Top 10 Best Beatles Songs

The Beatles are widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential bands in the history of popular music. They emerged from Liverpool in the early 1960s and quickly took the world by storm with their catchy melodies, innovative songwriting, and captivating performances. Their music has transcended generations and continues to be celebrated and enjoyed by fans of all ages.

In this list, let's take a look at the top ten best Beatles songs that have cemented their place in music history. These songs have not only become cultural touchstones, but they have also had a profound impact on the music industry as a whole. From the infectious pop melodies of their early years to the more experimental sounds of their later albums, the Beatles' music has something for everyone. So, without further ado, let's dive into the top ten best Beatles songs of all time.
The Top Ten
1 Hey Jude

I can't describe this song; it's beautiful. It's like describing the flavor of water; it's really hard...

The Beatles will always be with me'til my grave. Peace and love, people.

I think it's pointless arguing, as pretty much all of the top 10, and even further below, are of equally amazing standard, and all could be number one for me. True, I voted for While My Guitar Gently Weeps, but that was more to do with the fact that it was George's first great song and also featured an amazing solo by Eric Clapton. Let's face it. No one is going to agree on a favorite Beatles song because there are just so many good songs. I bet the song down at fifty is a good song.

I have always identified this song as mine. John Lennon wrote this song for his son, Julian. My name is Jillian, which is the feminine form of Julian. Most of my family members and friends have "Beatle" names. My grandma is Rita, and my middle name is also Rita. I have an Aunt Eleanor. My uncle is named William, but we call him Bill. I have three friends named Lucy, Robert, and Julia. My teacher's first name is Michelle. Some of my close friends, jokingly, call me Madonna.

Choosing between Lennon or McCartney is like picking mom or dad, but let's be honest here: Paul is perhaps the greatest songwriter of modern popular music, so this, "Yesterday" and "Let It Be" are maybe the most influential Beatles pieces ever, and a great part of the immense legacy for generations to come.

2 A Day in the Life

This song is so excellently performed with John Lennon's low, depressed, sad vocals. Then there's a loud symphony that is like the whole world is spinning faster and faster and faster, like a twister, and then it takes us to Paul McCartney's positive, upbeat voice. It's the tip of the hat. Basically, the song title says itself. It takes us into A Day in the Life. John Lennon describes the negatives and lows while taking the information from a newspaper or film. However, Paul McCartney takes us into a positive day of getting up, going to work, and having a smoke. Who could also forget the famous drug reference line, "I'd love to turn you on," done beautifully by John Lennon. All in all, this song should be number one, and everything is just wonderful in the song. Very well done.

Sorry but how is Hey Jude ranked above this? Don't get me wrong, Hey Jude is a great, catchy anthem, but this song is in a different league entirely. This is probably the deepest, most emotionally powerful piece in the history of rock music.

Hey Jude is an amazing and very famous rock song, but there are plenty of those. Queen, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, etc. have all produced huge hits similar to Hey Jude. It's this song, A Day in the Life, that really sets the Beatles apart from those other bands, and frankly makes them look dime-a-dozen by comparison.

I am willing to make a case that this is the greatest song ever written, composed, and recorded. EVER. There are two completely different parts of this song, and each part complements the other PERFECTLY. This is Lennon-McCartney at its finest by far. I could go on and on about this one. It is an absolute masterpiece. It's got such a simple theme, but it's so intriguing to listen to at the same time. This is, in my opinion, the best Beatles song, without a doubt. There will never be anything like this ever again.

This is the first song by the Beatles that I fell in love with. The Sgt. Pepper's album is a masterpiece!

And I see most of the songs in the list are their most famous ones - just because it's a famous song doesn't mean it's one of their best. I personally think A Day In the Life, Helter Skelter, I Want You (She's So Heavy), I've Got A Feeling, or For No One are their best songs. I love them all, but the most underrated ones tend to be the better ones.

Long live the Beatles!

3 Let It Be

It's a great song with a fantastic melody and a wonderful message. The singing and composition are also excellent.

