Best Big Sean Songs

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Memories, Pt. 2
His deepest and best song by far.
This is the most dramatic and best song I have ever heard by almost any artist. I am deeply in love with this song so much.
It is a really deep song and add John it was a really good song pulling at your heart strings.
[Newest]This is an amazing song John legend is awesome it in as well

2My Last
What? Why is this number 1?
Great song.. Very good artist and he is still very young... Hope their is more.
Great song I listen to it like everyday
[Newest]Really great song! ♥ it ♪

3Beware Ft. Lil Wayne and Jhene
Not only my favourite big sean song but 1 of my fave hip hop songz... #dope4dayz
Its an amazing song! You should really listen to it
This song is so dope... repeat for dayz

Best Big Sean song hands down! Just listening to it makes me want to listen to this song even more. Big Sean made his very own masterpiece. DOPE!
I love this song its... guap
Really unique beat. Song makes you want to go out and get some guap.
[Newest]Best song ever! 😌 I love it. 💕 It's dope and fresh. 👌

5Marvin and Chardonnay
If it wasnt for this song I wouldn't even know of big sean, even though a$$ came out first this song is what made him famous should be top 3! Vote'er up guys

Best flow I have ever heard from the self proclaimed Sean Don. Also features tight verse that caused an incredible amount of controversy from Kendrick. Sean delivers in this song better than any other I can say he made, perhaps besides Burn with Meek Mill. Big Sean for life!
This song is only popular because of Kendrick. Big Sean did an unbelievable job on this song, but it's not top ten material.
I can spit on any pilot

724K of Gold
Big sean and j cole it is just a great song
Old school and new school. smooth beat. both spit knowledge and word play is amazing. big sean was ahead of his time on this one.

8I Don't F*** With You
This is his best song ever
Good lyrics, beat is great at times, Big Sean sucks, not in this song
I like this song better than most of his others
[Newest]Best big sean song

9Dance (A$$)
I love that song its the most sexiest song ever I love all his songs though
Nicki Minaj's Tricky Verse is too sexy. Afterall, only a few girls in the MC boast of their Ass.
Is the best song and videoclip ever

10Nothing Is Stopping You
"Tell me what you know about dreams, what you know about having faith in something you can't see, tell me how much you believe, what you know about feeling something that you can't even touch, what you know about smelling something something that you can't even breathe, but when the world drives you out and your gas tank Is on "E" and all the faith that you have just ain't all the faith you need. All the faith that I have I just ain't all the faith that I need. I'm Sorry"
I love this song because it tells about his life and how he became the person well all think is dope


This is sean's best song lyrically because it tells his story of he got famous without leaving out any details in a inspirational way.

The Contenders

111st Quarter
This is one of the greatest songs of all time

12Don't Tell Me You Love Me

It wont let me listen to the sample

Top 10? This should be top 5. One of his best pieces of work that he's ever put together. It's disgraceful to him that this is number 25.
Your beyond talented and beyond awesome
'this song made me shed a few tears
Bruh... You're rated Awesome
Miguel's hook gave nice touch to this song
[Newest]This should be number 1 without a doubt.

15I Do It
How is this song not in the top ten? I Love this song and Love blasting it in the car.
He goes hard here and does it!

16First Chain
Better than any song in the top ten all those songs are trash and to that lil hoe who said their favorite hip hop song is beware? Shoot yo' self
Deep song that tells somewhat of a story should definitely be top ten
Deep song with great lyrics

17Wait for Me

Incredible flow, nice use of mercy sample. best on detroit mix tape.

19So Much More
Never trust top ten. ASs in the top ten? This is the website that has wiz khalifa and Lil Wayne and Eminem in the top 20 best rappers of all time. What can you expect
One of his most underrated songs. Smooth flowing lyrics with spot on delivery.

Higher than Ashley and Live This Life? Really?
Great song with big sean and wiz khalifa. The chorus is good and I love each verse. They should colab more often

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