Inspecting Long Lists #16 TV Guide's ''50 Worst Shows Ever''

htoutlaws2012 Out of curiosity of that Documentary I watched about trash TV back in the day. I wanted to see this list from myself before you say why isn't this show on the list well first off according to the sources I've checked the list was made at some point in 2002. Without further a do the top 50 Worst Shows according to this magazine subscription. Viewer discretion is advised

#50 Barney and Friends: This is way too low on the list I know its intended target was for kids, but it fails to like the terrifying purple dinosaur. Even when it was airing during that time it was the worst kiddie show I have ever seen next to maybe Teletubbies. Those shows failed to be like Sesame Street which gave us the memories where this left us with nightmares when sleeping the next day. This is the only kid related show on the list, and some who are Gen X will probably think differently of what Millennials remember very well oh how truly bad it was for us looking back top 25 at least 50 is very low to start off the whole countdown. Even worse how did it last longer than a decade and a half yikes.

#49 The Ropers: A infamous spinoff from Three's Company that flopped of course you'll see a trend of one and done ABC's shows, and why is that? Both good, and bad that channel has either a curse of doing the right, or just ego management needless to say though this show was not very good.

#48 Bless The House: Its based on the 70''s show, and Andrew Dice Clay is on the show makes a lot of since to me why its here.

#47 Rango: No not the nickelodeon film, its some western show that nobody remembers, and frankly it doesn't need much discussion since it lasted only 17 episodes yeah sure can't argue with that.

#46 Me and the Chimp: Easy to identify why its terrible seeing that the Chimp is the main star must of been bad execution back than.

#45 A.K.A Pablo: A.K.A Mario Lopez at arguably his worst early beginnings yeah not kidding it didn't even last more than six episodes okay not bad so far surprisingly.

#44 She's A Sheriff: Self Explanatory, but I'd put it a few places back than some of these shows its higher than seeing it lasted two years sure its bad, but play in account of how short a show has been cut as well.

#43 Woops!: Its a comedy at the end of the world that alone is not deserve a show of its own even if the premise may seem cool it ends up a complete disaster. If this was updated I can think of another Fox show that's equals to this, and no its not Allen Gregory despite that being the worst animated cartoon they put out.

#42 The Flying Nun: Based on the scores, and general audience don't think its deserves to be on the list I never seen it myself yes the title may sound very dumb, but its considered good. Lasted 4 years even this would be an easy takeout if this list was redone in 2018.

#41 The Tom Green Show: They have the year wrong when it aired it lasted for 6 years according to the wiki. In any case yeah seeing that its Tom Green this can't be good, and he went to do one of the worst comedies of all time after this show ran its strange course on MTV.

#40 Makin' It: Why does that sound familiar? In the late 70's, and the theme was totally disco, but it only lasted a few episodes, but the ratings are positive, but its tough say it if should be taken out or not if this was a technical error. Plus there is a related show with Amy Poehler coming in a few weeks wonder how that does for now this is a mystery for to scratch or over think clearly on this?

#39 Still the Beaver
: Based on Leave It To Beaver, but this inclusion is a bit strange considering there including the first season pretty much which was aired on the Disney Channel, but after that landed in the than WTBS channel which had nothing of value at the time making it absurd into syndication. Meaning this probably would not be on the in that meaning so where's the logic in this entry.

#38 Hell Town: Sounds very religious to me, and oh well it is can't say if its good or not seeing it was on NBC for a season, but based on premise it would be here.

#37 Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell: Ugh... right the show that completed against Lorne Michaels. This ABC product was on at 8 as opposed to 11:30 of NBC's Saturday Night Live which we would all know today, however not many can recognize its failure in which Cosell had some good talented cast members, but compared to the 75 cast Lorne assembled boom done.

#36 The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo: A show about a mumbling officer that many love which means take it off the list right? Yeah the scores are not horrible, but based on the looks of reception its well received.

