FFLA Triple Pack: Anti-Rustler lists

NuMetalManiak Oh boy, haven't had much activity in a while on TheTopTens, but this should turn things around. It's time to get CONFRONTATIONAL. The rustlers, the kids who seem to make the community a better place despite there being more and more lame users showing up have definitely had their controversies with users and admin. Let's look at three lists against the rustlers, shall we?

Top Ten Biggest Problems With Rustlers
Lamest Arguments Made by Rustlers
Top 10 Reasons Why Rustlers are Plaguing TheTopTens

Let's start with the first one, Top Ten Biggest Problems With Rustlers

1. They will start pointless arguments with you if you disagree with them on something controversial in their eyes: This is something almost everyone is bound to do at some point, although in varying ways. Given that we are in the age of triggered people, and at least one rustler is easily triggered, it's impossible to have an opinion on the site.
2. Their hypocrisy: The problem with this item is that hypocrisy is just about everywhere anyways, and many have claimed this list is full of it.
3. They think sensitivity is all about not being able to take jokes even though being sensitive doesn't mean you just can't take a joke: Worst thing about them? EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS A JOKE. So in accordance to that I guess you can just ignore everything they say because their facts are not facts anyways and you can stir fry shrimp in the time it takes for them to be serious.
4. They overreact when criticized: This I'm gonna be honest is true for some rustlers who are ignorant to criticism but most people tend to be okay with it.
5. They will always get away with things while others don't, because they are "sarcastic": Otherwise known as a "pass". Actually it's not that they are sarcastic, but rather just popular users, you know, like the popular kid in a school who did bad things all the time but was loved by all the others. In a way, it means they will crash and burn or more on entirely, and most did.
6. They consistently bandwagon and/or obsess over certain things: For the former, this leads to "cancel culture", and for the latter, this applied most to the rustler chief, so much that his retirement was based off of others apparently picking on his favorite obsessions, which is partly his fault for continuing to advertise them over and over.
7. Their arrogance is unbelievable: This is wholesomely agreeable. They don't want to be seen as wrong.
8. They don't have any respect for people who don't support them: Unsure exactly what context "don't support" would mean, but perhaps in terms of say popularity I can agree with but if it's something life-changing for someone the rustler is familiar with they would have respect.
9. They go too far with jokes without realizing they can offend some people: This seems to be intentional, especially in regards to how they think sensitive people will react.
10. They state their opinions as facts: Opinions are never facts.
11. They can't tell the difference between being imposed as a joke or threat: Actually they can and they abuse that privilege.
12. They don't realize harsh criticism isn't always necessary: In a way it sort of is, but it depends on if someone is really being too uptight about criticism or not.
13. They are obsessed with their ranking on user ranking lists: At least one of them was, but the general case is that especially on BAND they consider themselves superior to other users even ones who have been better than them for years.
14. They are elite: Being elite is a problem? Perhaps it's because they thi-
15. They think they are better than everybody else: Oh I guess that answers my question. Although this can apply to other people too.

Lamest Arguments Made by Rustlers

1. If You Report Someone, You're Rustled: No, not really. Maybe the rustler made a really offensive comment and perhaps underestimated the sensitivity of the receiver, who decides to report to get someone suspended so no one else has to deal with them anymore. Ignoring it and deleting it is another solution but then again, reporting ensures that no more trouble could be caused.
2. You "Pretend" To Be Smart: Anyone can pretend to be smart thanks to the Internet and quick Google searches. The worst thing is when people act like know-it-alls on every single thing imaginable.
3. The Policy Doesn't Allow Criticism: TheTopTens' policy doesn't allow bullying and trolling and picking fights. It allows criticism as long as it's not any of the above, although the interpretation of such actions can be hard to figure out in some cases.
4. Cyberbullying Isn't Real: Only cyberbullies themselves make this lame argument.
5. Not Using Racial Slurs/Cursing Makes You Immature: Errr, was this ever an argument made by rustlers? I don't think so.
6. Not Being Able To Swear is a Huge Issue: This one pertains to the site itself. You technically CAN swear but it will be censored if it's especially profane. Saying "ass" for instance isn't entirely as bad though.
7. Not All Critisicm Has To Be Constructive: If you ask me, it should. Destructive criticism, the exact opposite of constructive criticism, doesn't help anyone and makes you look like a huge jerk.
8. Even if You Curse Tons in A Comment, It Doesn't Make You Rustled: This is, um, not an argument I remember rustlers ever making.
9. Making Users Retire Improves The Site: Gonna burst your bubble rustlers, but just because you make users retire, it doesn't improve the site at all. It seems that for every user that does retire, at least three or more lamer users show up later on. So no, you guys accomplished nothing with whatever goal this was.
10. Flame Wars Can Be Necessary: You really think so? That will make the site more toxic to outsiders.

Top 10 Reasons Why Rustlers are Plaguing TheTopTens

1. Rustlers are let off the hook easily yet continue to do the same actions that got them banned with rarely any consequence: Similar to another item made in an earlier list, but actually this one might pertain to how long they get suspended for and come back. In a way this isn't as correct a reasoning as it seems because they still do get suspended again for the same actions, with at least two being permabanned for not learning their lesson.
2. Many users follow in the footsteps of rustlers merely to either be seen as popular or humorous: Because they act like "popular kids who do bad stuff" which is problematic and contributes to toxicity.
3. Rustlers cause pointless fights with other users and even themselves: I wouldn't say they are pointless, they have a target, and unfortunately hurt that one to complete pariah status. The worst thing happened around the end of 2018 when they basically ran out of targets and used unfunny jokes around everyone they are close to.
4. Rustlers assume that comparing everything they disdain to disorders or illnesses is what humour is: This is stupid and unfunny.
5. Rustlers show their immaturity by getting their pants in a twist if one doesn't agree with them: Hahaha, this is actually true in some cases.
6. Rustlers take other users' opinions to heart and get into fights with them if they don't share their opinions: Pretty sure this was already on the list somewhere.
7. Their humour is equivalent to the humour on shock sites such as Encyclopedia Dramatica or 4chan: Which actually explains why some users have Encyclopedia Dramatica entries listed about them.
8. Admin is oblivious to the content rustlers say, most of which could be seen as racism, homophobia, or even cyberbullying: Not really because some of them have been suspended for that kind of stuff.
9. They treat themselves as being potential administrations or gods on the site when they are merely bourgeois hypocrites using chutzpah to seem braver than they actually are: I love how the words "bourgeois" and "chutzpah" are used, although this item is 100% true. These people are nothing but "cool kids" who are most likely losers in real life and don't do anything worthwhile besides act smart.
10. When they make fun of others, they say that it's humour. If you disagree with their actions, they see it as offensive.: What you mean by this item is that they joke around constantly until you make a joke they get offended by. Makes sense I suppose.
11. Rustlers constantly whine about the policy being bad when they never even abide by the rules in the first place: Explains the suspensions I guess.
12. Rustlers are obsessed with their ranking on user ranking lists: Already on a different list.
13. They are hypocritical: Again, hypocrisy is just about everywhere.

Actually forget hypocrisy. Excessive nitpicking is a problem with people these days, although it seems I'm doing it just now. Just because you're a rustler, excuse me, a "cool kid" doesn't mean you're the best around. The thing that gets me is they haven't accomplished anything in the long run other than a huge dose of popularity based off of chance. That's it as far as they're concerned.


Great post. To be honest, I have nothing against rustlers, but don’t agree with them on every point. This makes me realizing again what I really think of the rustlers and what the rustlers are. - visitor

Pretty much that. people like them because they're cool, but in the long run all they did was basically nothing. - NuMetalManiak