Top 10 Best Albums of All Time

If you're a music lover, you know that a great album can be more than just a collection of songs - it can be a transformative experience that stays with you long after the final track. Throughout the history of music, there have been countless albums that have pushed boundaries, broken records, and become cultural touchstones. From classic rock to hip-hop to pop, this list features the greatest albums of all time that have not only stood the test of time but also continue to inspire new generations of music fans. Whether you're revisiting old favorites or discovering something new, these albums are essential listens that have cemented their place in the pantheon of musical greatness.
The Top Ten
1 Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

This deserves number one. Best album EVER. Production is unmatched, and the songs literally speak their meanings. Songs about things like Money, Time, etc. You can sit down and listen, or you can take time and really focus on the musicianship. Unmatched perfection. The songs blend seamlessly into one another, and each member's parts are some of their best performances ever. Best. Album. Ever.

Easily my favorite album of all time, no matter how cliché it is. It has such a simple theme about life, death, war, time, and money, but it's surprisingly effective in its simple lyrics. Life may look long on paper but goes by fast when you experience it. That same rule definitely applies when you listen to this masterpiece. Every track feels unique and distinct from each other. Fifty years later, and this album still stands the test of time. My top tracks would be: 1. Us and Them, 2. Time, 3. Money, 4. Brain Damage, 5. Eclipse.

Although I prefer "Wish You Were Here," mainly for the beauty of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond," "The Dark Side of the Moon" is definitely the most influential album I have ever heard. The themes it covers - life, death, money, time, war, mental illness, etc. - are the soundtrack to people's lives. I bought the album second hand on cassette in 1974, took it home, played it, and realized that I had heard most of it before, so widely had it been played. As a 13-year-old boy, I was blown away by the lyrics, which still resonate today. I have tried to always remember the lines: "Then one day you find ten years have gone behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun." How did Roger Waters have such foresight at his young age? Strangely, I rarely listen to the whole album anymore, but there are always snippets to be heard on the radio, etc. Maybe I just know it too well.

"Breathe" - "Breathe, breathe in the air. Don't be afraid to care. Leave but don't leave me. Look around, choose your own ground."

"Time" - "Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain. You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun...Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time. Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines. Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way. The time is gone, the song is over. Thought I'd something more to say."

All of "Brain Damage" and "Eclipse."

Moreover, a timeless album with music that stirs your soul and lyrics that make you think about society and your place in it.

2 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

"Revolver" is my favorite song for song, but Sgt. Pepper's was the most impactful at the time and still remains the most iconic Beatles album. It also provides the best "album experience" along with "Abbey Road". Furthermore, it features the Beatles' greatest artistic achievement, "A Day In The Life".

Sgt. Pepper made an artistic statement in music that was NEVER considered art before. Language, fashion, artistic awareness, and MUSIC ITSELF changed dramatically after its release! Sgt. Pepper was a McCartney concept whereby The Beatles took on an alter persona. This, in McCartney's mind, would "free" them from any/all "molds" created by the band prior, lending a unique objectivity and experimentation to their process. The result WAS and REMAINS a landmark MASTERPIECE! The FIRST true "concept" album for sure! Of course, the production, performances, and COMPOSITIONS were WAY BEYOND "state of the art"! Beautiful, creative, melodic, defiant, edgy, and GROUND BREAKING! How The Beatles "love to turn you on"!...

Funny side note: did you know that Meter Maids were NEVER called Meter Maids until "Lovely Rita"?... Did you know that on the "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite" recording tape was actually CUT and ...more

It is plain to see why this is the most revolutionary album ever. There are sounds and musical structures that had never been heard before. Lyrics were mysterious and at times intricate in their innuendos. Anyone listening to this album at the time would easily have been blown away by the incredible complexity of emotions and exquisite melodies. It has nostalgic sounds, innovative rock licks, psychedelic revelry, spiritual musings, Indian music, circus dreamy sonority, and so much more. There's a world within Sgt Pepper's, and only those who have no notion of musical evolution can think this was just another album. Pet Sounds is great, for sure, but this is the album that defied musical canons forever.

This album is the one that changed the face of music more than any other album. It virtually created the term art rock and brought rock to be respected. The innovation on this album led to practically every other album on this list. Whether it be the studio amazement on Dark Side of the Moon or even the work with the orchestra on S&M, The Beatles started it all here. If you want to hear good work with an orchestra, then listen to A Day in the Life. You'll get some good playing there. Without Sgt. Pepper, rock as we know it wouldn't even exist.

3 Abbey Road - The Beatles

This is the greatest album I have ever heard. The Beatles are the greatest band of all time, and this is the perfect way to close their career. There are so many great songs on this album. The opening, Come Together, is one of the greatest album openers of all time. Something is easily one of the Beatles' best songs. I Want You (She's So Heavy) is the most underrated Beatles song, and is one of the most underrated songs of all time. Here Comes The Sun is one of George Harrison's best songs. The Abbey Road medley is so iconic. Golden Slumbers has one of Paul's best vocal performances. The final song on the album, The End, ends the album perfectly with a great guitar riff, and one of the greatest lyrics of all time (And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make). The Beatles couldn't have ended their career more perfectly. This album beats Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's as my favorite album of all time.

