Top 10 Best Singers of All Time

The voice of a great singer that can fill a room or stadium, touch the deepest corners of your soul, and take you on an emotional journey you didn't even know you needed. You know the feeling: that spine-tingling moment when a singer hits that impossible high note, or the soulful tone that resonates with your very core. The best singers are not just performers. They're alchemists, turning raw emotion into pure auditory gold.
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1 Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen, possessed an unparalleled voice in rock history. He had a remarkably wide vocal range, estimated to span over four octaves, and an inimitable ability to convey raw emotion through his performances. His skill set encompassed various techniques, including powerful belting, intricate harmonies, and a sense of drama that held audiences captivated. Whether it was rock, opera, or anything in-between, Mercury's voice seemed to transcend genre, making him an icon in the world of music.

How could you not vote for Freddie Mercury? Just imagine his lovely, bright character, his sweet sense of humor, and his adorable, unique voice. He is the idol of a whole bunch of now-beloved musicians like Lady Gaga. So come on, darlings!

Freddie Mercury is the greatest vocalist and singer of all time. Why? That is because he has a unique voice that simply cannot be replicated. The most unique and beautiful voice that has ever graced this earth. There is no vocalist before or after him, that I could think of, who can sing the songs The Show Must Go On or Who Wants to Live Forever.

What makes him so special is beyond my understanding. Maybe it's his tone, or maybe it's his accent. Whatever it is, it is the most amazing thing ever recorded, and nobody will ever be able to pull it off.

2 Michael Jackson Michael Jackson, often referred to as the "King of Pop," had an extraordinary vocal range that could cover over four octaves, a feat that is incredibly rare for male singers. His falsetto was distinctive, and his ability to switch styles almost effortlessly allowed him to master various genres from pop to rock to R&B. Additionally, his vocal techniques like the iconic "hee-hee" shriek became legendary, making him one of the most mimicked vocalists ever. Beyond his voice, Jackson's unrivaled stage presence and intricate dance routines contributed to him being a globally celebrated artist.

No one is giving MJ a sympathy vote. Are you crazy? Anyone saying something like that does not know what an amazing range he had, how he could control his voice, or what he could do with it. His vocal range was a four-octave tenor. He had an amazing vibrato and sang across just about every genre of music. It is one of the things he is known for.

It's sad that some just don't know enough yet to comment or merely dismiss him because he was a fantastic dancer as well. Somehow they forget what he was originally known for, which was singing from a very young age with the soul of an experienced adult. The emotion and passion he sang with were so authentic and palpable. I am tired of seeing some people discount him when he was both a fantastic singer and dancer. He was the complete package as an artist.

Just because your favorite is someone else doesn't mean that it's right to belittle an artist who clearly was an amazing singer or ignore facts that have been in evidence for decades, as is the case with Michael Jackson. I don't even know who some of these singers are, but that doesn't mean I am going to belittle them.

I love both Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. They both, to me, have insane vocal range and could do so much with their God-given talent as vocalists. But if I have to choose, it is Michael for me.

3 Elvis Presley Elvis Presley, also known as the "King of Rock and Roll," possessed a baritone voice that was both emotionally evocative and technically skilled. His versatility allowed him to excel in a variety of genres including rock, country, and gospel. Presley's natural vibrato and soulful delivery connected deeply with audiences, leading to an enduring influence on popular music. His charisma and groundbreaking stage performances further solidified his reputation as one of the greatest singers of all time.

I was a teen when Elvis Presley began singing, but very few of his songs appealed to me. I grew up in a family of classical music lovers. Last year, I found a station that played nothing but Mr. Presley's music, including the several takes required to make a master that satisfied him, his live concerts, and informal recordings of his in-studio and at-home jam sessions.

I'm 64 years old, and I've never heard anything like Mr. Presley's voice. I still don't like everything he sang, but he has no equal among recorded singers. He could, and did, sing anything. When I read that the great tenor Placido Domingo said, "He had the voice I wish I had gotten," I listened a little harder. Musicians themselves still place Mr. Presley at the top of their lists of excellent singers. If you don't, you haven't listened to the whole body of his work.

