Muse - Drones Review

So Muse is one of my favorite bands, I think if anyone red some of my lists they would know that, but Muse up until 2009 had the Tool effect, they had only released fan f*cking tastic albums that I would consider all modern classics. (Showbiz may not have been as successful and not as recognized by fans as is should but if you listen to it your self, it has Muse's best track ever, the title track). Then 2009 rolled around and they released a decent to average album, but with more electronics and symphonic elements, and then it got really bad with The 2nd Law, the album was a mess not know what it wanted to sound like, we got mostly funky pop rock, and....dubstep? (What the f*ck?).
But now Muse has stated that they have gone back to their roots with 2015s Drones, did it work? Short answer, yes, Long answer:

We start off with the song Dead Inside, hooks you in with that drum beat and those keys and that very good bass line, at the end it does a pretty good job at being dramatic and sets the tone well, only priplem I have with this song, the lyrics aren't very good, but no where nearly as bad as the next track.
Psycho is the worst track on the album, with that sort of c*ck rock vibe and....AWFUL lyrics and voice acting, I just don't get how so many people love this song, sorry.
Mercy is the next track and I have no complaints the keys, bass line, vocal performance, even lyrics for the most part (it's just not very subtle), next track is Reapers followed by the Handler, and Reapers has not problems it's one of the 10 best Muse songs ever so far, and The Handler is my 2nd favorite Muse song ever created, only beat out by Showbiz, these three songs on the album work together so well, no complaints here. We then get the song Defector, which would be in that league of 10-15 best Muse songs but, while the chorus with it's Queen bombast and the verses menacing vibe, the bad lyrics make it a little worse.
Then the track Revolt.....happens.....the verses are very interesting and good, and the lyrics aren't that bad, but that chorus sounds like a 90's sitcom theme, and I'm sorry but I don't want that from Muse. We then get the track Aftermath, very atmospheric and reminiscent of U2 with the solo, though incorprating strings, it again is very good.
The Globalist is in my top 5 best Muse songs, it's just those strings in the beginning set the mood and that guitar part is just unbelievably fan f*cking tastic and that piano part helps make the song fit together with an amazing ending, f*cking amazing track.
Drones the last track on the album is more of an idea than a song, it's okay and is done well, but it's an idea that's all.

So overall, I really love this album, it's their best album since 2006 and it might be better than Black Holes and Revelations, and I would put in the league with Absolution as well, it really delivered for me