We may have got off on the wrong foot here...

Mcgillacuddy So, the war between Pop fans and Metal fans...

First of all, I'm not a Pop fan, I'm a music fan. I treat all genres of music with respect and I see them as equal. Now here's what sets me off: the metalhead users on the site that diss Pop music for the most ridiculous reasons, and it's been happening way too much here. Yes, I know metal has been getting sh*t as well, but how often does that happen? Seriously, hating on Pop music is now the jackpot method to getting popular on this site, and I'm sick of that fake ass sh*t. Now a war popped off from one post I made, which was the TTT Music Awards 2016, and a couple of metalhead users come on the post, stated their opinion, and I was cool with it, but it soon led to a fight. Soon after, WonkeyDude98 made a really good list criticizing metalhead elitists. Apparently, some metalhead users were butthurt off the list, and how do I know that? Because the NEXT DAY AFTER that list was made, another list is made criticizing Pop elitists, and all of the metalhead users targeted WonkeyDude98 and SwagFlicks (they didn't target me because I don't know).

Let's get something straight here, WonkeyDude called out a number of metalhead users on his list, which I never keep up with because I don't know their overall thoughts on Pop music. But, I have right to believe what he was saying about them was completely true because like I said before, the hate on Pop music is getting way out of hand, and it's all run by metalheads. They rant of Pop music EVERY TIME for the most petty reasons. Now I can understand stating your opinion on something, but these lists and rants and all this other bullf*ck sh*tting on Pop music is NOT opinion. It's outright biased propaganda. I'm not defending pop fans on this one, either. It's literally the same exact thing with them, yet the difference is that metalheads get way more approval for their sh*t, at least on this site. I'm sick of it all, so now, I'm gonna f*ck with it...

Like I said, I'm not a pop fan or metal fan. I'm a music fan, so if I see any more bullsh*t on Pop, Metal, Rap, Country, or WHATEVER, best believe I'm gonna jump on that ass and call you out. Now understand this, WonkeyDude's list was about Metalhead ELITISTS, not metalheads or metal music in general. WonkeyDude has stated dozens of times that he DOES NOT hate metal, and I know he doesn't because I keep up with him. The users he called out MAY NOT be elitists (I honestly don't know), but they MAY have said some elitist bullsh*t, such as MetalObsessed, for example. Yes, MetalObsessed, I'm calling you out, referring to what you commented on WonkeyDude's metalhead elitist rant post and I requote:

"-Pop music is not complex
-Pop music is not good to headbang to
-Pop music is not interesting
-Pop music is about sex
-Pop music is overplayed

Point proved?"

Were you trying to be funny, MetalObsessed? Yes, a point was proven; you literally just proved WonkeyDude's point. You say that you're not an elitist, but guess what? That is the absolute EXACT attitude of an elitist that you just showcased. Give me a god damn break...

Let's cut this feud right f*cking now. Metalheads, stop saying WonkeyDude and SwagFlicks are Pop elitists. THEY ARE NOT. F*cking Christ. And WonkeyDude, I have literally not complaints against you, because everything you stated about elitists is true, yet I'm not too sure what you said about some of the users was really down-to-earth accurate, but I believe it all because I've seen how metalheads act on this site. Metalheads, don't take WonkeyDude's list the wrong way. It's about Metalhead ELITISTS. WonkeyDude didn't say that you were elitists, but he gave solid reasoning as to what you've all said about Pop music. That list about Pop elitists would've been a fine, normal list, but the problem with it is that I already know that the list was aimed directly at WonkeyDude, hence why he argued with almost every item on the list. PhantomMilitia and BoredJeff02 were even on the verge of leaving the site because they kept getting called out. Come on guys, we never said we wanted you to LEAVE. What we want you to do is treat ALL music genres with RESPECT for God's sake. Until you do that, then we're cool. But like I said, if I see any sh*t on any genre of music, I'm gonna embarrass your fake ass. So go on ahead. I just got over a fever and had to cut my review marathon, so I'm pissed enough as it is. Let's run it.

Also, with all of the disliking on users' comments, I have no idea who's doing that.


This needed to be said. Good job. - SwagFlicks

You, I like you. Keep doing what you do on this site. Be the moderator for this obnoxious war. Music is music. And each style are different and have their fans which have their reasons why they love that music.
Props for doing this. You get my respect. - cjWriter1997

Honestly, no war of any subject needs to be going on. Whether it's music, video games, T.V. shows, we shouldn't be fighting over opinions. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I agree with SwagFlicks. Nice post. This arrogance from both sides needs to stop. - visitor

There is a user down voting my comments too. One of the pop elitists.

I wish these type of lists would stop though.

Cause if you listen to fools the mob rules. - visitor

I'm similar to you. I like many music genres too! - Neonco31

Good post - TwilightKitsune

Damn... it's been 5 months since I left this community. as a metal fan, this war is making me cringe. - visitor

Hopefully, we don't have another war...

Let's make this a neutral territory and find peace! - ProPanda

I agree I don't want any more war - christangrant

Good music fans are perfectly fine with other genres of music and their fans, as long as the fans themselves aren't trying to shove their music genres at everyone. "Shoving" is bad in any count.

*this wasn't directed at anybody, I just wanted to make a statement against "shoving" in general* - Nonpointed

Thanks for having my back here mate. - WonkeyDude98

No problem at all - Mcgillacuddy

I respected metalheads, pop fans, jazz instrumenators, classical composiars, country cowboys, emo music emos, techno technicians. But metal elitists came too far for my choice. I, being pop fan say metalheads just like Brobusky can be respected but ekitists, please don't start any war because rap (2Pac),jazz,classical(Beethoven,country(Shelton),emo(Green Day!,international(PPAP guy or PSY) are also genres that also have flaws. Not only pop. - ArigatoKawaii

This is a web site not a war zone. - visitor


What is so funny? - visitor

The fact that u started the war yourself - visitor

It was not just me - visitor

To be honest I prefer the so-called pop elitists of the site - visitor

No need of Flame wars...Listen to what you love or like..and Respect others.. problem solved - Ananya

Yes I agree - christangrant

Its nice when people actually respect every genre of music and their fans. Nice post. - FieryKnightFloyd

I didn't make that list over fighting opinions but yeah we did on the wrong foot I made that list to point out how some people defend music with terrible reasoning. - visitor

I have a similar post called "My Problem with Heavy Metal". Not a hate rant, but rather a few issues I have with the Metal genre (And I like both Metal and Pop, I like Metal a little more though). - CrimsonShark

Some of this made me laugh. I like most genres of music, people need to respect other user's opinions and not get seriously butthurt about it. You like rap music, who cares? It's not your life, it's theirs. Some people don't know how to listen or read here... You're still a human being no matter what kind of music you listen to. Some people can't give any music genre a chance, they just immediately judge based on 1 person. I do dislike rap music and I listened to many artists and I still don't like it because of how sexist, disgusting, greedy, and racist these rappers are. I pretty much prefer the old stuff but again, I don't care what music you listen to, music doesn't determine personality in certain cases. How you act determines personality in most cases. - visitor

Mainstream rap is like that, which I dislike to an extent. You should try rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. They are much better lyrically. - Mcgillacuddy

Oh my God remember this - visitor