Grand Theft Auto V Sucks?!

Grand Theft Auto V is not for PC, but that doesn't mean that it sucks, its not for PC because of this (probably):

1. There is no button for the Gun Wheel

2. Left Button is for shooting and Right Button is for aiming, but which button should be for knock out someone with your gun?

3. Changing characters, like Franklin, Michael or Trevor, to change the character in PS3 and Xbox 360 you press down in the D-Pad, but in the PC? It could be screwed up.

4. You can bail if you jump and press b (Xbox 360) i don't have PS3 to know which button bails, but in the PC? Again could be screwed.

That was why Grand Theft Auto V is not for PC, there's probably more, but thats all i got.

You PC Gamers should understand that some games aren't for PC, like Dead Rising 3, Skate 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, so stop whining ''I want this for PC!'' it will never come for PC (probably) get $999 to get GTA V, if you don't have PS3 or Xbox 360, don't bother to buy them.

And if you keep whining, it will not come for PC, so just wait, and if it is still not for PC, doesn't matter, GO TO THIS LINK AND UNDERSTAND!


Well guess what, ITS COMING OUT FOR PC THIS JANUARY 12TH! - visitor