I cannot begin to describe how perfect this album is. The second half is one of the most brilliantly conceived pieces of art ever recorded, ending with Harrison's gorgeous Here Comes the Sun and (ignoring Her Majesty), finishing with one of the greatest album closers ever, The End, which manages to feel like an entire live show compressed into two minutes. It even features Ringo's only drum solo. In the first half, other iconic Beatles tunes like Come Together and Something are featured, along with perhaps the first progressive metal song ever, I Want You (She's So Heavy). Oh, and then there's the only Beatles song Ringo ever fully wrote, the delightfully hummable Octopus' Garden. While The Beatles' touring days were long behind them at this point, this album really has a somewhat live album feel in terms of being a musical journey across the types of genres the band was capable of, and having that excitement you get at the start of a live show and that feeling of closure at the end. ...more

I personally think Dark Side, Sgt. Pepper, Thriller, and Zep IV deserve to be higher in terms of cultural significance alone. However, apart from those, this album is absolutely breathtaking. The songs Come Together, Something, I Want You (She's So Heavy), and Here Comes The Sun could all be ranked among the Beatles' very best. The comedy/not serious tracks Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Octopus's Garden have perfect arrangements and guitar playing, and the Medley is a continuous passage that competes with Dark Side in terms of genius, ambition, scope, and execution. When the "You Never Give" theme comes back on those horns before a guitar solo in Golden Slumbers, it's pure bliss. Not to mention, the members are at the top of their game instrumentally, with stellar guitar work on the medley, Something, and Octopus's Garden in particular, great vocals, especially from Paul on Golden Slumbers and Oh! Darling, and Ringo even turns in his only Beatles drum solo. It's a pretty much ...more

One of the Beatles' best (and also one of the absolute best) albums of all time. The medley is one of the greatest ever achievements in popular music.

4 Led Zeppelin IV (aka ZOSO) - Led Zeppelin

I don't think anyone thought that one of the greatest bands ever assembled would consist of a Screaming Banshee, an American Revolution Pirate War hero, a drummer who plays like how a seizure feels, and a guitar-playing Dr. Frankenstein. Well, that's what we got. To keep this short, this album simply provides the most energetic of rock and roll, the most intricate and delicate of finger-style guitar and ballad, topped off with the most well-written, emotional track ever mixed, that to me should be deemed the theme song of the human race.

The greatest album of all time! Every song is a musical masterpiece and so diverse, from the heavy sounds of Black Dog and Rock 'n' Roll to the soft sweetness of Going to California and The Battle of Evermore. Any album that features Stairway to Heaven would have to be in the conversation, from the iconic riff to the timeless solo, and Plant's yowling vocals throughout, alongside Bonham's incredible drumming, Jones's beefy bass lines, and of course, Jimmy Page. Need I say any more?

Led Zeppelin IV is, was, and will always be a timeless masterpiece. It set a standard for rock music that has never been equaled or surpassed. The album had a genius marketing campaign: it has no official pronounceable title, and the band or label name was not printed on the cover. Only the song listing, mysterious pictures of an old hermit, and the lyrics for "Stairway to Heaven" were included, signifying that names don't matter, only the music. The production quality is crystal clear, and even Led Zeppelin themselves couldn't replicate this sound afterward. Every song on the album is a masterpiece, although the second side is often overlooked. It is one of the best-selling albums of all time and ranks as the third best-selling album in the USA. If this album doesn't rank as the best or at least one of the top ten, I seriously question the musical taste of the people here.

Even though my favorite Led Zeppelin album is "Houses Of The Holy," this one is certainly their best. "Black Dog" is the sexiest riff ever, and Robert Plant's vocals on it are insane. It's the perfect opening to an album. "Rock And Roll" is a catchy song as well. "Stairway To Heaven"... well, it's something else. It's the most beautiful song I've ever listened to. The riff on "Misty Mountain Top" is really catchy, and "Going To California" is great as well.

5 Revolver - The Beatles

Doctor Robert, She Said She Said, and For No One are all easily some of the most underrated songs ever written. The vocals just flow authentically on every song, whether it's John, Paul, George, or Ringo on the mic. I could listen to every track for hours, and the guitar tones, in my opinion, are simply unmatched.

Song for song, it's the strongest Beatles album. "Eleanor Rigby" and "Tomorrow Never Knows" are revolutionary.

"Here, There and Everywhere" is one of the best and most underrated Beatles songs.

Definitely better than Sgt. Pepper's, it's three great songs and three good songs against six great songs and eight good songs. Abbey Road, Led Zeppelin IV, and The Dark Side of the Moon are all good, but they are less consistently good. Nevermind and OK Computer are very good, but again, they have some weak songs. Thriller has lots of great pop songs, but it's a bit generic and overrated. Rubber Soul and Rumours should be higher as they are also amazing, just not quite as good. London Calling, Who's Next, Paranoid, The Wall, and Pet Sounds are also very good. In my opinion, Doolittle, Ziggy Stardust, In Rainbows, Plastic Ono Band, and Bringing It All Back Home should be in the top 20, all far better than Sgt. Pepper's and Thriller. However, Revolver and Rubber Soul should be the top two definitely.

