Top 10 Best Songs of 2022

2022 is here, another year for people around the world to listen to new music from their favorite artists, bands and genres. Let's see which songs, regardless of genre of music, are the best songs you've listened to in 2022. Of course, this list will evolve as the year goes by the more people cast their votes so don't be surprised if the rankings change often.

Please note that certain songs on this list have been released in 2021 on social media, however due to their respective albums coming out in 2022, these songs get a pass and belong on this list.
The Top Ten
1 Sacrifice - The Weeknd Sacrifice - The Weeknd Cover Art

Ah yes, The Weeknd does it again. This song is amazing. The beat is in my opinion better than Blinding lights and Heartless and is so groovy. Dawn FM is the best album of the year so far

The Weeknd keeps on impressing me. I really like the funky vibe on this one and the infectious chorus. Thank you Abel for making the first great album of the year!

This song is fantastic. Abel has gone 110% in the direction of retro synth and this track truly has one of the best hooks off his latest record.

I'm not the biggest R&B / hip hop fan, but honestly this song is damn good. The music video is very impressive like his other works (epilepsy warning though). The beats sound great and have a sort of disco feel which is refreshing. 10/10

2 Cannonball - Avril Lavigne Cannonball - Avril Lavigne Cover Art

Her previous albums turned me off because they sounded too girly, but this is awesome! I have that new album on repeat all the time.

One of the finest singers, composing new Music this year. Good!

3 Out of Time - The Weeknd Out of Time - The Weeknd Cover Art
4 My Love - Florence + the Machine My Love - Florence + the Machine Cover Art

I really love the chorus and Florence Welch's vocals on this track. Florence + The Machine rarely disappoint.

5 Holding Back - Banks Holding Back - Banks Cover Art
6 Glimpse of Us - Joji Glimpse of Us - Joji Cover Art

New favorite for the year going into August. Joji's emotive voice and the exquisite production complement the soulful lyrics of someone who is haunted by a former love and their future together which will never be. But what really seals the deal is the shocking music video of violence, poverty, and antisocial outrage - at once an extreme contrast with the lyrics and emotion, but at the same time tying it all together in the most unexpected way.

now this is something I would never expect from joji. It's chill, beautiful, and offers a lot of meaning. Already one of my favorite singles of the year, hopefully we could get it into top 10.

7 Only You - Alesso & Sentinel Only You - Alesso & Sentinel Cover Art
8 Don’t Forget - Sky Ferreira Don’t Forget - Sky Ferreira Cover Art

Awesome new song by Sky Ferreira. I hope she will finally drop an album.

9 Goodbye - Cannons Goodbye - Cannons Cover Art

Cannons had one of the best songs of 2021 (Bad Dream) and they now have my favorite song of 2022 through June. Michelle Joy has such an entrancing voice - this song is filled with pure dreamy synths and poetic emotional longing.

10 Escape - Kx5, deadmau5 & Kaskade Escape - Kx5, deadmau5 & Kaskade Cover Art

The Newcomers

? Alpha Zulu - Phoenix Alpha Zulu - Phoenix Cover Art

Remember the band that gave us "1901" and "Lisztomania"? This is them now. I really like this one; I heard it in the radio and really enjoyed! They aren't as well known as they were in 2010 but it sounded like they are staying true to themselves. It also sounds a bit like MGMT and Tame Impala as well.

? Boy - The Killers Boy - The Killers Cover Art

I feel like The Killers are one of the only bands that never got worse overtime, and they didn't disappoint here at all. TK are really staying true to themselves which is why I love them and they showed that here as well.

The Contenders
11 The Only Heartbreaker - Mitski The Only Heartbreaker - Mitski Cover Art

It's her best song in this album. It's 1 of her most uptempo, it's her most powerful & emotional hit. It was a perfect choice as the lead single for this comeback album. She's among the hardest working alternative/indie popstars out there & this song was a great way to get us back into her.

This song is from her upcoming album "Laurel Hell" set to release in February 2022. It was the first time I heard one of her songs and I am simply amazed, I might even be in love! Her voice is so beautiful I could listen to her all day. 10/10

12 Gasoline - The Weeknd Gasoline - The Weeknd Cover Art

This one took a while to grow on me, but man do I love it. It's easy to sing along to, the production is great, and the accents that Abel does is great.

Another song from The Weeknd's new album "Dawn FM". It sounds a lot like the 80s and it seems like The Weeknd is going for a mix of old and new. 9/10.

13 Constant Repeat - Charli XCX Constant Repeat - Charli XCX Cover Art
14 Zombified - Falling in Reverse Zombified - Falling in Reverse Cover Art

Good song. This band is surprising me recently, since I hate all of their old stuff and love their latest tracks (I'm not a vampire (revamped) and popular monster are great songs in my opinion). I like their new direction

This one is a 10/10 for me. The sound quality is amazing, it's catchy, the riffs are great, the drums are powerful, Ronnie Radke's performance is on point (I love when he says "Zombified") and most importantly the lyrics make you think about what's going on in the world today.

15 Black Summer - Red Hot Chili Peppers Black Summer - Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover Art

While it's not their best song even when it comes to their newer music. I just want to say that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are still making good music in 2022 so that's pretty good going.

Just got back into RHCP recently, heard this new song and I really liked it! Their comeback is looking great so far!

16 Kruel Kreator - Tophamhat-Kyo Kruel Kreator - Tophamhat-Kyo Cover Art
17 Okay Okay - Lights Okay Okay - Lights Cover Art
18 Soldier of Heaven - Sabaton Soldier of Heaven - Sabaton Cover Art

Like always, Sabaton brings us a powerful and melodic song about war. This song is about
the White War. This war saw Italy fight against Austria and Germany, in the Alps, a mountain range that runs through central Europe. 10/10, love me some Power Metal.

Sabaton is great. I loved last year's Christmas Truce, which technically speaking might qualify as a song of 2022? Either way, very excited for this album.

Epic song. This is the start but this song is good.

19 How Do I Make You Love Me? - The Weeknd How Do I Make You Love Me? - The Weeknd Cover Art
20 Dead But Pretty - IC3PEAK Dead But Pretty - IC3PEAK Cover Art
21 Loved You a Little - The Maine Loved You a Little - The Maine Cover Art
22 Follow - Martin Garrix & Zedd Follow - Martin Garrix & Zedd Cover Art
23 Less Than Zero - The Weeknd Less Than Zero - The Weeknd Cover Art

One of the my favorite songs from Dawn FM. Such an excellent track!

24 You Saw - Zheani You Saw - Zheani Cover Art
25 Brambleton - Pusha T Brambleton - Pusha T Cover Art
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