St. Agnes

St. Agnes was around 12 or 13 years of age, when she was arrested for being a Christian. She was very beautiful and also very rich, so many young men in Rome wanted to marry her. But, she had taken a vow of Consecrated Virginity, and thereby, claimed Christ as her Spouse. For this, she had arrested. She was first taken to the Temple of the goddess Minerva, and ordered to give worship to her. Instead Agnes prayed to Christ in front of all her accusers and the soldiers. She beaten severely for this. She was then taken to a house of ill-repute to be defiled. But, her faith in Christ kept her from being abused. Finally, when all failed to make her recant her Christian faith, she was beheaded by the sword. This happened in 304 AD. Agnes' feast day is January 21st.

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