I consider this album far superior to Sgt. Pepper's and Abbey Road. Sure, they both have some amazing songs on them, but never before have I seen an album so consistent and amazingly well done. Meanwhile, Sgt. Pepper's has some pretty bad songs (For the Benefit, Fixing a Hole, Sgt. Pepper Reprise) and sounds partially dated. Abbey Road has some good songs too and has some of the most underrated songs of all time (Golden Slumbers, anyone?), but the length ruins it. Songs like Sun King are just plain bad, and "Polythene Pam" (can't spell it, lol) is ruined by how far away John's voice sounds. He had so many throwaway songs that ended up on this album. "Octopus's Garden" is, in my opinion, one of Ringo's worst songs, and "Her Majesty" leaves the last album on a pathetic trombone instead of on a great note. Most of the songwriting on those albums is lazy, as seen in "Oh, Darling," where they couldn't think of more lyrics so they just repeated an ...more

6 The Wall - Pink Floyd

What can I say? While it may not be the greatest album ever (belonging to Dark Side) and may not be the best Floyd album (that would be Dark Side), it is still a masterfully crafted album that resonates even today. From some of Floyd's biggest hits like "Another Brick in the Wall" to Gilmour's greatest solos like "Comfortably Numb" to beautiful compositions like "Mother," this album hits hard. While these songs can be listened to time and time again, the best way to experience them is with a full-album playthrough. The songs blend seamlessly into each other, and you can hardly tell when one turns to another. Perhaps the most underrated song on The Wall would be "Is There Anybody Out There?" That song never fails to give me a chill down the spine.

Why is this album the best album ever released? As a musician myself, it has taught me that music isn't just lyrics pieced together with a guitar or keyboard; it's something that can be shaped and shifted in so many different ways. The Wall is not just an album; it's a story, or perhaps an autobiography that was shifted to make the plot more desirable. Roger Waters wrote this when he was struggling with his fame, so it was him who built the wall inside his head, not Pink. The only difference is that Roger didn't go insane; it was Syd. Roger said in an interview that The Wall was 75% him, 15% Syd, and 5% any other artist. The only album that can be compared to The Wall is The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. Enough said.

You can never really treat this album as a series of songs that you can skip through and listen to at ease. You have to start from the beginning and then work your way through the whole thing. It tells such a shocking, sad tale about a descent into pure madness. I've never heard anything so emotionally involved or so incredible in my life. They took music and turned it into a real work of art. It's timeless and ageless, and if you haven't heard it before, if ever you have a couple of hours on your hands, just pop it in, shut your eyes, and listen to its story.

This is sort of the opposite of the Beatles' White Album. It's not focused on individual songs so much as it is telling one long story in the form of an album. I've never heard another album that sucked me in like this. The story is engaging, the lyrics are often complex and loaded with metaphors and double meanings, and despite its cinematic presentation, songs like "Comfortably Numb" and "Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2" manage to be incredibly enjoyable on their own. But you really should sit down and listen to this all the way through with no distractions. It's an experience.

7 A Night at the Opera - Queen

The greatest of all time in my opinion. Every song is, at the very least, great. They all have a unique feel to them, conveying emotions like I have never heard in any album ever. Of course, this album concludes with Bohemian Rhapsody, a song that conveys every feeling in just under 6 minutes. While, of course, I love Thriller, Purple Rain, Sheer Heart Attack, and The Wall, I believe this is by far the best one and has yet to be topped.

Queen's best album by far, and my favorite album of all time is Sheer Heart Attack. It's another great album that deserves a spot in the top 15. It marked the beginning of the classic Queen sound. But then came this creatively kick-ass album that blew everything out of the water. Bohemian Rhapsody, 39, Prophet's Song, I'm in Love With My Car, Death on Two Legs, and who could forget Love of My Life? Another hit, You're My Best Friend, was actually written by John Deacon, the bassist, and in my opinion, it's one of the best love songs ever. This album should be in the top 5.

I have listened to Pink Floyd and Beatles albums many times (of course, they are great). However, A Night at the Opera (ANATO) surpasses them all. This album is so immense that everything else pales in comparison. Every song is diverse and unique, making the best of Pink Floyd, Beatles, and Led Zeppelin seem like a distant second. I faced great difficulties when listening to ANATO for the first two times - it seemed like a chaotic mess of sound. But on the third listen, I discovered so much beauty that it's almost overwhelming. This album is extraordinary and requires more than just one listen. It's almost extraterrestrial, and if we were to encounter aliens, we should share this album with them so they can understand the essence of human pride instead of destroying us.

This album is truly one of the greats, not just the best Queen album but one of the best albums of the 20th century. The album starts with Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...) - the song written by Queen's frontman Freddie Mercury and is believed to show the band's hatred towards their first producers, Trident. Next is the short but sweet Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, also written by Mercury. Also on the album are Taylor's I'm in Love with My Car, Deacon's You're My Best Friend, May's '39, Sweet Lady, the stunning The Prophet's Song, and Good Company. In addition to Death on Two Legs and Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, Mercury also wrote Seaside Rendezvous, Love of My Life, and their first UK number 1 single, Bohemian Rhapsody. This album truly launched their careers and features one of the most famous album covers, alongside The Beatles' Abbey Road. It's an amazing album.

8 Thriller - Michael Jackson

I've been searching for best songs ever made lately, and I was terribly disappointed to see that on so many lists there is no Michael Jackson! This is outrageous! One of the best pop singers in the world deserves more than that. This is the man that made a dancing and singing revolution, a man who was years ahead of his time, a man who amazed the world with his voice, performance, songs... This man was and always will be a GENIUS! He deserves to be number 1.

This is maybe better than the album Bad. Thriller is unreal, something that no one can reach except Michael Jackson, simply the God of Music. In the top 10 list of the best albums of all time, I honestly put my classification in this way: 1. Bad, 2. Thriller, 3. Dangerous, 4. History, 5. Invincible, 6. Off the Wall, 7. Blood on the Dance Floor, and finally 8. Michael, which is also a great album. Believe in me, I didn't include Number Ones, The Essential Michael Jackson, King of Pop, which are also amazing!

