The Angry Outlaw Episode #11 Bubsy 3D

htoutlaws2012 You want a game that goes in the complete wrong direction in the next leap of the 5th generation of consoles more specifically the platform battle between Super Mario series and this Bubsy series. It's quite astounding how this series of games survived for so long there not the best, but they get progressively worse as they go further on. With that said let's Talk the about the other mascot nobody wanted.

(theme song)

His the meanest outlaw in all of america,
he doesn't hold back down from anything or anyone,
He'd rather stick it up there's and go and screw a limp wang,
Then talk about the dreaded terror of furious strength in full power of rage there is no stopping there,
His going down to the depths of hell and back of satan's wrath of painful pleasure of awful unimaginable doings to himself,
As he would rather crap on his lair than of any purpose,
He would have a dirty mouth and cuss out the devil until finally he'd suck up and say ''find i'll do it''
He is the angry! angry! Outlaw!

First Attempt, second, & Jaguar: Before we take a look at each of these games let's keep in mind that they were by Accolade who would go on to publish another god awful title in Ballz 3D, which is pretty much these balls fighting each other in seizure enduring combat just terrible. Anyways back to Bubsy more specifically it's first game Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind. This game was on SNES, Genesis, and later the PC, did this game do well? Honestly It has it's fair share of flaws, but not in anyway the best game, but more so in the okay range of platformers. It's sequel is more less the same and doesn't really fix much flaws to it's predecessor which leads to the Atari Jaguar game which is the third in the series. Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales while retains it's gameplay look goes to even worse extremities. I mean okay, the first two games were alright then you play this game then the series becomes even worse as you play along you will notice that all you'll take is a hit and your finished, to me it even more annoying they play the enemies almost once you climb to a certain point in the game. Some say this game is worst then the last well i'm about to prove how so uniquely bad the fourth and final game of the series is considered one of the worst games ever made.

Bubsy 3D Furbitten Planet: girrrr!! Where do I begin well first off the cutscenes will drive you to insanity in which you have all the enemies plot to capture bubsy and have him dead oh now were getting somewhere (not). Now entering the general gameplay and well it's a so bland and generic level it's quite embarrassing honestly. The enemies don't even move they just sit there and shoot you and if they hit you a life gets taken. Oh and what about the worst camera in video game history like seriously it'll be doing this every time you move from screen to screen it's slow and HORRIBLE! It also makes off of awful collision detection when trying to hit enemies ontop of them like in Super Mario, but in that game they did efficient here not at all, and of course the controls are so Bad it's unspeakable to not point it out to the point you want to DESTROY THIS GAME's DISC and RIP IT IN HALF! Oh and we haven't even gotten to the end of this game if I can bare it's vomit looks of each level design in which there are a total of 18 Levels, 3 make you do water levels. I mean do I need to continue with this awful mess. I mean I can't take it anymore it's driving me to suffering in the mind of ''The ritual has begun, Satan's work is done!'' (part of song pops up). What was that? Huh so to give a generality of these platform there easily a avoid for all ages. Unless your drunk or high and want entertainment to make fun of it knock yourself out. For me I wouldn't want to play this game nevermore. What the Hel... muhahahahahahaha!!!!! (devil laughs) To be continued...

Credits: Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden


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