Top Ten Bold Predictions for Revolution of the Daleks

Revolution of the Daleks is finally here after a long wait. The Doctor Who New Year's Special will include the Daleks while The Doctor will be stuck in prison after the events of the Timeless Children. It should be fun. With the special premiering in a matter of hours, let's look at some of my bold predictions.
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The Top Ten
1 Ryan Will Die

I have a good feeling Ryan is going to die. At least I kinda want him to. Ryan thus far has done nothing notable. I think if he died saving Graham or Yaz that would redeem his character big time. That in turn would make Graham leave.

2 The 10th Doctor Will Appear

Super bold prediction. I think David Tennant will appear at the really end in a cameo. Maybe if it's just his face. Remember the 60th Anniversary is approaching. I could see this as the start of a buildup. But then again that isn't till 2023. I wouldn't be surprised if they did it next year.

Didn't happen. I am expecting it to happen one day.

3 The New Daleks Will Be Destroyed by the Old Daleks

I think at the end the old Daleks will make an appearance and destroy these new Daleks. This has already been teased because the old Daleks were spotted in filming and they destroyed on the of the new Daleks. I guess we will just have to see.

I knew this would happen. Probably the best moment in the whole episode.

4 Daniel Barton Will Appear

So you got this little gang. Rich businessman Jack Robertson. Then you got the Prime Minister. Then you got this scientist guy. I think it is a gang of four and Daniel Barton will appear. He is of course an inventor which would make perfect sense.

Didn't happen. I am expecting him to return at some point though. He kinda sus.

5 There Will Be a Cliffhanger

Chibnall loves his cliffhangers and plot twist. Guaranteeing something will happen at the end of the episode. Big plot twist.

Nope just ended with a bicycle scene lol. Actually there was the companion reveal after the episode, but it wasn't really a cliffhanger.

6 Graham Will Be Diagnosed with Cancer

If Ryan doesn't die, then all indications lead to Graham getting Cancer. That is the one thing they have been building up to. Ryan then leaves to take care of Graham.

Surprisingly didn't happen.

7 The Doctor Will Easily Escape Prison

This would be the most Chibnall thing ever. Building up to the Companions having to save the world by themselves then five seconds later The Doctor escapes and goes to Earth.

8 13 Wil Have Her "I'm the Doctor" Moment

I think 13 will have her "moment" in this episode. Every Doctor has their "moment". With everything going on, I can just see it coming at the end of the episode. The fact that she hasn't had one yet, I think it has to come real soon.

I am actually impressed. She actually had a "I'm the Doctor" moment. It wasn't as big as David Tennant's or Matt Smith's, but it was good enough.

9 Yaz Will Take a Big Risk

Yaz has been getting gradually and gradually more risky. I think her downfall will be her taking an unneeded risk. I think in this episode she will take a big risk and she'll barely survive it. This will continue the chain that has been set.

10 The Opening Sequence Will Change

The past two seasons we have had bring opening theme. I don't like the sounds and I don't like the visuals. I feel like that is bound to change in this episode. It's like they downgraded after Season 10 which is very dissapointing.

I am very dissapointed that they didn't change it. It is just so depressing now. I hope they change it for Series 13.