Without doubt, the greatest contributor to music, fashion, and dance of all time. Unlike many other artists, his songs have a true meaning, e.g., They Don't Care About Us, Black and White, The Earth Song, and many others. I have been checking many "greatest artists" lists, and I have been very disappointed to see that on many of them, MJ was not even mentioned. His Thriller album still remains the greatest album of all time - I believe that should and will never change.

Michael Jackson was and is a great man, a genius, and a true legend. This is real music. The King of music - always.

It's the worst list I've ever seen. We're talking about a thriller, seriously. The best-selling album of all time, 33x platinum. The only album with 3 platinum stars. The best album from the best musical artist, Michael Jackson. It must be at number 1. The best pop song ever, Billie Jean, and one of the best rock songs ever, Beat It. Along with the best music video, Thriller. This album made history and raised the bar in the music industry. It's insane.

9 American Idiot - Green Day

The polish and expert musicianship on this album, especially in the drumming, is ridiculous. It's hard not to get the landfill of catchy melodies and unforgettable lines not stuck in your head. The album's willingness to touch on such sensitive topics for its time should also be admired.

American Idiot came out at a time when people were afraid to speak out due to 9/11. Green Day didn't care about what people were and weren't supposed to say; they released the album filled with rage and disappointment about America and its politics anyway.

The storyline throughout the whole album is appealing to the youth, as everybody can find something to identify with. And with a mix of angry rock songs like "American Idiot" and emotional ballads like "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends," I don't see how this can't be considered the greatest album of all time.

Even though it's almost six years since it first came out, it is still current with an ongoing Broadway play.

That, for me, makes American Idiot the obvious choice on this list.

American Idiot is the second-best album of all time after Thriller. It has five superhit singles and eight superb songs that showcase different creativity, art, music, and lyrics. Contrary to popular belief, Hybrid Theory didn't sell 30 million copies; the true value is 24 million. However, American Idiot sold 14 million copies. I acknowledge this fact, but it's important to consider the different time periods. During the release of American Idiot, the internet wasn't as popular, so people mainly purchased physical copies. However, five years later, when the album was released, the internet had become widely used, eliminating the need for buying physical copies worldwide.

In Rolling Stone magazine, American Idiot was ranked as the 22nd best album of the decade. However, in the readers' choice, it secured the top position. Interestingly, neither Hybrid Theory nor Meteora by Linkin Park made it onto either of these lists. In Kerrang magazine, American Idiot was ranked as the ...more

Nothing comes close to this. I am sorry, but it just doesn't. People buy into the hype of a lot of the albums above because they get told it is great. But actually sit down and listen to this album a few times. All the songs tell a story like a book; it is sheer genius. This is also a band who was about to split up and wrote this about America. What normal people will not admit to seeing about the world, Green Day was not scared to show people the world they were living in, away from what the media tells you. Green Day tells it straight. This may not sound like complete punk, but trust me, this is as punk as it gets.

10 Ok Computer - Radiohead

This album is too good for words. The themes are complex and really perceptive about modern society, and the entire album fits together to convey a greater meaning. It has been praised by many critics to be the best album of all time. The fact that it is not even in the top ten is just shocking. Unfortunately, Radiohead is not very mainstream, therefore ending up getting underrated on a list called "Best Albums of All Time," but critics clearly think otherwise, and the band receives the credit they deserve. Naturally, Pink Floyd and The Beatles were always going to dominate this list, with OK Computer being a more modern take among them, but I still believe it should be higher up, at least within the top ten.

PS: Kid A should also be higher up, but OK Computer is still superior.

This is the best album of all time. Simple. Its overarching concepts, melancholy tone, powerful atmosphere, and undeniable influence on the music world make it my personal favorite musical masterpiece.

Nothing but beyond its time. Its sound was beyond its time and changed how rock and pop could forever function. With both energetic and mind-soothing songs ranging from "Paranoid Android" to "Let Down," this album may be the best in rock, let alone music.

Easily the most influential album and band in all of Alternative-Rock (technically behind Nirvana, but they're overrated). You are able to hear a hint of every single one of these songs in a majority of Alternative-Rock songs that were released after this album.

The Newcomers

? The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground
? Deep Blue Something - Deep Blue Something
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11 Nevermind - Nirvana

"In Utero" is way superior, but Jesus, "Nevermind" is generation-defining. It is an album that just echoes, "What? What's up with that baby? What the hell did I just listen to? It was so good." And personally, that's fine. Here's a number from Nirvana's "Nevermind," by the numbers: 253 - the total number of weeks "Nevermind" spent on the Billboard Top 200. 253 weeks! That is practically 5 years! Even after Kurt Cobain died, it was still on there for 2 years! "Nevermind" is resounding. "Nevermind" broke all rules. "Nevermind" is legendary.

"In Utero" is my preference though.

Second album I ever bought myself (first being Ugly Kid Joe, America's Least Wanted), but this album changed how and why I listened to music. Yes, the Beatles inspired a generation and that will never be forgotten, but Nirvana and this album specifically took that to the next step. There has not been an album since that has come close to the impact on a generation that Nevermind had.

Come on, really? Only #5? This album is legendary and is one of the greatest turning points in music history. The album has a really strong start with perhaps one of the greatest songs ever, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and continues to add onto the awesomeness throughout the album. This should be nudged up at least 2 or 3 spots. This is by far my favorite album ever!

