Full-fledged List Analysis - Top Ten Worst Ideas for a New Top 10 List

NuMetalManiak Well well well, there are three wells at the start of this sentence, and another one three words after. That's four. Also here's a list analysis for you.

1. Top Ten Ways to Kill a User: As a whole, ways to kill lists are just really dumb and show just how much someone overhates something. Not to mention ways to kill lists always tend to have the same thing worded differently each time. Of course, with the policies in place, these kinds of list do not need to be approved at all.
2. Top Ten Reasons to Be Racist: The only reason I can think of for being racist is if someone is countering racism with racism. Which even then shows that maybe some of those people really need to realize what THEY are doing.
3. Top Ten Reasons to Be a Murderer: An awful idea. Other types of crimes exist if you end up broke. Murdering someone isn't really one of them. And no, hitmen jobs do not count. Those are what they call assassinations and are more for political things rather than just murdering someone.
4. Top Ten Reasons Why Girls are Better Than Boys: I think this one was already done. Not only that, I think I did an analysis about it.
5. Top Ten Reasons to Be a Bully: The only reason I think of is being bullied yourself. But even that's no good reason.
6. Top Ten Worst Countries: COMPLETELY AGREE, and unfortunately this list exists, with almost every country now on there, and I of course analyzed it through.
7. Top Ten People that Need to Die: For what? What have people who you can't control the actions of done to you that make you want to eliminate their living presence.
8. Top Ten Reasons to Hate People: Many such reasons are enough to hate the list creator.
9. Top Ten Reasons Why Sanjay and Craig is Better Than Early SpongeBob: Let's not get into cartoon wars now. Those are pathetic ideas.
10. Top Ten Reasons to Love Porn: What's so good about porn? I don't understand it.
11. Top Ten Reasons to Be a Pervert: There aren't any good reasons.
12. Reasons Why Once Upon a Time In New York City is the Worst Song Ever: How bored are you? Barely anyone would care about this song anyways.
13. Top Ten Reasons to Commit Suicide: I admittingly want to come up with this list.
14. Top Ten Worst Users on TheTopTens: Well this one was a list at one point, but because of needless bullying and trolling, it went away for good.
15. Top Ten Reasons to Love Toilet Humor: We need to keep elementary school students from viewing this site.
16. Reasons Why Liv and Maddie is Worse Than Sanjay and Craig: And Disney1994 does not need this kind of list.
17. Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Led Zeppelin: And we do not need any more Justin Bieber hate.
18. Reasons Why Sanjay and Craig is the Best Show of All Time: If anything, I think these Sanjay and Craig "haters" are more obsessed than the "fans", which is probably a somewhat small fanbase anyways.
19. Top Ten Hottest People: Can you please iterate that better. What do you mean by "hottest"? As in people of a certain temperature?
20. Top Ten Reasons Admin Should Allow Swearing: Sorry folks, but swearing will be a thing regardless of what happens on the Internet. People will get mad, people will not think before typing, but if it is the only way they can get their point across, well you cannot blame them.
21. Reasons Why the Lion King is Worse Than Spider's Web: a Pig's Tale: GO AWAY DISNEY FANS.
22. Top Ten Reasons Why (Insert User’s Name) is the Best: These lists happen a lot, and thankfully not by the users themselves but their close fans. I don't like these lists anyways because they always say the same things.
23. Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Jealous of (Insert User’s Name): But this will lead to fights, and is obviously never a good idea.
24. Top Ten Worst Lists Made by User (Insert User’s Name): Okay I think whoever added this has a free mind, one more free than it needed to be.
25. Top Ten Reasons Why the Fairly Odd Parents is Better Than HIV: These comparison lists aren't the lists we want on this site. They will make other visitors think we are a bunch of immature children.
26. Top Ten Reasons Why Socks Are Better Than Shirts: You've run out of ideas.
27. Top Ten Reasons Why SpongeBob is Better Than HIV: Stop it. Get some help.
28. Top Ten Ways to Kill a User: This and #1 are the EXACT SAME ITEM, capitalization and everything.
29. Top Ten Reasons Why Shirts Are Better Then Pants: No really, you've run out of ideas and are just pulling them on a jiffy just so you look cool adding an item to a list.
30. Top Ten Reasons Why Sanjay and Craig is Better Than The Simpsons: And the Sanjay and Craig haters are obviously rabid fans.
31. Reasons Why Liv and Maddie is a Terrible Show: You can stop triggering people now.
32. Reasons Why Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale is Better Than Charlotte's Web: Show of hands for anyone who's heard about this.
33. Reasons Why Sanjay and Craig is Better Than the Fox and the Hound: Do I really need to repeat myself.

These lists obviously are filled with terrible ideas, in worse ways than one.


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