Frank Sinatra sang for 60 years and recorded three times as many songs as Mr. Presley did in his scant 23-year career, but even his magnificent voice pales beside Mr. Presley's. We lost him too soon, to overwork, to the damage his grueling schedule did to his body, and to the emotional damage caused by the isolation that was the price of his fame and of the ardent devotion of his legion of fans. We are the poorer for his loss, and music was deprived of the chance to grow from whatever his next inspiration would have been. I repeat, if you don't agree, do some listening. There are more than 800 pieces of Mr. Presley's music to hear several times, to study, before you put his name anywhere but at the top of the list of outstanding singers of recorded music.

4 Robert Plant Robert Plant, best known as the lead vocalist for Led Zeppelin, brought a unique blend of rock and blues to the world of music. His voice, characterized by a distinctive wail and a forceful, emotional delivery, became synonymous with hard rock and heavy metal. Plant's improvisational skills and his willingness to explore different vocal textures and styles contributed significantly to the evolution of rock music. His contributions as a vocalist are often cited as an influence by countless artists across multiple generations.

Robert Anthony Plant, where do I begin with this legend? Well, first of all, he is the lead singer for the smashing, outstanding band Led Zeppelin. Second, his screams and perfect soprano vocals amaze me and fit so well with the beat and rhythm in his songs. Led Zeppelin or solo career, third, he can reach high notes, but he can also reach those low notes. Don't believe me? Listen to When the Levee Breaks, my favorite vocals in a Led Zeppelin song. Also, he's a fantastic writer, and he sure can be amusing to watch on stage.

Freddie Mercury is a legend as well, and he is in Queen. Queen is my favorite band, but Plant's vocals are just outrageous. He easily wins the title of best singer of all time. It doesn't matter that he couldn't play guitar, it doesn't matter that he didn't have a stylish appeal, it doesn't matter that he didn't dance on stage but only moved his hips. No, what matters is his beautiful singing talent. I believe he easily wins the title of the best singer of all time. Robert, you rock!

5 Whitney Houston Whitney Houston was renowned for her astonishing vocal power, clarity, and emotive delivery. She possessed a mezzo-soprano voice that could soar to great heights, delivering intricate runs and striking high notes with apparent ease. Houston's interpretation of songs often transformed them, turning simple melodies into anthems of love, loss, or joy. Her ability to cross multiple musical genres like pop, R&B, and gospel showcased her unparalleled versatility.

I was going to vote for Taylor Swift, but when I saw Whitney Houston, I just had to vote for her. She was a legend and still is. When you hear her voice, it sounds like she is expressing her emotions so much that it makes us feel intrigued. And the songs she sang are so phenomenal that they're iconic and memorable. Not to mention, she was a very loyal person and a great person.

I wish I could meet a legend like her someday. But ever since I found out she's dead, I was so sad. She lived a life filled with talent and fame, and we will never forget about the legend herself, Whitney Houston. R.I.P. Whitney Houston. You will always be in our hearts.

6 Paul McCartney Paul McCartney, one of the founding members of The Beatles, has a unique vocal style that is both melodious and expressive. His voice has a warm, tuneful quality that has made songs like "Yesterday" and "Hey Jude" timeless classics. McCartney is equally adept at delivering soft ballads as he is at belting out rock numbers, demonstrating a versatility that spans multiple decades and genres. His songwriting prowess coupled with his vocal skill make him one of the most influential musicians in history.

So, the best singer should be measured by pure voice tonality and other criteria related to voice. Based on this, I would not pick Paul McCartney to be number one (but I would definitely not pick Michael Jackson either). Paul has definitely had a greater influence on music than anyone on this list... anyone! At the same time, his voice is well suited to the songs he sang.

Anyone who has heard "Maybe I'm Amazed" and has at least one living cell in their body must recognize he does not deserve to be at number 60. Justin Bieber is rated higher. In five years, Justin will be another "whatever happened to", while Paul... Huh... Why am I even comparing the two? I'm an idiot! ;)

7 Adele Adele is celebrated for her stunning contralto voice, which is both powerful and emotive. Her vocal control allows her to execute complicated runs and transitions between registers with ease. The London-born singer is particularly acclaimed for her ballads, where her voice becomes an instrument of raw emotional storytelling. Her multiple Grammy Awards and international chart-toppers stand as testament to her extraordinary vocal talents and her impact on contemporary music.

