Top 5 Worst Ideas on This List

Gamecubesarecool193 Welcome back to another post about this list! Now, I've looked at most of the items on this list, and although there are some good ideas that could work, most of them are bad and have disgusting plots, such as Spongebob peeing into Sandy's mouth! And that is what made me write this post. Here are my least favorite ideas on the list "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of Spongebob Squarepants".

Number 5: Different Way

This idea revolves around Spongebob peeing into Sandy's mouth. What's worse is that there are about 8 different way episodes that are on here, and the only thing that changes is that there are more people that are into Sandy's Mouth! It's disgusting and perverted.

Number 4: Sexy Spongebob

This is one of the most immature ideas that are on the list! The idea that comes with the episode title is absolutely horrible. It would be too disgusting to say the idea out loud in order to prevent an NC-17 rating, but it has an idea about Spongebob becoming sexy. This is what is wrong about this list.

Number 3: Bank Geeks 2

I have one thing to say about this idea: awful. You cannot make another Band Geeks episode. It's a one of a kind episode that can't be done twice successfully. Plus, there are about 10 new episodes that are on the list. That proves how overrated Band Geeks is.

Number 2: Kissy Kissy Love You

This idea proves that this list should be deleted. This is one of the worst ideas for an episode ever. The plot is that Spongebob and Sandy are kissing all over each other, and that it has a bunch of sexual content in the episode. That would be in something like Robot Chicken, not in a TV-Y7 rated show!

Before we finish, here are some dishonorable mentions:

Spongebob Pees
The Elemental Diamonds
Gay, Sex, and Suicide Pants
Extreme Suicide
Spandy Day
More F.U.N
Two Coarse Meal

Number 1: Racist Sponge

This is by far the worst ideas for an episode ever. I have never seen a worse idea in my 14 years that I have been on earth. I cannot believe that someone would write this horrible, evil plot. The plot is variable, but it always involves Spongebob Squarepants being racist, one with Spongebob becoming racist towards white sharks. This is a horrible ides reserved only for South Park. I cannot believe someone would want this to happen.


I hope this list gets taken off. There are hundreds, If not thousands of terrible ideas on this list, and if someone asks the admin to delete the list, I'll be glad to. This is, by far, the worst Spongebob Squarepants list on the internet. I'm Tyler Frodomar, and I have expressed my ideas. Please note that this is my opinion, and you can criticize my opinions, but I will not be OK with someone saying that Racist Sponge should be created, or anyone saying it's a good idea.

- Tyler


Have you seen the entire list? - bobbythebrony

Almost - Gamecubesarecool193

I saw every idea and 99.9% of them are troll ideas. - visitor

Lists cannot be deleted. No matter how much you try - visitor

Yes they can. Admin deleted the overrated users list. - Gamecubesarecool193

I actually don't want it deleted cause it's hilarious to read - bobbythebrony

I don't want it to either. It's so bad its funny - Gamecubesarecool193

Yes. That list has a ton of bad ideas on it. I hate it. - Powerfulgirl10

I beat someone in a game in my dream and he got mad and called me a stupid sponge. - visitor

What about Justinbob Bieberpants - visitor

I don't want it to be deleted every time I'm sad I read this list because its hilarious - MrMonkey

Also, I think you like Different Way since you made Different Way In Space (The worst out of all of them, ESPECIALLY since it involves users.) - Powerfulgirl10

And muppets - MrMonkey

Actually, "Extremely Super Duper Ultra Mega Enormous Different Way" is the worst. All users were listed, most of the characters listed were not SpongeBob, teachers at my school were listed, and celebrities were listed in that episode. Not to mention that it was a 20-hour episode. - anonygirl

There was one person who added, "Everyone Dies & the Show Ends", and I thought it was awful. - anonygirl

Another one: Britgirl in Bikini Bottom. There is no way that SpongeBob will have a crossover with a Top Tenner. - anonygirl

Don't forget:
Mario Pays A Visit
Spongebob Pees
Mrs Call Gets Killed By A Drunk Driver
Mrs Call Twerks
DoraBob ExplorerPants
Moana Moans
Gidget Moans
Cookie Monster Moans
Squilliam Turns Zootopia Into a Strip Club

And more horrible ideas created by people just like you... - visitor

This list is now trash, the trollers have flooded the list with troll ideas. - visitor