I used to be very critical of Nirvana mainly because I kept hearing about how Kurt Cobain died, and it made me think that it's what made these guys memorable. Up until now, I was very reluctant to listen to Nirvana's work, until I recently listened to Nevermind. This was a pretty heavy album.

12 Ride the Lightning - Metallica

Nirvana has the most inauthentic fans ever. "Nevermind" has one song that most people know, and you're probably already familiar with it: "Smells Like Teen Spirit." However, this album contains numerous classics and excellent music. Many songs from this album are well-known, such as "For Whom The Bell Tolls," "Ride The Lightning," and "Fade To Black" - all of which are masterpieces. I'm not saying Nirvana and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" are bad; they're simply overrated and primarily recognized for one song. Metallica, on the other hand, is also overrated, I must admit. However, they are renowned for their numerous songs and albums. Just like with Nirvana, there are also fake Metallica fans. But if you're a genuine fan, you'd recognize that Metallica has written an abundance of great pieces.

There isn't a song with a more epic ending than Call of Ktulu. And this is coming from a lover of Octavarium, 6DoIT, The Odyssey, Divine Wing of Tragedy, Echoes, Atom Heart Mother, Karn Evil 9, Tarkus, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Close to The Edge, Fly From Here, Awaken, TRSoG, Topographic Oceans, Dance of The Dead, Hallowed be Thy Name, Fear of The Dark, Glass Prison, Rime of The Ancient Mariner, Creeping Death, One, Fade to Black, Blinding Light Show/Moonchild, etc. Also, my favorite Metallica album.

Arguably the greatest Heavy Metal album ever created, followed closely by Master of Puppets. I put this album above MOP purely off the maturation and stylistic change in their arrangements and songwriting abilities from Kill 'Em All. A true masterpiece from start to finish. Fade to Black, Creeping Death, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and Call of Ktulu stand out above the rest.

From "Fight Fire With Fire," a blazing fast, thrashing, neck-breaker of a song, to "Fade to Black," a melancholic but heavy story of one's loss in the battle with depression, this album signifies Metallica's change from thrash metal kings to musical geniuses. Also, the late, great Cliff Burton is heavily prominent on this record, which is always a plus.

13 Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys

This album is timeless. Even while a bunch of music from the era becomes incredibly dated with all the flower power and peace, love, and acid nonsense, this album is so pure, honest, and beautiful. The lyrics are so relatable; you'd have to be a damn robot to not understand where Brian and Tony Asher were coming from. The harmonies are almost too perfect. I can, and have, listened to this recording acapella so many times because it literally feels as if this was recorded in heaven by angels. Every time I listen to it, it's as if I'm getting a little sneak peek of heaven. Otherworldly. And I haven't even mentioned the brilliant arrangements by Brian and the Wrecking Crew. Honestly, if you can make it past track 2 with your head intact, mouth closed, and eyes dried, then you simply haven't been listening.

Ah, well, this just shows the intelligence and wit of the people who vote on this list. I don't really know what I was expecting, though. Without this album, you wouldn't have ANY of the albums listed above it, including Sgt. Pepper, and excluding Revolver by the Beatles. (If I'm correct, Revolver inspired Pet Sounds.) In order to truly comprehend the meaning behind this album, you have to know music history and the context. I mean, putting "Thriller," Queen, or Radiohead in the top ten is ridiculous, especially when it's above Pet Sounds. This album changed EVERYTHING. If it were released today, it would still be groundbreaking. As a huge Beatles fan myself, I can say no band/artist holds a candle to the genius and creativity of Brian Wilson.

Out of the wrapper in 1966, this new Beach Boys album was outstanding. It influenced Sgt. Pepper's, and I think it's better. There's not a bad song on it. The Wrecking Crew does a fabulous job on the instrumentals, and the vocals couldn't be better.

If you don't like this album, it's because you're expecting surf and car songs. After the very good Beach Boys Today and Summer Days (and Summer Nights) albums, Pet Sounds was the perfect mature version of Brian Wilson. There's never been anything like it, even by the Beach Boys, except for Good Vibrations.

Please, please explain to me how Nirvana is ahead of the Beach Boys. "Pet Sounds" remains the greatest album of all time, while other works like the Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper" and Led Zeppelin IV have become somewhat cliché. Pet Sounds stands out as something different. I don't like the argument that simply being the "foundation" for subsequent albums makes an album greater. Pet Sounds is special because it was never replicated, and nobody even attempted to replicate it! Brian Wilson's genius is unmatched and unchallenged, and those who try soon realize why it is an impossible task to accomplish.

14 Master of Puppets - Metallica

Battery - Old school thrash at its finest.
Master Of Puppets - Best title track of an album ever.
The Thing That Should Not Be - Well worked.
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Sanitarium has become one of my favorite words!
Disposable Heroes - Amazing intro, sticks in your head.
Leper Messiah - Only song I actually haven't listened to off Master.
Orion - Two words: Cliff Burton.
Damage Inc. - Nice closing track.

Overall - Great album. Definitely best metal album.

Master of Puppets is a masterpiece. All the songs from Master of Puppets combine Metallica's great ideas. All the songs from Master of Puppets have great riffs, solos, and, most importantly, bass riffs and solos by Cliff Burton. In my opinion, the best song from Master of Puppets is Orion. This song is one of the best instrumentals in history.

Come on, this album inspired many metal musicians. This album is awesome and it deserves a much higher spot. This is the greatest album ever made, with lyrics that told us the dangers of drug use. It received rave reviews from critics and it's the first thrash metal album to be certified platinum.

