Top 10 Best Songs of 2022

2022 marked yet another exciting year for music enthusiasts all over the world, as they eagerly anticipated new releases from their favorite artists and genres. In the spirit of reliving those fresh and captivating sounds, we present to you the top 10 songs of 2022, regardless of musical genre. The rankings are based on user votes, which were gathered throughout the year and up to today. As more people participate and share their opinions, the list is expected to evolve, with rankings shifting and new songs being added over time. It's an opportunity to discover new music, rediscover old favorites, and appreciate the breadth and diversity of musical talent that the year has to offer.

It's worth noting that some of the songs on this list may have been released on social media platforms in 2021, but because they are included on albums released in 2022, they are eligible for consideration and inclusion on the list. This adds to the excitement and anticipation of discovering new releases, as fans eagerly await the arrival of their favorite artist's new album and the potential chart-topping hits that come with it. So, let's join together in celebrating the best of what 2022 had to offer in the world of music.
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1 Sacrifice - The Weeknd

Honestly, I love this song! The Weekend really impressed me. I especially love the beat. Even though I'm not a big hip hop fan but it's still good

Ah yes, The Weeknd does it again. This song is amazing. The beat is in my opinion better than Blinding lights and Heartless and is so groovy. Dawn FM is the best album of the year so far

The Weeknd keeps on impressing me. I really like the funky vibe on this one and the infectious chorus. Thank you Abel for making the first great album of the year!

I'm not the biggest R&B / hip hop fan, but honestly this song is damn good. The music video is very impressive like his other works (epilepsy warning though). The beats sound great and have a sort of disco feel which is refreshing. 10/10

2 As It Was - Harry Styles

Best song of 2022. I don't understand how do people say sacrifice is better than this song. To be honest, Dawn FM is the worst album I have seen by The Weeknd. Whereas, Harry Styles was the King of the year in terms of Songs.

this song is hell to my ears, as I pressed play my ears began to bleed and beg for mercy. I cannot stress enough how bad this song is.

Such a great song by Harry Styles. The chorus and the rhythm keep me coming back to it again and again. Welcome back Harry! I hope the album will be just as good.

This song is amazing! I love it. To the people who haven't listened to the song yet listen to it!

3 Black Summer - Red Hot Chili Peppers

While it's not their best song even when it comes to their newer music. I just want to say that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are still making good music in 2022 so that's pretty good going.

Just got back into RHCP recently, heard this new song and I really liked it! Their comeback is looking great so far!

4 Glimpse of Us - Joji

New favorite for the year going into August. Joji's emotive voice and the excellent production fit so well with the soulful lyrics of someone who is haunted by a former love and the future they will never have together. And what really seals the deal is the shocking music video of violence, poverty, and antisocial outrage - an extreme contrast with the lyrics and emotion, but also adding a great twist that somehow ties in all together in a deeper way.

now this is something I would never expect from joji. It's chill, beautiful, and offers a lot of meaning. Already one of my favorite singles of the year, hopefully we could get it into top 10.

I hope Joji will find his way into the mainstream in the long run, because this has serious potential.

5 Cannonball - Avril Lavigne

Her previous albums turned me off because they sounded too girly, but this is awesome! I have that new album on repeat all the time.

One of the finest singers, composing new Music this year. Good!

6 Won't Stand Down - Muse

I was skeptical during the first 30 seconds but when that chorus kicked in, I was really pumped. This has gotta be one of Muse's heaviest songs ever. I hope it will be a return to form for the band.

Muse did not disappoint at all with this new song, it might be their heaviest song yet. Can't wait for their new album to come out at some point this year.

Good heavy song. Feeling the metal like sound.

Best song on the album

7 Out of Time - The Weeknd

Beautiful little song

8 Anti-Hero - Taylor Swift

The best song on Taylor Swift's best album Midnights & it became the best song of the album & of 2022. It's a powerful anthem with a catchy beat. It should be #1.

I think this song should be in the top 5! It is just so disappointing that it is 25. Unbelievable!

If there was any doubt Taylor Swift was on top, this sort of squashed it. Very modern!

We love you Taylor Swift! This song should be number one!

9 Stars in the Sky - Kid Cudi

From Paramount Pictures' Sonic the Hedgehog 2! The year's best motion picture! Staring Jim Carrey, James Marsden, Idris Elba and Ben Schwartz!

This song is so catchy and fun. Definitely one of the best this year!

10 Okay Okay - Lights

Effective, 2022 was not the most prolific year, I think it's great for a year like this.

The Newcomers

? Apes*** - The Sound of Animals Fighting
? All My Ghosts - Lizzy McAlpine
The Contenders
11 All for Love - Kygo

I is such a good song

12 Goodbye - Cannons

Cannons had one of the best songs of 2021 (Bad Dream) and they now have my favorite song of 2022 through June. Michelle Joy has such an entrancing voice - this song is filled with pure dreamy synths and poetic emotional longing.

13 Numb Little Bug - Em Beihold
14 Happy Birthday in the Sky - Placebo

What a pretty good return from Placebo. One of fheir best songs in a long time. They don't get very much attention on this site but I think you should check them out! You'll probably like them if you're fans of bands like Oasis or Muse.

15 Woke Up in Love - Kygo, Gryffin & Calum Scott
16 My Love - Florence + the Machine

I really love the chorus and Florence Welch's vocals on this track. Florence + The Machine rarely disappoint.

17 Lift Me Up - Rihanna

This song is magnificent, Rihanna's vocals are beautiful and the vibe of this song is so emotional that it managed to catch a little tear in my eye, even though I don't get emotional often.

A wonderful comeback by Rihanna and well-deserving to be in the Top 5 on this list.

I love this song! Rihanna's vocals are really beautiful here. The song may be a bit basic to some extent but it feels so great to hear her voice again. Welcome back RiRi! I can't wait to hear more from her.

Great return from Rihanna. I think that is one of the best songs from her and it's nice to see her back. First time we have had new music from her since 2016.

Such a good song, and makes the scene that this song is in in black panther wakanda forever so much more emotional.

18 Snow Globes - Black Country, New Road

This must totally be in the top 10.

Wonderful song from the best and most underrated album of the year

19 Bite Me - Avril Lavigne

This song is awesome!

20 Constant Repeat - Charli XCX

This song is absolutely awesome.

21 Love It When You Hate Me - Avril Lavigne
22 Gasoline - The Weeknd

This one took a while to grow on me, but man do I love it. It's easy to sing along to, the production is great, and the accents that Abel does is great.

Another song from The Weeknd's new album "Dawn FM". It sounds a lot like the 80s and it seems like The Weeknd is going for a mix of old and new. 9/10.

23 Freeze - Kygo
24 Don’t Forget - Sky Ferreira

Awesome new song by Sky Ferreira. I hope she will finally drop an album.

25 San Quentin - Nickelback

This new single rocks. Can't wait for the new album.

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