Unfortunately, I cannot include it in my top 10 Beatles songs. It's disheartening that some young people today feel compelled to "love" this song just to appear aesthetically distinct from their peers. This phenomenon is observed with many other classic songs as well, but this particular song seems to suffer the most from it.

Such an appropriate song to go out on. Of course we all know that the song is about Paul's mother, but it has a nice final message to Beatles fans. The song's message to the fans in wake of the Beatles break-up that there will be an answer and to let it be. "And when the brokenhearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be". This and the album, just a brilliant ending to a brilliant career.

This was easily one of the Beatles' most profound masterpieces. It is a song that will never be forgotten, nor will it grow old or fade. It will simply remain one of the most meaningful and well-thought-out songs of the ages. Kudos to Paul McCartney for vocals and to Harrison for the stellar guitar solo. Let's not forget Lennon for the background vocals and Ringo on percussion.

Hey Jude is a truly beautiful song, and both of them send tingles down my spine. However, Let It Be is just so heartfelt and meaningful that I had to vote for it. Also, the only reason I would like to have children is in the hope that I may have a son, so I can name him Jude. It truly is a beautiful name. Please have a wonderful day.

4 Yesterday

This song makes me perfectly feel the pain, and the bass of this song makes it even better. I think this should be their number 3 song, not number 4. It's really hard to rank the Beatles' songs because all of their songs are good in one way or another, so I don't really care if one of their most listened songs is ranked below some other song. You can say I voted just to vote for them. I love the Beatles, and I'm proud that there was a band called the Beatles. They will be in our hearts forever, even if they are not here. So, here's to the Beatles.

In my opinion, this is the Beatles' best song just because the lyrics are simply heartfelt, and it makes the listener feel a part of and connected to the song. The history behind it is also fascinating and influential, as it talks about change and how change can occur so rapidly and suddenly. In life, you have to face things like that, and you have to know how to overcome those changes. That is what this song is about.

It's a truly beautiful song, full of the sorrow on par with It's Hard Letting You Go. (What can I say? I'm biased.) I've seen the movie Yesterday (twice), and honestly, I don't think it does the song justice. It's a good movie, but it had big shoes to fill in. If I recall correctly (SPOILER ALERT) the song is only played once, and the movie could've been called The Long And Winding Road or anything else. But to my point, it's a beautiful song.

The Beatles really knew how to write lyrics!

It's either this, In My Life, or Let It Be for my favorite lyrically by them. They just made them so simple and they didn't overdo it, and it was so subtle but so hard-hitting. Only Bob Dylan and maybe Pink Floyd surpasses them.

5 Here Comes the Sun

This song is the best, it's so good I can't stop listening to it. George Harrison is the best singer on The Beatles,

My favourite Beatles Member:

1st George Harrison

2nd Paul McCartney

3rd Ringo Starr

4th John Lennon

My favourite songs by The Beatles:

1st Here comes the sun

2nd Penny Lane

3rd Let it be

4th All you need is love

5th Strawberry fields forever

6th Help

7th I wanna hold your hand

8th Hey Jude

9th Lucy in the sky with diamonds

10th She loves you

The Beatles is the best boy band EVER!

And George Harrison is the best singer EVER!.

There are precious few songs that change my mood immediately, let alone make me feel instantly happy every single time I listen to them. I could be fired, evicted, deported, and left all alone, homeless on the streets with nothing left to my name, and if I hear this song, just for those 3 minutes, there's peace and happiness, as if it's my 5th birthday all over again.

George Harrison was largely underappreciated. He is as much of a genius as a musician and songwriter as John or Paul. Sure, he didn't match their legacy in monetary worth, but George is an absolute master of music. Something and Here Comes the Sun, both created by George, are the greatest songs by the Beatles.

I love listening to this song. It's incredibly chill and a fun song in general. It's also probably one of my favorite songs from them, along with "Strawberry Fields Forever." The lyrics are great as well.