This album is one of the greatest masterpieces of music. Everything is done right here, especially the title track, which is my second favorite song of all time. This is one of the three albums I have as a CD and I play it in my room constantly (the other two are Ride the Lightning and a Trans-Siberian Orchestra album I got for Christmas).

15 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Wish You Were Here this low? It has Pink Floyd's second-best song in my opinion (Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 1-9). Great synthesizers and guitar playing on Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Welcome to the Machine also has amazing synthesizers. Have a Cigar is one of their best songs lyrically, in my opinion, and Wish You Were Here is my third favorite Pink Floyd song. The emotion in Wish You Were Here (song) and that simple but memorable guitar riff from Gilmour is tear-jerking stuff.

I like Dark Side, but it's gonna take more than a few sound effects, chiming clocks, and an annoying woman to amaze me. Wish You Were Here is a much more fulfilling album song-wise. One of the few albums like Boston where you have heard every single song on the radio at some time. Dark Side was PF's make or break album where they weren't really sure where they were going, and WYWH was where they had the confidence musically and lyrically to know what they were giving the world.

What? Wish You Were Here at 77? I don't believe this. Literally every song (Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-9, Welcome To The Machine, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here) is awesome, and this album is my most favorite album after Dark Side Of The Moon. This album deserves to be in the Top 20, to say the least. I don't know why it's so far down below.

The album is what should be considered Pink Floyd's crowning achievement. It is far more emotional than The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall has a lot of mediocre songs on it. Wish You Were Here is an emotional masterpiece that can't be overlooked. It is my 5th favorite album of all time (1. Led Zeppelin IV, 2. Paranoid, 3. The Marshall Mathers LP, 4. Ten, 5. Wish You Were Here).

16 Meteora - Linkin Park

Meteora is legendary. I'm not a fan of Linkin Park, but some people say old music is better and the classics are the best. They're wrong. In my personal opinion, Meteora is a lot better than a lot of the stuff in front of it. Linkin Park itself needs as much attention as Nirvana (who were completely garbage). Every song in this album is great, but in Nevermind, the only reason they could sell out of it was Smells Like Teen Spirit.

This album is the best achievement in psychology, in my opinion. It helped me to get rid of depression originating from the very beginning of my life. I also love the set of songs from it that became popular.

This album is amazing, better than their first one. Songs like Faint, Numb, and Breaking the Habit make this album my favorite. But if I had to pick a second, it would either be American Idiot by Green Day or Pink Floyd: The Wall.

This is clearly one of the best albums by arguably the biggest band in the world. I got introduced to Linkin Park with this album in high school, so automatically it holds a special place in my heart.

17 Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses

Now I am not the most experienced musician. I'm only 13 years old. But one thing I have no doubt about is that this album is the greatest album of all time. In my opinion, the best music is raw and unchained. If you look up 'unchained' in the dictionary, you will be met with Appetite's cover art. Each track makes it clear that Axl shows no restraint in his apathy for society or his sincere love for other topics. And no, Slash is not overrated. He's a guitar god. End of story.

The best album of all time with no bad or even mediocre songs. Brilliant singing and music throughout, the debut album that sold the most copies in history! Had Guns N' Roses stayed together in the original lineup, they would undoubtedly be the greatest band of all time. Still, they are to me. Nirvana in No. 10? Don't make me laugh!

Pretty much my top five favorite songs of all time are all off this album! Not a single filler song. I could listen to it over and over all day long. Greatest debut album of all time, and it contains at least three songs which belong on a list of the top ten rock songs of all time. Oh, and Slash is a god.

Why is this not in the top 5? Have you never listened to "Welcome to the Jungle"? Have you never listened to "Paradise City"? Have you never listened to "Sweet Child o' Mine"? This is the best rock album in the world and on the planet!

18 Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath will always be my number one. From their first album throughout their performances in concerts until their first breakup, their stack of records was always playing on the turntable at home after school. There is no other sound like Tony Iommi has that will ever be reproduced. I still, from time to time, go back through each song in order on each album. This album was special with the Iron Man song, Paranoid, and War Pigs. It's funny how certain songs find their way into movies and other soundtracks of movies. Even though they have more or less retired from working or producing, their work will live in infamy forever.

There are so many great albums. It makes me very happy to see Led Zeppelin IV at the top, but come on! Not only is there not a single song on here that is less than amazing, but so many of these songs have shaped music history. The songs on this album are as follows: "War Pigs," "Paranoid," "Planet Caravan," "Iron Man," "Electric Funeral," "Sweet Leaf," and "Fairies Wear Boots." These first five are some of the most recognized songs ever. Essentially, this is the best Black Sabbath album, and if that's true, then this can easily be viewed as one of the top three albums.

Tony Iommi is the master of riffs. With only 2 whole fingers, he carved out an entire genre that was heavier and harder than anything else up to that time. Every song on Paranoid is legendary, and each has several memorable riffs. Iron Man is possibly the most famous riff ever, and I don't even think it compares to War Pigs or Paranoid. Gosh, every song is great: Fairies Wear Boots, Rat Salad, Electric Funeral, Planet Caravan, and Hand of Doom. All great songs.

No matter what other bands out there do, none of them will equal Black Sabbath. The lyrics are tormented, sure, but no matter the topic, there are no swear words because both "War Pigs" (on this album) and "Children of the Grave" (Master of Reality album) are both anti-war songs.

