room 101: politically correctness

gemcloben Welcome to today's room 101: politically correctness. OK, if we had no politically correctness, we would have a load of racists and sexists and UKIP would be in power. So, why do I hate it? Nothing is able to be said. Let's talk about this!

Racists. The most annoying type of people to walk this earth. We can't tolerate these complete unfair, judgemental t***s control us. Sexist. The most despicable and annoying people ever. I can't stand them. So why don't I love politically correctness? It would kill off all of these type of people!

I was at school, and they were telling us about children's rights. This is what they practically said: "you have the freedom to say whatever you want as long as we approve it"... Well then that's restricts your freedom of speech and we can't say what we want! It's a huge con!

Sexism is bad as I already explained and is easily realisable. But, if anyone makes a joke that is slightly sexist they are immediately called sexist and are believed to agree with sexist views. No one can take a joke. The whole thing is just wrong. And, it only count if it a man about a woman, not vice versa. Feminists make equality into domination. So unfair.

And now racism. This is easily the worst one. UKIP. I would not like them to be in power, because they could be misinterpreted. But I do agree with a lot of UKIP views. I'm not racist, but they speak a bit of sense. And the same with jokes. Any joke involving nationality, you are called racist. If you even refer to someone as " the black one" or "the Muslim one" that is counted as racist.

So, don't fall for all this rubbish. It isn't incorrect or anything like that, just some sensitive guy somewhere may get offended. So ignore these people who say we can't even mention nationality or these feminists. Just ignore it and express your opinion! It's a huge con and the press don't help.

Now, we have seen how it has all gone to far and we have been tricked into believe this is the way to be. Racists and sexists are both terrible, both not as much as people say. So, as always, write whether you agree or disagree in the comments. Thank you for reading!


Agree. There's so much evidence around us that race and gender have no affect on core abilities and values, so why bias that? Why deny these people the freedom that those at the advantage take for granted? - PositronWildhawk

Yea, PC can get too far ( not the personal computer- the political correctness). - Pony

I agree. - Delgia2k

A lot of people can't take JOKES. It's stupid. Is this what most of the world has turned into?! Sensitive morons?! - visitor