I barely even know the singers up on the Top 10. This singer has gotten more Grammys than anyone except for Whitney Houston, who tied with her. How are Katy Perry and Lady Gaga ahead of Adele? She made soul more popular than ever.

All her songs sound beautiful and true. She can pump you up. You can dance to her songs, cry to her songs, jam to her songs, and ponder the meaning of life with these songs. They make great talent show songs, and what makes Adele the best is that she writes all her songs except for a few that she doesn't help with at all.

Have Katy Perry or One Direction written practically all their songs? Nope. Adele is the new sensation. Sure, she comes out with an album every two to three years, but that just shows how real she is and not rushing out with a terrible album. Learn from her.

8 Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin, known as the "Queen of Soul," had a voice that was steeped in emotion and gospel-rooted power. Her mezzo-soprano voice was versatile, capable of delivering complex runs, belting out high notes, and diving into sultry lower registers with ease. Franklin's unique vocal phrasing and rhythmic sensibilities made even well-known songs distinctly her own. Her influence is palpable across a myriad of genres, from soul and R&B to pop and gospel, marking her as one of the most legendary vocalists in music history.

Aretha Franklin is easily top-ten material. No offense to people ranked higher, such as Elvis, who had a more profound impact on the music industry than Aretha Franklin, but she is a much better singer than Elvis. It is also completely ludicrous that people such as Justin Bieber and Eminem are ranked higher than Aretha Franklin simply because of popularity. Those two have barely any singing talent whatsoever.

People need to vote on these lists based on criteria and not popularity.

Eminem is a rapper, not a singer. He also has a grating voice, and his lyrics are about wanting to kill women. He also uses homophobic slurs. And somehow, these idiots voted him above the Queen of Soul? If the list "Worst Users of TheTopTens" was deleted, this list should be too, so that an idiot like Eminem isn't above the greatest female singer ever. If Whitney Houston were still alive, she would probably say that Aretha is the best female singer ever.

9 John Lennon John Lennon, a founding member of The Beatles, had a voice imbued with both raw intensity and heartfelt emotion. His vocals could transition from soothing and melodic, as in "Imagine," to passionate and abrasive, as heard in "Twist and Shout." Lennon's voice was an instrument of socio-political change as much as it was a medium of musical expression, touching on themes of peace, love, and revolution. His influence on rock and popular music is immeasurable, and his vocal work continues to inspire musicians today.

What can I say about this personality? If I ever met God, the first question I would ask is, "Was John Lennon really a person?" Then I know God would say, "I do not know about him because I never made him."

John Lennon… still, I cannot believe that there can be a human whose appearance tells a story, a story which cannot be read or understood. You can only feel it. Whenever I saw him in his interviews and his song videos, he made me feel relaxed. I cannot believe that he is dead - a person who leaves behind his legacy and his influence on music. I have only one dream in my life: that one day I will meet him and tell him that he was not just something I feel, but he is something. Oh, I do not have words to complete the sentence because he cannot be described.

10 Bruce Dickinson Bruce Dickinson, the frontman of Iron Maiden, is highly regarded for his operatic vocal style, which sets him apart in the realm of heavy metal. Possessing a wide range and robust tenor voice, Dickinson has the ability to evoke the theatricality and grandeur often associated with the genre. His vocals can transition effortlessly from melodic to powerful, making Iron Maiden's music both dynamic and emotive. His contributions to the world of metal have made him one of the genre's most iconic and enduring vocalists.

Listen to his range that sings true both in the studio and live. There are lots of good singers and screamers, especially in metal, but very few can dig as deep and have such a broad repertoire.

One of my favorite albums is "Piece of Mind", which is pretty good for showing off his range. The Dune-inspired one, "To Tame a Land", is not the best song but gives you an idea. Or "Monsegur", which is very hard for a singer to sing.

"Alive at the Marquee" has a really good selection of his solo songs without Iron Maiden and is really well sung.