19 Rubber Soul - The Beatles

Honestly, I think Revolver is overrated. This album is more consistent. All the way through, it's brilliant. Drive My Car is a great opening song with a groovy bassline. Norwegian Wood has some great fingerpicking from John Lennon. Nowhere Man is my favorite song in the whole album. The harmonies are great, and so are the lyrics. In My Life is an absolute classic. It's so beautiful. I particularly love the piano solo in the middle. I'm Looking Through You is another great song. There's even more to this album, but you get the point.

This album is certainly superior to Sgt. Pepper's (which is basically an early Wings album with a couple of Lennon songs thrown in). The album has a very Dylanesque sound to it when it comes to lyrics, especially with the Lennon compositions, which are leaps and bounds better than McCartney's. This album also features one of my favorite Beatles songs: Nowhere Man, which is lyrically and musically brilliant.

I definitely think it belongs in the top 10. In fact, it is my favorite Beatles album after Abbey Road. There are no huge hits on it, but that's kind of why I like it. Each song stands on its own more so than any other Beatles album. It is also the beginning of them changing their musical style. It's kind of a mixture of old Beatles and more progressive Beatles. Incredible album.

Rubber Soul is such an amazing album. Every song is so perfectly constructed, making you want to listen to this album over and over again. Not to mention awesome songs like Drive My Car, Nowhere Man, Norwegian Wood, In My Life, and Think For Yourself!

20 Kid A - Radiohead

I grew up with the Beatles as a kid, and now I measure every band's work to see if it's up to the standards set by the greatest band ever. This band, Radiohead, has so far come very close to the superior talent level that it takes to be one of the best ever.

It took me some time to truly understand how complex and special Kid A is, and now it is one of my favorite albums in my entire music collection. I have all the albums in your top ten, except for Thriller.

By the way, their new album, "Moon Shaped Pool," is amazing.

This band seems to be getting better as they age.

I hate to be "that guy," but this seriously deserves a higher spot than it is at. I personally believe this deserves a higher spot than OK Computer. This album is both accessible and complex at the same time, giving it a perfect edge. OK Computer is a bit too much on the accessible side, which is its only downfall. On this album, we see Radiohead using electronics to their advantage and somehow creating an abrasive yet polished-sounding album. Yes, it may be quite funny that the opener sounds as if Thom is chanting, "Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon," but when it comes down to it, this album is an iconic album that will be forever remembered.

A masterpiece of experimental rock and a brilliant concept album, at first, I only liked a couple of songs on the album. But a couple of months later, I gave it another shot, and I couldn't believe the songs didn't stand out to me before. Now it's my favorite album of all time. There's the weird, cult-like opener "Everything in its Right Place", the alien lullaby "Kid A", the frantic, out-of-control "National Anthem", and the transcendental and extremely beautiful "How to Disappear Completely" (which contains some of my favorite lyrics: "That there / That's not me / I go where I please / I walk through walls / I float down the Liffey"). Following this is the ambient soundtrack "Treefingers", then the rockier "Optimistic", the surreal "In Limbo", the chilling, robotic "Idioteque", the weird, experimental "Morning Bell", and finally, as the perfect album closer, the solemn "Motion ...more

This is just my silly opinion, but this album is an amazing work of art, and to me at least deserves to be in the top 15. I can't really rate each track based on my own opinion to show, because Kid A is an experience you need to listen to yourself to truly understand the full experience.

21 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

I grew up listening to this album. I know Linkin Park gets associated with the angsty teenager phase all the time, but that joke is getting old. Listen to the songs again, and you'll realize almost every song has incredible depth. They play their music with heart and soul. Hybrid Theory may not be The Dark Side of the Moon, sure. But it is one of the last albums to have had that much soul put into it before this new era of generally terrible music.

20 is a little low for the best album by the most popular band on the planet. It has sold 29 million copies since 2000. Big deal. The songs are awesome. The style is awesome. Mike Shinoda is awesome. Chester Bennington is awesome. And in the end, it doesn't even matter.

This is actually the best Linkin Park album ever. It was also my first album. This album contains loads of unforgettable songs. Who could forget In the End, Crawling, Points of Authority, By Myself, and Papercut? This should be number 1!

Comparing Thriller and Hybrid Theory, I can say that Thriller has nice songs, but it can't change one's opinion towards life. While Hybrid Theory has inspired many lives, but yeah, both Michael and Linkin Park are great!

22 The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

This album brings back such bittersweet memories. While I can't say I'm too proud of some of its fans, My Chemical Romance is my favorite band, and I'm typing this in 2015, two years after their breakup. This album is a masterpiece. The lyrics, the instrumentation, just the feeling you get from listening to it - it's beautiful. There's one song in the whole album that I'm not crazy about (House of Wolves). Pretty much all the songs are packed with raw, real emotion, and that's not something that can be said of the vast majority of albums out there. I am Yucca Sherbert (sorry if that doesn't make sense), and this is my favorite album of all time.

This album is nothing short of beautiful. The raw energy of some songs, like "Dead!" and "Welcome to the Black Parade," is polar opposite to the held-down and somewhat brooding sounds of "Disenchanted" and "Sleep." This album has stood the test of time, with a deep storyline following a cancer patient as he recollects on his life as he nears the end of it. Even though its original listeners are grown now, everyone still gets those times when they feel they want to look back on their own pasts, and this album is inspiring the next generation as well. The lyrics are deep, introspective, and tell a dark and beautiful tale that none will ever forget.

