We As Human Review

The album was wholly great. We As Human's previous albums - Until We're Dead and Burning Satellites were commercially successful and moreover they lacked the driving force of emotions and the attractiveness and they failed to convey the entire meaning to their songs.
This album brought them to the mainstream in the Christian Rock band section but they received negative criticism from Jesusfreakhideout. I don't necessarily agree with what they say. The album was good and many listeners loved it. The main highlight of the album was Bring To Life. My favorite from this album is Take the Bullets Away and the most emotional song was Taking Life.

Bring To Life - The intro is great to start off with. The way Justin Cordle starts the vocals is great. The first stanza is great. The chorus is outta this world. Such meaning and such force. This remarkable song is undoubtedly the best song of this album as well as the best song by We As Human. Thanks to this song, they're on the mainstream. Its easy to connect to a song which speaks of the general struggle of those battling with faith and this song is one of them. Even though this band has achieved success in the Christian Rock area, they need to be more recognized. The music is great.

Take the Bullets Away - Take the bullets away is an amazing song. Taken in the symbolic way, the song is beautiful. As I mentioned before, this song is my favorite song of the album. I couldn't say it beats Bring To Life. Since, its MY favorite, it doesn't have to be the best of the album. Its close enough to #1 or rather I call say that Bring to Life and Take The Bullets Away are both joint at #1. Like any other song, Justin Cordle's vocals are powerful and catchy and Lacey Strum did an awesome collaboration with WAH. The song has got it's praise from many We As Humanists.

The intro is fantastic with the guitars and then Justin explains the "finger on the trigger" very well. I even loved the official lyric video of the song. Thank you for such a great song WAH.

Let Me Drown - The song displays immense brilliance and perfection. The song has a slow start and a good one. The vocals hit (slowly as well). Good start. Then the riffs and the guitar begins and you know it - the awesomeness takes over. Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. Got to hand it to this song for its depth of meaning and emotional drive. The song, after five years of nothing, brought tears to my eyes. The song is lovable and I couldn't resist to put it anywhere below #3. At 2:39, the song gets slow again and the final chorus finishes the song perfectly. I'm in full praise of the song and cannot find any flaw with the song.

Strike Back - This song is perfect at no.4 but before reading my review, read Jesusfreakhideout's review about the song. I am utterly devastated at how they explain this song.

"Unfortuntely, the album doesn't get off to a very good start. "Strike Back" manages to encapsulate everything that is wrong with hard rock right now: generic instrumentation and melody, overly melodramatic vocal delivery, and woeful lyrics. In fact, when the song says "You're gonna suffer; hit me, I hit back harder... it's your darkest hour," I'm really not sure who the song is talking to. It could be Satan, but that seems like shaky theology. If it's about another human, then the attitude doesn't seem very Christ-like. Either way, the track sounds like its primary goal is to end up on a promo spot for the NFL. Thankfully, the album improves some after that point, although the following track is equally weak. "

What? Doesn't get off to a good start? Hell no. What's wrong with you? The song is a good start to the album and it starts well as well. Look at those words. Encapsulates.....now. Blah, Blah, Blah. You made me mad with those words. I think the song has a great intro and undoubtedly Strike Back is one of WAH's best. It even beats out a few good Skillet and TFK songs. When you're singing the song, its obviously meant to Satan. Listen to Nothing More. Even though they don't mention it, its general sense that its meant for Satan.

Dead Man - A lot of people may not agree with Dead Man being at #4. The song has great riffs. The intro was perfect hard rock. Beautiful! I think Justin has the second most powerful vocals after John Cooper from Skillet. That's obvious. The song creates a dark atmosphere of repentance for the wrongs that one has done and for the faithlessness that one has had in one's life. I agree with John Cooper's and Skillet's support for such a great band. They may not have got off to a great start with their debut album but this one - their self-titled album is out of this world with so much to love and so much to listen.

We Fall Apart - The song may not have the force and power as their other songs from the album but it definitely contains the truth that although we show how strong we are and although we hide our weaknesses to move along - "Isn't it beautiful? The way we fall apart. It's magical and tragic all the ways we break our hearts"
The beauty of the song is irresistible.

Taking Life - If you're religious or no, if you're Christian or no, you can relate to this song very much. It doesn't really matter how much you've failed, you must keep moving. That's the song's theme. The chorus is wonderful and I was awestruck when I first listened to this song. I fell in love with the song the first instant I heard it. Simply irresistible and beautiful. This song cannot be ignored. One of the most meaningful alternative songs I've ever listened to.

Sever - Sever is like another Take the Bullets Away from the album. Just like TTBA, Sever is powerful and at first I mistook it for the cover of the next Tekken game.

I Stand - Hard Rock! The song is hard and freaking awesome. Needless to say again and again, Justin Cordle's vocals are strong. Jake's guitars are splendid.

Zombie - A good collaboration with John Cooper from Skillet. The song is good. The song is entertaining with that splendid intro and chorus and the speed of the song is good.