Top Ten Types of Videos that Always Seem to Appear on America's Funniest Home Videos

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1 Piñata crotch hit

At this point, these videos are basically public service announcements that are not being seen by a wide enough audience judging by the number of people that keep appearing in them. AFV is doing their part by taking time out of their programming every week to show the perils of holding the piñata cord while a 3 foot tall, hopped up on birthday cake and fruit punch, bat wielding blindfolded psychopath takes wild swings. Now it's up to you America. Make better choices.

2 Motorcycle accident in the back yard

Anyone else genuinely surprised at the number of people who try riding a motorcycle in their back yard, especially given the fact that it seems to go poorly approximately 100% of the time.

Well it's what they get for driving those things in such a tiny space.

Why people ride motorcycles in their backyards I have no idea

3 Kid knocked over by a ball

The way their little feet come flying up and their oversized heads snap back when they get blasted by an inflatable ball... I doubt I'll ever tire of these videos. AFV has already done specials for wedding and animals. Can we please have an unsuspecting kids getting leveled by beachballs special or would that much hilarity be hazardous to one's health?

4 Hurt self while practicing martial arts

Semi-fit, shirtless guy records himself practicing with his nunchucks. Hits himself in the crotch. There is no laughing off camera and the camera does not shake because the guy who does this has no friends to hold the camera for him.

Actually, I'm currently practicing with chucks in Taekwondo, and hitting yourself in the crotch happens way more often than you may think it does.

5 Mom freaks out when finding out daughter is pregnant

Moms, you don't need to overreact and make a fool of yourself. AFV, we don't need to see all three minutes of soon to be grandma waving her hands and screaming "Oh my God" over and over.

All it is: Mom screaming and waving her hands around.

6 Fainting at a wedding

Want to liven up the affair? Have the wedding line stand with their knees locked out and wait for the fun to begin.

7 People falling
8 Senior citizen takes forever to fall

White hair, orthopedic shoes, a slight incline, and a little too much momentum in one direction equals a stumbling, pinwheeling, and eventually falling senior citizen who is guaranteed to earn their kids a free AFV t-shirt.

9 Fake lottery ticket

The ultimate in cruelty. Only good thing is you know the video will last long enough for a bathroom break.

10 Messing up diving into a body of water
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11 Guys getting hit in the balls
12 People getting jumpscares
13 Hold on to zip line too long

Whether it ends with a backflip or a collision with a tree, these videos should always have a place on the show.

14 Messes
15 Teenage girl dance fail

Basically the female version of the dude hitting himself in the nuts while showing off his karate moves. Teen girls creating their own music videos are bound to hit their heads, have their socks slip on the hard floor, or awkwardly fall off the chair, table, bunkbed, etc. they are using as a prop.

Once I saw one doing gymnastics on a damn coat rack...I think you can picture the aftermath.

16 People or animals running into a glass door
17 Things falling on people
18 Lip syncing songs
19 Kids having to use the bathroom
20 Cats falling

Um, excuse me? How is seeing an innocent animal getting frightened and even hurt funny for anyone older than 5?

21 Grandma trying the newest trend

I hope they don't include dabbing...

22 People jumping off things
23 Epic fails while trying to do a trick/stunt
24 Falling off a skateboard
25 Dogs eating
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