Despite the fact that the top ten glorifies the older material, I think that objectively every album with such a concept and a deeper lyrical meaning should be superior to everything else. Every song could be a single, every song has depth and power, and most of all, a massive contribution to the general concept of knowing your own death. The whole Beatles discography is some innocent songs that talk about whatever the songwriter feels like at the moment. This and American Idiot outshine everything else just by their impact on real-life aspects. Those albums form opinions and give hope to everyone in a difficult spot.

This album really takes you on a journey and makes you think of life and death. Even now, I still blast it in my room and act like it's the old days. This album brings me back to a time when stress was not a thing, and I could just wake up to watch my favorite cartoons. I think this album is probably the best for all the 2000s kids like myself when times were awesome. My parents love to tell me about classics like Queen, Led Zeppelin, or AC/DC, but musicians like My Chemical Romance or Outkast were the Led Zeppelin of our day. They touched us in a way we'll never feel again.

23 To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

This album has so much meaning and depth to it. It really is Kendrick's best album, as it distinguishes itself apart from other rap albums to create a force against racism and other world problems. Saying this, we also get to see Kendrick's lyrical ability in this album, where he excels perfectly in every single song. Overall, this album could be one of, if not the best album of all time.

Kendrick Lamar is one of the best lyricists of our time, and this album proves it. He brings up a lot of interesting perspectives in this album in a non-preachy way that's enjoyable from start to finish. I'm talking about themes such as racism from outside of and within the black community, depression, society's glorification of fame, celebrities, money, and sex, and much more. Not to mention the nearly perfect production of this entire album. The many talented producers for this album, some that are famous and some that are hidden gems, really went all out with making this album sound unbelievably original, creative, complex, and enjoyable to listen to. It's easily one of the best hip-hop albums of all time.

A very deep, rich, and sharp album. A cohesive reflection on black identity with amazing lyricism and impressive experimentation. I listened to it for 16 days, one song every day, to savor the concept. When I finished Mortal Man, it was the final blow. I was completely awestruck. Brilliance. A perfect album. The thing that probably nailed it for me was the spoken word – such an original idea.
What I never get is that it rarely shows up on "best concept albums" lists. It is a concept album. It has precise themes, lyrical motifs, and a storyline.

Obviously, it's the greatest album post-2000. It boasts top quality on every parameter: it has bangers, the greatest jazz musicians of this decade, lyrical masterpieces, amazing productions, great societal impact, and it has shaped identities and defined generations.

24 Back in Black - AC/DC

"Hell's Bells" gets the album off to a flying start with a slow, ominous build-up before descending into a true rock classic. It is followed by the swashbuckling tracks "Shoot to Thrill" and the highly underrated "Honey, what do you do for money?" "Giving the dog a bone" and "Let me put my love into you" don't stand out as much but are still fun and fast rock songs, while "Back in Black" is rightfully one of AC/DC's most famous songs. "You shook me all night long" has become a rock anthem, and the last three songs are all killer, especially "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" which captures your interest with a great riff and catchy chorus.

Best album ever and the second best-selling album worldwide. There are no bad songs on it. On the contrary, hits like "Shoot To Thrill," "Back In Black," "You Shook Me All Night Long," "Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution," and the greatest song of all time, "Hell's Bells." The new singer, Brian Johnson, did a really good job. "Back In Black" is a true tribute to the late singer, Bon Scott. Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution; Rock And Roll will survive!

I am in complete utter shock that this is only at number 35. This should be in the top 3, along with Pink Floyd and The Beatles. It is the second best-selling album in history from the world's most badass rock 'n' roll band! With great songs like Hells Bells, Shoot to Thrill, You Shook Me All Night Long, and, of course, Back in Black, it is a sin that this is below Sarah Geronimo and Gackt, whoever they are. Vote for this, please!

Ain't my favorite AC/DC album, but I love all AC/DC albums. My favorite album is their Flick of the Switch and/or Fly on the Wall albums. Most AC/DC fans love Back in Black, but I voted for this album because it is AC/DC. I love Givin' the Dog a Bone, which is probably my favorite song on this album. Listen to it! You'll love it!

25 Animals - Pink Floyd

Being a Pink Floyd fan I'm happy to see that both DSOTM and The Wall are included in the top 10, although I'm very disappointed to find Animals so far down on the list. I strongly believe that this album is severely underrated. This is personally my favourite Pink Floyd album. The combination of Roger Water's straightforward, no B.S. lyrics about politics, society and censorship, with the incredibly creative and progressive music by the rest of the group make this a perfect album. There is simply nothing else like it. If you've never listened to it I strongly recommend you do.

I really love this album. Dark Side of the Moon rightfully takes the number 1 spot, but Animals deserves to be in the top 20 at least in my opinion. Dogs is one of PF's greatest songs, with amazing vocals and guitar from Gilmour. It is the stand out song on this album but Sheep and Pigs are also great. The overall message of this song really enhances the experience as well.

While some might find the songs to be stupid long and tedious, it's more of another middle finger to the music industry. None of the songs met the minimum or maximum length to be played on the radio. Not to mention the sublime concept of George Orwell's Animal Farm.
Ranking of the songs:
5. Pigs On The Wing 1
4. Pigs On The Wing 2
3. Sheep
2. Pigs(Three Different Ones)
1. Dogs

While the concept sounds cheesy and the track lengths might look stereotypically proggy, the album manages to conjure up some of the most intense moments and dark lyrics the band had done up to that point. The only bad thing about it was the path it set for the band's post-wall future.

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