Skylar Storm

Skylar Storm (Paris Berelc) is a superhero from the volcano planet Caldera and Oliver's love interest. Besides having peak human condition, some of Skylar's 24 superpowers include X-ray vision, explosive induction, time rewind, gyrokinesis, caelestikinesis, flight, super strength, intangibility, camouflage, invisibility, space survivability, and super speed. She recently lost her superpowers and her invisible motorcycle in a battle against her nemesis, Annihilator, and is now a normo patient at Mighty Med, where she is working to find a way to regain her superpowers. However, she still has amazing hand-to-hand combat skills, along with enhanced physical attributes, which can even become useful against super-powered beings. As a normo, she goes by the alias of Connecticut "Connie" Valentine when attending Logan High School. In the first-season finale, she regains her powers. However, she falls under Annihilator's control due to her tampering with them. While the Annihilator is at Mighty Max, Skylar is being used by the Annihilator to use a secret formula that turns superheroes into super villains.

In "Storm's End", Skylar becomes evil enough to execute a powerful attack on the Annihilator. Using coal, Oliver tricks Skylar into thinking that he has given up as Hapax removes the corrupted powers from her. A weakened Annihilator shows up and uses Black Widower's poison power as Hapax transports Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar back to Mighty Med to get an antidote. Horace and the doctors work to keep Skylar from dying. After Skylar flatlines, Horace uses his abilities to heal her.

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