I like Judas Priest when he can be bothered to sing properly. Geoff Tate had a great voice that didn't get used to its potential in mostly weak songs. Ian Gillan was good in Deep Purple. Dickinson is by far the best.

Most of this list is a bad joke. Best singer doesn't mean popular or good tune. It's about the singing. Elvis and Freddie Mercury are great singers and deserve to be near the top, but the rest... Come on, guys... You're having a laugh.

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11 Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra, known as "Ol' Blue Eyes," had a smooth baritone voice that was impeccably controlled. His mastery of vocal phrasing and dynamics allowed him to convey complex emotions effortlessly, making each song uniquely his own. Sinatra was a pioneer in the concept album, where he used his voice to take listeners on an emotional journey, exploring themes like love and loneliness. His work across genres such as jazz, big band, and traditional pop has made him one of the most enduring singers in American music history.

He is, in my opinion, one of the best singers of all time, if not the best (I can't say the best since I haven't heard all the singers in the world). We live in a world of Justin Bieber, One Direction, and about a hundred other popular yet near-talentless bands when compared to Sinatra.

Even those who are exceptional singers, such as Adele, for example, are rarely as good at songwriting as Sinatra was. And those who are good at songwriting, such as Springsteen and, let's say, Bob Dylan, are not exactly known for their beautiful voices. Frank had the best of both worlds, and he is, in my opinion, fully deserving of the title of the best singer of all time.

12 Chester Bennington Chester Bennington, the frontman of Linkin Park, had a voice that was both gritty and angelic, capable of delivering heart-wrenching emotion and raw power in equal measure. His ability to scream without losing pitch or musicality set him apart in the world of nu-metal and alternative rock. Bennington could also show great vulnerability in softer, more melodic moments, capturing a wide array of human experiences and emotions. His unique voice and emotional depth have cemented his legacy as one of the most impactful singers in modern rock history.

Chester should be number one! He has great vocals and can cover a wide variety of pitches. Whether he's singing for Linkin Park or Dead By Sunrise, this man has real talent! Not only that, but he's been singing for more than 15 years and still sounds amazing!

You think Bruno Mars and all those pop singers are good? No. This is actual, real-life talent. Sure, his voice is probably edited in the albums, but listen to him live. He's obviously not lip-syncing. He's actually singing. He has the perfect edge of gruffness or softness whenever he chooses and literally sounds like five different people when he sings! He is the best. How is Eminem higher?!

The difference between Chester and Eminem, singing-wise, is that Chester actually sings and has real talent. Eminem doesn't even qualify as a singer. He's a rapper! He just raps to music. Chester's voice is timelessly amazing.

13 Bruno Mars Bruno Mars has a tenor voice that is incredibly versatile, adapting to various styles like pop, R&B, funk, and soul with seamless ease. His vocal range allows him to hit high notes with remarkable clarity while also delving into rich lower tones. Mars' exceptional ability to convey sentiment and groove makes his music infectious, engaging audiences around the world. Coupled with his stage charisma and musicianship, his vocal talent makes him a standout performer in modern music.

Whoa, he's such a good singer. Actually, he's not good... he's the best! I don't see how in this world he is at 30, and how in this damn world are Mariah Carey and Madonna higher than him? He has just recorded his first album and holds four No. 1 singles.

He is such a good singer; each of his songs is so good and so different from his other songs. He is the most versatile singer, winner of this year's BRIT Awards International, and has 6 Grammy nominations. He should be in the top ten. I don't know how, but in my eyes, he is even better than Michael Jackson! He is the rising star of our era, guys. Vote for him, or it's a shame on music!

14 Amy Lee Amy Lee, the lead vocalist of Evanescence, is known for her mezzo-soprano voice that can deliver both power and vulnerability. Her classical training is evident in her technical proficiency, enabling her to navigate complex vocal arrangements and hit demanding high notes. Lee's vocal style incorporates elements of gothic, rock, and classical music, making for a distinct sound that has garnered a dedicated following. Her emotive delivery and the atmospheric quality of her voice have made her a standout figure in the alternative rock scene.

