction while she goes off to kill Sasuke. However, Naruto refuses to believe this, becoming upset with Sakura.

Kiba gives Sasuke's precise location and Sakura then knocks out the others with a very strong sleeping gas, made by herself. Sakura then finally approches Sasuke, announcing that she wants to join him as a diversion as she contemplates where to best strike him. She then is alerted by Karin that Sasuke is trying to strike her with his Chidori justu, but is stopped by Kakashi, who offers to be the one to bare the burden of taking Sasuke out. Sakura heals Karin before joining the battle, and manages to find an opening as to where she can attack Sasuke from behind, however she finds that she cannot bring herself to harm him. Despite being seconds with sensing her sneaking behind him, due to her hesitance, Sasuke is able to kill her, however, in the nick of time, Naruto saves her.

She hears Naruto and Sasuke vowing to one another to fight to death, causing her to become concerned. Afterwards, she eventually regroups with Konoha 11 where they accuse him of being unrealistic, but Sakura quickly defends him and his reasoning.

During the Fourth World Shinobi War, Sakura is shown to be very helpful, healing other Shinobi who are near the brink of death and due to this, a man by the name of Morio approaches her handing her a love letter which she rejects. He wishes her luck with whoever she may love before leaving and Sakura becomes saddened as she thinks of Sasuke. Also, due to her intelligence she tricks a White Zetsu who was disguised as Neji.

After the White Zetsu army has been defeated, the rest of the Shinobi join Naruto. Sakura heals him, effectively encouraging everyone to not give up hope.

A little later on, Team Seven reunite, and charges her 100 seal only a few minutes after, surprising Naruto, and causing Sauke to smirk, later on, Sai asks Sakura if she trusts Sasuke, and she states that she is happy that he's back, although her words are honest, her smile is fake.

After Obito is defeated, Naruto nearly reaches the brink of death from having the Nine-Tails extracted from his body. When she sees that her standard medical ninjutsu fails to do anything, she creates an incision in Naruto's chest and pumps his heart to keep him alive, while giving him mouth-to-mouth CPR begging for him to stay alive because he's so close to finally achieving his dream to become the Hokage. She continues this until they make it over toward Minato who had been reanimated, thanks to the help of Gaara and Sakura, the other half of the Nine-Tails is successfully sealed inside of him, saving his life.

When Naruto regains consciousness, he returns to fighting Madara leaving Sakura alone with Obito. She tells him she considers him an enemy for murdering so many of her comrades, but becomes willing to help him and a way to thank him for saving Naruto. With much hesitance she prepares to do this, but before she can do so successfully, Madara goes inside Kamui's dimension and Obito sends Sakura away so that Madara is unable to kill him.

Eventually, Sasuke gets trapped in one of Kamui's dimension, as Obito searches throughout the various dimensions, Sakura heals him to help relieve the stress this causes his body. They finally manage to locate Sasuke, however Obito is no longer able to keep the portal open long enough. Thinking that her attempt was unsuccessful, she collapses, but is caught by Sasuke, who switched places with her flak jacket and thanks her and Obito while gazing into her eyes for quite some time. Obito manages to teleport them all back to the dimension where Naruto is still fighting Kaguya and sacrifices himself. Kaguya creates a truth-seeking ball to destroy them all, Kakashi comes up with a plan of attack.

As Naruto uses Shadow Clones and Sasuke places a seal on Kaguya, Sakura punches her, causing Team 7 to ultimately defeat her.

After this, Sakura begs Sasuke not to fight Naruto, Sasuke tells her that she's still annoyign, before knocks her unconcious, similarly as he did before he left the village.

Finally, Sakura wakes up later on that night, only for Kakashi to tell her that Naruto and Sasuke have gone to have their last fight. After a while, Kakashi along with a concerned Sakura locate them at the Valley of the End. Both of them have lost an arm and are unable to move and Sakura quickly and worriedly jumps down toward them, healing the both of them.

A completely guilt-ridden Sasuke tries to speak to her, but she quickly cuts him off saying that she needs to concentrate on healing the both of them. Still, Sasuke speaks, apologizing to her for what he's done, which she responds with:

"You should be, you damn idiot! Shanaroo!" Having now seen Sasuke as an equal as she tearfully accepts his apology. Team Seven then finally comes together, smiling and laughing.

After the war, Sasuke prepares to leave the village for his journey of atonement, however Sakura asks him to wait until his arm is finished, but Sasuke declines her offer. She then asks him if she could go with him, but Sasuke tells her she has nothing to do with his sins. Sakura, both disappointed and once again frustrated speaks her well-known phrase: "Shanaroo!" Sasuke then sighs, before poking her forehead, a sign of affection from him and he promises that he will see her again. Sakura blushes, as she realizes he is returning her affection.

In "The Last" Sakura notices that Hinata is knitting a scarf to give to Naruto during the Rinne Festival. Sakura eagerly encourage her to do this, explaining to Hinata that Naruto does not have a true gasp when it comes to romantic feelings.

Sakura then sets up opportunities so that Naruto and Hinata can be around one another, but due to Naruto's obliviousness, none of them work.

They then go on a mission, where Naruto is badly injured by Toneri after Hinata agrees to go with him. Sakura spends three days healing and caring for Naruto causing her to become exhausted. Naruto visits her, and vents to her, afraid that Hinata now shares Toneri's feelings. Sakura reassures them that Hinata's feelings are too strong to change so quickly, and that she probably had a reason for suddenly leaving. Thus, motivating Naruto to find out the true reason.

In the New Era, Sakura has a female child with Sasuke who goes by the name of Sarada Uchiha, who although it similar to her, is also quite similar to Sasuke, also. She often had to find the best way to tell Sarada that her dad would come back from his mission eventually, however it was hard to give information due to it being top-secret. Sakura is shown to be very protective and wise mother toward her child, and has a close relationship with her daughter and a very intimate relationship with her husband, Sasuke Uchiha.

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