Hercules (1997) Movie Review

MegaSoulhero After the cinematic brilliance that was Aladdin, Clements and Musker created another Disney film called Hercules! Is at as great as Aladdin? Well, let's talk about.

The movie is about a character named Hercules, son of Zeus and Hera, who gets his immortality taken away from him after being captured by the villain Hades. So Hercules gets raised on Earth and after he finds out where he belongs, he sets out to become a true hero. I'm not gonna talk too much about the plot because I can't stand this movie! Disney has made so many great films but this is awful! It's terrible! I can't believe how bad this film is! It is very annoying and unfunny! Aside from one joke in the entire film, I barely cracked a smile! I absolutely hate the characters! Well, except for Hades. He's pretty a pretty great villain and James Woods did an excellent job. But the other characters are just awful! Hercules is a very stereotypical hero, Megara is a very uninteresting and forgettable character, Pain and Panic are annoying idiot henchmen, and Phil is basically just Danny DeVito playing himself! There are a lot of inaccuracies in this film! I know Disney isn't gonna be 100% accurate but there is so much inaccurate stuff that it gets old really fast! Now let's talk about the songs! They're awful! Except for Go the Distance! That's my favorite Disney song of all time! The other songs are very annoying! There are these muses who sing a bunch of gospel songs! Why would there be gospel music in a movie about Greek mythology! When I saw that in the first scene, I wanted turn off the movie! I couldn't stand it! I totally regret not turning it off!

I have no idea what the people over at Disney were smoking when making this! "Hey guys! Let's make a movie about Hercules but totally butcher everything about the character! We can even use the same exact plot from Superman! And you know what would be funny? If we had the muses sing gospel music!" It probably went something like that. Honestly, the only good things about this movie is James Woods' performance as Hades and I really love that Go the Distance song but why did it have to be wasted on this movie!? The choices they make in this movie are just unbearable! I absolutely hate this movie!

This is honestly one of my least favorite Disney movies! I did not like it at all! It is such a mess! I felt like it tried way too hard to be like Aladdin! Understandable since Aladdin was a huge success but this movie really went overboard! So did Clements and Musker manage to get back on track with their next movie? Kind of sort of.

Score: 3/10


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