Boy, why the hell is she below Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift has a limited vocal range, and her voice is too soft, innocent, and weak. Taylor Swift is fake as hell too. No wonder why Amy doesn't like pop stars that much.

I swear, Amy Lee is so underrated. She's the outcast in music, being overshadowed by most of the singers who have barely any talent. Amy Lee has been doing her thing since 1995. I wasn't even born until six years later! I found out about Amy Lee in 2016, and I was 14 going on 15 at that time. I wish I had found out about her sooner. Amy is my inspiration, along with Demi Lovato. If I become famous, I'll sing both of their songs all the time because they are both equally talented and equally beautiful to me.

15 Madonna Madonna, often hailed as the "Queen of Pop," possesses a unique vocal tone that is immediately recognizable. While she may not have the widest vocal range, her strength lies in her ability to convey emotion and personality through her voice. Her singing style has adapted over the years to embrace a variety of genres, from pop to electronic to ballads, proving her versatility. Madonna's unique vocal styling and her contributions to music, fashion, and culture have solidified her status as an icon in the entertainment industry.

She's amazing! Madonna has been an inspiration to a lot of people over the years, including, and especially, famous and well-known singers, songwriters, and even actors! She has a great voice and she makes a difference in the world using her voice, using the lyrics of her music to send a message to others.

For example, her song "Hey You" is telling you not to give up. It doesn't have to be about a specific topic, but about everything in general. If you have any problems, keep trying, and maybe you'll succeed. That's why Madonna really deserves to be on the list of 'Top 10 American Singers of All Time'.

16 Axl Rose Axl Rose, the frontman of Guns N' Roses, is celebrated for his astonishing vocal range, which spans nearly six octaves. He's especially renowned for his raspy, screaming high notes and his capacity to maintain control over his voice even in the most vocally demanding performances. Rose is a master of numerous singing styles, from soft ballads to fast-paced rock, and his stage presence adds an additional layer of magnetism to his performances. His versatility and technical prowess place him among the ranks of the world's finest singers.

What? 19? Axl should at least be in the top three, although he is my number one. Trust me, I've been a heavy metal freak for 15 years, and I have never heard a voice so powerful, beautiful, and skilled, nor have I seen a presence so out of this world. The way he moves on stage is kick-ass!

And Myles Kennedy is above Axl? I'm a huge Myles and Alter Bridge fan, but I just heard the recent Myles covers of Guns N' Roses songs, and he worked his butt off to hit the high notes. However, when he did hit them, it still sounded quite bad. Axl made the songs, and he sang them effortlessly while jumping on and off the stage. Myles is extraordinary, but they're just not in the same league.

17 Katy Perry Katy Perry is recognized for her powerful soprano voice that resonates with youthful exuberance and emotional depth. Her vocal range allows her to perform catchy pop anthems as well as heart-rending ballads, often within the same album. Perry's unique timbre and stylized vocal phrasing make her instantly recognizable, and she has the ability to convey a range of emotions through her dynamic performances. With numerous chart-topping hits and accolades, her vocal talents have secured her a prominent place in contemporary pop music.

A lot of people say she can't even sing, while she actually is a very talented artist. Those who say she can't sing or that she's a bad singer obviously haven't listened to her songs like Firework, Dark Horse, and California Gurls. I love her songs so much that I once fell asleep with Firework playing on my Alexa!

She is an awesome artist, and I have listened to almost all of her songs.

A lot of people say she can't sing live. The media portrays her as not being able to sing, when in reality she has a pretty amazing voice. She can hit high notes, low notes, etc. She is a very talented, successful singer.

She is the first female singer to get five number-one hits off of one album, an achievement only accomplished by Michael Jackson himself. She is also the only artist in the world with three Diamond songs: Roar, Firework, and Dark Horse. Additionally, there are only 14 Diamond songs in the world, and Katy owns three of them. She is just very successful, and her albums are amazing. She deserves to be higher on this list. She is amazing and has an amazing persona.