#35 Pink Lady... and Jeff:... This was their next big answer once SNL ran its supposed course in its awesome first five years. I mean in the case yes actually cast members were guests at one point or another singing along with the Pink Lady if you will. Its a mix of both live action meets pre early concerts you wish you never attended.

#34 Alexander the Great: Okay a story about this famous Macedon who conquered all around he went, but problem is I can't find much footage of this one bit so I got nothing unfortunately.

#33 Holmes and Yo-Yo: Based on the reception the ratings for this is very deceiving even with 13 episodes is a re-harsh of an older show called Get Smart. Yeah that says it all for me why copy, and paste the same material for?

#32 Co-Ed Fever: This one probably deserves to be higher than just missing the top 30 like how does a show manage to have a pilot episodes, but have the other five episodes all missing what does ABC do back than to just fail to deliver unreal amount of dismay.

#31 Homeboys In outer Space: ''Rocket I'm taking a rocket. I'm packing my suitcase Hey, look out, Moon! Yeah, a rocket into outer space. Goodbye, human race I'll be there soon. Blast off! For fun and adventure. There's a fair adventure collecting stones. Yeah, it's my way on the ol' space highway. That's why they all say there goes Astronaut Jones!'' That sounds way more epic seriously those Tracy Morgan are more great to watch than this. ''I don't want to see your wiener.''

#30 Unhappily Ever After: Many say this show is very good at the comedy gags while I never seen it one said that its like Married with Children meets ALF. Makes sense a little bit, yet if so how did this get so high on the list or even on it?

#29 Howard Stern: On E! it says ugh... I understand his not for everybody, yet he is the personality of radio for sure can't deny that, but put him on a show that's different.

#28 Supertrain: Let's see only nine episodes, and plus considered a legendary flop in television history yeah I have to agree with those statements, and that what is so super about this train exactly?

#27 Turn-On: As you would believe sex was the target,and right away this was not a good idea especially on ABC of all channels another victim of only one episode, but the other never airing on airways of any kind. What is interesting though the aftermath of it all shortly after that infamous flop CBS approved of show we all know as All in the Family the rest is history.

#26 Life With Lucy: It was more less the low ratings that scared it off, but I can see why the original Lucy was brilliant, but than its brought up again, and the audience fearing it would suck was the case, but being at 26 is too high up to be considered that worthy.

#25 Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?: This is a parody of the infamous gameshow Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, lasted an episode, and of course the idea, and premise was god-awful, and honestly even at 25 doesn't do its justice it deserves top 10 for even trying to be edgy in 2 hour span. What's about the aftermath of the first show is the guy who filled in his information ends up lying who he actually was meaning that everything they did i this episode is both horrible, and tragic to humanity.

#24 One of the Boys: So one of the items here is even worse than the last entry ha try again yes it seems to be dumb, but in terms of the occurrence from than to after...

#23 Sammy and Company: This is probably one of the few I have no clue what this based on the little given set of data that's shown.

#22 The Powers of Matthew Star: A show where somebody has supernatural powers okay that's been done before, but seeing it has 22 episodes overall I can't see this being in the top 25 or even on it since I can't see this being that terrible despite the name, and all.

#21 Baywatch: Okay I know the film was predictably awful, the show I know is pretty much that. While we know who Hasslehoff, and Pamela Anderson are this is easily the worst thing they did.

#20 The Pruitts of Southampton: I like Phyllis Diller I fought she was great, but I guess don't think so. Its the type of comedy you loved, or not, and seeing this at twenty i'm just not sure.

#19 The P.T.L. Club: Now unlike trash TV this was more of a family oriented targeting from all ages its like combine Phil with Raphael, and that's basically what this is only more watered down to that standard even.

#18 The Ugliest Girl in Town: Why in the world would somebody create a show like this?

#17 Casablanca: It doesn't seem like its based on the film by any means in doing so doesn't live up to that standard even for good reason of only ten episodes.

#16 The Chevy Chase Show: Yeah that was a very memorable blunder that was one of the last things Chevy Chase tried to stay in Hollywood before biting into obscurity for years.

