Ht's Analysis: The Chaotic Coaching Carousel Mayhem

htoutlaws2012 The other day I noticed something very interesting going around the NFL it involved the position of head coach, and there are a lot more hot seats ever seen in years. When I saw on fox there were 14 teams lurking away potential firings of head coaches that makes next week a very compelling black monday for fans. What I may do is look at those head coaches who I see from my perspective who may very well be fired, or get the pass in strange circumstances. Without further of do let's dive into this world of self vote confidence of these gentleman.

Ben McAdoo: Yes I'll even throw in guys who have been confirmed already away from the organization, McAdoo literally wanted to leave by ripping Eli's heart for most consecutive starts in a game. To be very blunt he lost two big pieces of the offense in Brandon Marshall and Odell does seem like the biggest impact of the team this season, and yet watching Eli play bad mostly just tells me it's time to go. I can't him staying here with a regime coming in. Speaking of which Steve Spagnuolo the defensive coordinator had experience of being a head coach, but like that went into a dumpster fire so did Giants since firing McAdoo. All I can say they better a lot for #2 overall pick in 2018 Browns are the usual screwups the last couple of years how many time will it take the Giants to suck is the question.

Marvin Lewis: Awe right finally after all these years Marvin Lewis has called it a career in Cincinnati, and to be honest that was way overdue. I wouldn't say his a great head coach he found flashes the next decade to make the playoffs 5 times which ended up being bounced out by any team put against which I find astounding how curse the Bengals have been since going back in the 80's. Now with a new crew who knows if this longtime curse goes on only time, and the right direction well be key for Cincinnati.

Hue Jackson: Imagine having 1 win, and lose to everybody else, you know what sounds really messed up is the owner might actually keep Hue even if he goes winless. He seems to think hope is on the horizon when it really just isn't that at all. Its amazing you get all these draft, and none of these have any good flashes for the Browns. Knowing though this is the ''Cleveland Skinmarks'' they would be dumb enough to keep Jackson ultimately whose only had 1 victory in his head coaches the worst from any coach in NFL history. Calling Sunny Weaver have I reached him?

Chuck Pagano: What is this 2011? If so wow do the Colts look as awful as highly predicted coming into the season. The headline was Pagano had speculated that Andrew Luck may return in the regular season, but he never showed which makes him a fraud why else would you trade for another? Because you realize the situation was already code grim as it was T.Y did show early flashes of looking like Reggie Wayne caliber player, but he got very quiet in the 2nd half. Frank Gore had his best season as a Colt was sadly the one he probably wishes was not for this god awful disaster that it was. Wow do the Colts have the worst offensive line in football. The only line to give up 50 sacks a game how has Jacoby not gotten on the shelf that's way to much punishment to endure. Oh do I need to say anything why the defense hard as it does Pagano may just ''rest in peace'' with his head coaching days are done for.

John Fox: I find this to be no surprise, but ultimately feel bad for John Fox who was bound to fail since arriving Chi-town. How can a guy that came from Carolina and Denver be this bad in a 3 year span. Aside from his first year he really never had a to Recivers step up to the plate. He had Tight Ends at times, but still what gives here man. The defense somehow gets beat easily, but again how? Ultimately he is getting fired, and another guy from the same organization I want is Ryan Pace for giving up way too much just to move up one spot for Mitchell Trubisky.

Dirk Koetter: For starters I hated the fact they ditched Lovie for Dirk which was nothing than hot steam pile of garbage. What has Koetter done wrong well Jameis Winston would love to Dirk gone, so would Doug Martin apparently since his intentionally quit for the team. I feel like Desean Jackson was incredibly transparent in his first year in Tampa. On paper the defense looked, but then you see them collapse on the pass wow do they blow when it comes to that department. I'm with Winston for having of mediocrity that Koetter for good.

Vance Joseph: Hey need somebody to fill the void and have the most atrocious offense in football, look no further coming from a dude who should to being a defensive coordinator. Problem though, they guy you put made Denver not be as intimidating as they were the last 2 years. Its year one under Joseph, and I think to fire him only a single season. Since John Elway is not going anywhere everything around him will.

Bill O'Brien: Seemed like and up down Texans team that you could not figure out until Watson was gone for the year all hope was left with coaching in which O'Brien had to find a miracle to make the post season, and failed. Sometimes I can give a pass to those who have struggled against, and this case surprisingly O'Brien could be safe in that regard. There is no excuse if you fail to make it again then you should be fired.

Adam Gase: I know what you're why did I not include Todd Bowles because honestly I was amazed he racked 5 wins over exceeded expectations, while Adam Gase predictably failed to go back to the post season. One of the reasons was he had to panicked when Ryan Tannehill was out for year. Here comes news that Jay Cutler of all people comes out of retirement to try and save the Dolphins in which he mostly certainly could not should be back on commentary not making yourself more bad as it is. Traded away your greatest production of offense in Jay Ajayi to Philly, and now your defense is a joke its like Joe Philbin never left the team one bit. Yet Adam Gase will stay I don't think they'll dumb away Gase so quick since he did make the playoffs in his first year.

Jack Del Rio: Del Rio is known to roll the dice, and he did take many risks, but ultimately fell apart, but how is that since the Raiders were heavy favorites this season, and massively disappointed which I can't simply ignore Del Rio for that reason. Beast mode was inconsistent, Carr was inconsistent, Cooper was inconsistent, the only player that actually did what he had to do was Michael Crabtree. The defense never evolved thus pointing speculations of Jack del rio. This is probably tough considering the Raiders are known to kill off head coaches even after they found great success the previous season, but this Raiders team operates different they got the pieces. I say they keep him like Gase too soon to be rid of del rio.

Bruce Arians: Okay Mr. Arians had a ton of bad luck in the first half of football. David Johnson out for the year towards the middle of the season Palmer eventually also went on the shelf the season was over, however would I have ever guessed that the Cardinals had some pretty big upset victories to point maybe Bruce did enough to save his spot next year. No way they rid of Bruce, the focus must be at backup quarterback. Stanton looks to be ageing and Gabbert is nothing but a bust to have out by default.

Jason Garrett: Dallas had a chance at to make it as the #6 seed and absolutely blew it by not giving the ball more to the star of the offense zeke Elliott. Dak had a down year, and Dez is on his way to free agency. I can't see Jerry Jones pulling the plug on Garrett.

Jay Gruden: John Gruden may make a return next season, and his brother could be outta here, there was times Redskins looked good, but mostly below average players. He did get one big win over the Seahawks as depleted as they were they do try to play for spoiler. Another tough call here considering this decision is anybody's that may lead to him staying one more year at the very least.

Jim Caldwell: Yes that's right I'm saving best for last, Caldwell had ONE signature win that mattered this season. This is a guy who almost would never challenge a intriguing ruling called, and in his 4 years that has not changed one bit. Jim's stubborness cost the Lions big games such as not going for 7 field goals to beat the Steelers, 9 guys on the field in Baltimore, and nit the ice to top it all off is Cincinnati won for Marvin in his last home game and did not bother to challenge the Golden Tate incompletion that is nothing but S.O.L lives again on this franchise. All signs should point to him axe because if he does survive black monday... i'll be stunned and be ashamed of this organization Jim Caldwell is one if the worst game managers I have ever seen in my life.