18 Ronnie James Dio Ronnie James Dio, a towering figure in the realms of hard rock and heavy metal, was celebrated for his rich, powerful voice and his expansive range. He was capable of both belting out aggressive vocals and delivering softer, emotive performances, often within the confines of a single song. Dio's singing was often described as operatic, evoking a sense of grandiosity and drama that became a defining feature of the bands he fronted. His legacy as a master of vocal techniques and as a pivotal figure in the metal genre remains indisputable.

He is a god because he is immortal. Even if death took him so early, he will live forever in the hearts of true music fans and in the small underground record shops that have shouldered the responsibility to preserve a huge part of our civilization, rock music.

Rock was so much more than just music. It was a movement, a statement of young people against oppression and discrimination. They said, "Enjoy your life because you only have one, and don't believe in the BS the church tries to pass off as morality. Jesus never said that you should always live in abstinence and away from pleasure."

Songs of that time were pure poetry. Take Pink Floyd, for example. And now, most of the modern songs talk about butts, and Britney Spears is believed to be better than Dio. Long live Ronnie!

19 Celine Dion Celine Dion has a voice that is often described as crystalline in its clarity and breathtaking in its range. Trained in the classical technique, her voice has the power to effortlessly convey complex emotions and transcend language barriers. She has tackled multiple musical genres, from pop to classical to film soundtracks, always infusing each performance with technical mastery and emotional authenticity. Dion's consistency and longevity in the music industry serve as a testament to her exceptional vocal talent.

Celine Dion, the best-selling female artist in the world, is the greatest singer, to me! She has an incredible ability to sing among legends before her time. She is capable of singing with any other artists, and she gives you more than your money's worth. She's devoted to many foundations and supports many positive events.

She is unlike any other. I adore her as my all-time favorite. She has goals, and she accomplishes every single desire! I see her doing well all the way! She's come this far by faith, and she keeps pressing onward! A mother and family-oriented, a lady of many standards. Celine Dion is simply blessed and highly favored! Love her!

20 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift possesses a soprano voice that has been a key element in her journey from country darling to global pop sensation. Her vocal style is often characterized by its narrative quality, enabling her to tell intricate stories through her music. Swift's voice is versatile enough to tackle a range of genres, from country ballads to pop anthems to indie folk. Her unique blend of vocal talent and storytelling ability has earned her critical and commercial success on a massive scale.

Taylor Swift is the best singer in the whole entire universe. I mean, come on! Name a singer that can sing and write so well, can dance in heels, cares about her fans, gives to charity, is a good role model, is appropriate, knows how to wear clothes, and is so pretty, not to mention that she's so stylish and tall! I love her so much.

I was feeling really down, lonely, and I felt like nobody loved me or cared about me. Then I listened to Love Story, and it just changed everything for me. I just knew that someone, somewhere, loved me. I just cannot thank Tay Tay enough. She is such a good person.

Some people, I mean a lot of people, hate her for no reason. They just say that she can't sing, she is ugly, writes only about her exes (which she doesn't), and is overrated. But she deserves every single bit of her fame and glory. She even deserves more, much more. I just love her so much. So please, just please, vote for her. She is in 24th place, and she deserves to be 1st. Guys!! Vote!

21 Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain, the lead vocalist and guitarist of Nirvana, had a voice that became the defining sound of the grunge era. His vocal style was raw, emotional, and often tinged with a sense of despair that resonated with a generation. Cobain's singing could move from a whisper to a scream, capturing a range of emotions that few could emulate. While not a traditionally trained vocalist, his unvarnished delivery has had a lasting impact on rock music and continues to be influential.

Kurt is so low on the list because of a few simple reasons. The majority of the youth doesn't know who he is and thus choose to vote against the rather more popular artists. The style of his songs is unique. To understand his music and his songs, you'd have to picture yourself in a place like his.

He reinvented music. He is the reason why genres like grunge and alternative rock exist these days. His lyrics were twisted. One needs to understand the sarcasm and metaphors in his lyrics, only then can one appreciate this legend. He is like Shakespeare, tough to understand, but a true joy to listen to.

22 Steve Perry Steve Perry, the former lead vocalist of Journey, is celebrated for his powerful tenor voice that has become synonymous with classic American rock. Perry's vocals are rich in timbre and expansive in range, allowing him to convey a wide array of emotions. His iconic ballads and anthems, such as "Don't Stop Believin'," showcase his incredible vocal control and emotive delivery. His contributions to rock music have earned him numerous accolades and a lasting place in music history.