#15 Manimal: Apparently this show was before the whole Planet of the Apes craze I think if so it does a good job in the special effects department. In that case shouldn't be here on bit.

#14 Baby Bob: Oh god not to be confused with the E-Trade baby which is funny, but this Baby was a lost cause who lastly appeared in a forgettable Quiznos commercial before falling into obscurity.

#13 Twenty-One: Oh that's right I did mention this show on a previous best gameshow lists well here it is again appearing on the opposite of best being worst. Strangely of all of these they put the original version on the list while there was a bit incident where some guy had tampered with the perfect score this wouldn't be on here at all. Weird picks in the upper part of this list I do not get.

#12 Hello Larry: Well it had 38 episodes seeing it in the top 15 maybe a bit high for something that lasted that long.

#11 The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer: An atrocious sitcom on UPN which no longer around, and seeing this is its worst produced show of a royalty family with 4 episodes yeah not good one bit in a month no less the fall.

#10 Hee Haw Honeys: I have got an idea let's look at these fabulous woman, and give them a spinoff yeah for the man, and maybe woman too... Need I say more?

#9 You're In The Picture: Says here its a gameshow if it was than its odd it even counts as one as much as iconic as Jackie Gleason is this was one of the dumbest ideas for a gameshow I have ever seen.

#8 Cop Rock: What's weird about this show is yes its cheesy god awful, but it won two awards even in its one season really strange since its not good at all.

#7 AfterMASH: M*A*S*H is one of the greatest shows of all time, its spinoff was I wouldn't say the 7th worst show ever, but it would be in the 40's more less than to be so high up than unexpectedly.

#6 Celebrity Boxing: Such a bad idea even Weird Al seen right through he didn't want to even participate in it at all folks you want a good adaptation of celebrities beating the crap out of one another watch Celebrity Deathmatch not the real life two episodes of boring.

#5 Hogan's Heroes: No way should this be on the list its actual very good what a politically correct choice here politics influence for sure, but why on a worst subject?

#4 The Brady Bunch Hour: Seeing that it was only 9 episodes like a lot of others on the list having a reunion didn't seem to work with The Brady Bunch one bit, and therefore due to that they ultimately gave up on it entirely. It was bad enough to the point no later shows, or films mentioned this like it never happened at all, and maybe tat's for the best.

#3 XFL: You want a show/sport thing that was super fake this is it Vince McMahon's biggest disaster in 2001. While cringe worthy to look back on seeing that its coming back in 2020 i'm a bit curious who they would bring in just because that would be a real life right? Sue Tommy Maddox was the only player worth a crap to earn a spot on a NFL roster, but can anybody from this revival manage to get one more stand try out? At the time I can see why its this high it was a joke to see, but entertaining I guess. Seeing it pop up again as a possible return now that the NFL has had bad backlash over protest is the perfect opportunity of a possible redemption from Vince?

#2 My Mother The Car: Hmm... 30 episodes, but the title itself is so dumb enough that critics ripped it apart I gotta believe is it one of those so bad its good type shows than there's an interesting case if it truly is the worst thing imaginable.

#1 The Jerry Springer Show: Totally politically correct choice, while I agree by no means i'm I saying trash TV is great its not, but to put this at the top of the list is just the fact everybody apart of the media where all on Springer it seemed like because his popularity skyrocketed so much to try and stop it. Behind the scenes yes its scripted which makes the case for being one fo the worst, but its not enough for me to say its the definitive worst thing you watched especially when in 2018 right now I can name some contending shows that probably would beat Jerry Springer at this very moment.

Final Thoughts to shows that if the magazine ever redid its list would have these entries for sure.

- Keeping Up With the Kardashians
- Jersey Shore
- Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
- The Proposal
- Mulaney
- Out of Jimmy's Head
- Napoleon Dynamite (2012)
- Legends of Chamberlain Heights

There it is folks see ya on the other side of things.


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