Late 70s, he delivered high notes, somehow amalgamating with the 70s Jazz/Blues instrumental-heavy group, transforming them into something new altogether. You can't stop his voice from crawling over your skin during the high notes of Any Way You Want It, and others.

Then, the unforgettable melodies of the 80s. They delivered classic after classic. In the late 80s and especially in the 90s when his voice got raspier, he brought an altogether different element to the group's direction vocally, and they all gelled musically, delivering us a masterpiece like Trial By Fire. That's called improvisation at its best and converting it into an art.

Hail Steve Perry, the VOICE!

23 Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne, often referred to as the "Prince of Darkness," has a unique vocal style that blends melodious singing with a raw, gritty edge. His voice is unmistakable, characterized by its nasal timbre and emotive delivery, which has become emblematic of classic heavy metal. Osbourne's vocal prowess is not just limited to his powerful belting but also includes softer, more introspective moments that reveal his versatility. His iconic status is further solidified by his enduring influence on generations of rock and metal vocalists.

Ozzy, while maybe not owning an operatic voice, is very unique in his sound and knows the limits within which he can sing. Sabotage and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath show that he can hit those high notes and sing very well. Lots of his solo work demonstrates this as well.

He has a personality and uniqueness that sound good, and for me, that's why he surpasses singers like Bruce Dickinson and others.

As they said about Freddie Mercury, this guy doesn't need a microphone so everyone can hear him! This man was more successful than Paul McCartney, and Black Sabbath was more successful than The Beatles! The only people that don't think he can sing are deaf people! Listen to the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath CD, and I think you'll change your mind about this list and put him at #1.

24 Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder possesses a distinctive tenor voice that exudes warmth and soulfulness. His vocal agility allows him to seamlessly navigate between genres like pop, R&B, soul, and jazz. Wonder's emotive delivery, intricate vocal runs, and his ability to imbue each lyric with meaning have made him a vocal legend. With a career spanning multiple decades, his voice remains an influential force in the landscape of American music.

Not my favorite singer. In fact, I'm not a big fan of his music. However, this is a list of the best singers in the world, and Stevie is without a doubt worthy of the top five. In my opinion, I would put Elvis first, John Lennon second, Stevie Wonder third, Robert Plant fourth, and Freddie Mercury fifth. But that's just my opinion. Peace and love.

This is a joke. How can Stevie Wonder be this low? The list is about singing talent, not songwriting talent or screamo talent or if they were with a band that you like the sound of the most. It's a list about singing talent and only singing talent. Stevie Wonder had perfect pitch and insane control over his whole range and could outdo 99% of this list.

25 Layne Staley Layne Staley, the lead vocalist of Alice In Chains, had a haunting, soulful voice that became a defining element of the grunge movement in the 1990s. His vocal style combined guttural growls with melodic harmonies, capturing the angst and despair that resonated with a generation. Staley's performances often ventured into deeply emotional territories, making listeners feel every word he sang. His voice remains one of the most distinctive in rock music, leaving an indelible impact on the genre.

Layne Staley had the dramatic quality in his voice that reached out and held everyone in their darkness. His vocal opera is something that isn't easy to forget.

Layne Staley saved many people by giving them a voice to relate to. He went beyond addiction and became the icon of a pained human being. The beautiful thing is that it's not just the fans who have been touched, but even giants like Black Label Society, Phil Anselmo, or Staind pay tribute to Layne because in their own unique situations they've been touched in their dark hours when only Layne could relate to the depth of how painful it can be to be human.

Alice In Chains wasn't trying to be pop. Popularity wasn't their aim, yet they managed to reach such a massive fan base by being honest, humble, and vulnerable in everything they did. It's admirable, and it's not something that is likely to be duplicated ever again. But Layne Staley lived a life where there was only pain. He was blessed to have an amazing range and vibrato, which helped convey the message so fans could have an icon to relate to.

RIP Layne Staley - It didn't rain when you died, but many tears were shed instead.

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