6 Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever is absolutely the greatest song written by the Beatles. I never get tired of it. At first listen, it's strange, and absolutely nothing sounds like it. But then it evolves into this magnificent, imaginative world. It makes you escape. A great song should be both beautiful and melodic but also capture your attention and mesmerize. The lyrics in this song are simply incredible. To me, SFF takes the Beatles away from just being a great pop band to being the GREATEST of them all. Songs like this one take them straight to another dimension. As pretty as Hey Jude or Let It Be may sound, there isn't anything special about them. THIS SONG is special beyond words. Please put it at number 1 because it doesn't belong anywhere else. It's truly a masterpiece. Whichever Beatle wrote it, or if it was done by them all, I don't care. It's brilliant.

One of their most experimental recordings but also one of their most melodic. Lennon's lyrics are surreal and make absolutely no sense while somehow making perfect sense at the same time. A highly understated yet expressive vocal performance from Lennon as well. The combination creates a vivid masterpiece of sound that hadn't been created before and hasn't been matched since. When you've been listening to the Beatles since age 3, it's almost futile to decide on their best song, but this one consistently stands out for me. Long live the Fab Four!

Strawberry Fields Forever is a masterpiece. This song made the Beatles absolutely unique. There is something about it that shines more than other Beatles songs. It's got a gorgeous melody, a very dreamy atmosphere, and the lyrics are so different. They sound very strange slipping out of the tongue, but there is great depth there. I always think this sound took them from just a band that made hit songs to a band that made revolutionary songs. Strawberry Fields for the win.

Strawberry Fields is not only the best Beatles song, it's the best song ever written. I truly believe the emotion it portrays is put across perfectly even from the first listen - nostalgia. The song, with its strange psychedelic sound and confusing yet understandable lyrics, gives you a feeling of familiarness and wonder that hasn't yet been matched by anything else I've heard. The beauty of this song is something I can't describe in words, please, go and listen to it.

7 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

While While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a nice emotional acoustic strummed song with a great lead guitar part played by Clapton, then the solo comes in. The solo is one of, if not the, greatest guitar solo of all time. It's very Clapton and is played perfectly. Clapton is known for his blues-rock solos, and this is no exception. The solo is similar to Stairway to Heaven, but is maybe better.

The song is good in the same way as Stairway, and is of equal quality, but that just shows how good this song is. It's very underrated and should be ranked #2 or #1.

Picking the top ten Beatles songs is nearly impossible when you look at their entire body of work. That's why they are the best band of all time. Eventually, it comes down to individual taste and possibly how an individual relates to each song. For me, this is easily the best song on the White Album and one of my top three of all their songs. Thanks for this site and giving everyone an opportunity to share how this great music touched them. Thanks to everyone who voted. I truly enjoy reading all the thoughtful comments.

Simply beautiful. I remember hearing this song for the first time on the radio. I was enthralled, even though I had missed the first half. I also highly recommend listening to the Anthology 3 version. It's just as, if not more, beautiful. C.S.

A Day in the Life is one of the Beatles' most overrated songs ever. This right here is where it's at. This is the reason why I love Harrison's later works. It doesn't have that many lyrics, but it doesn't need them that much. You can probably get the very deep and powerful point he's trying to make just through the sheer instrumental. This song needs to be higher on the list. It truly does.

8 In My Life

This song is beautiful both melodically and lyrically. John Lennon's vocal performance, the guitar, the drums, and the baroque-influenced piano solo (harpsichord) are the icing on the cake. It's so melancholic yet brilliant and lovely. This song is also probably the most meaningful by The Beatles.

Probably one of the most beautiful messages in lyrics I've ever heard. Kind of bittersweet, but in a way that can elicit tears of joy and sadness at the same time. It's kind of a nice surprise how amazingly this song was pulled off, but that's why I find it deserving of a top 10 spot.

I am a huge Beatles fan, and this song is my all-time favorite. It is very simple, yet it has meaningful, thought-provoking lyrics. Above all, it relates to all of us. This should be number one, but I think John Lennon's masterpiece doesn't need that title to touch everyone who hears it.

This song is the absolute epitome of the Beatles. It captures the very essence of what a pop song should be - a formula that the Beatles basically wrote. It has a great guitar hook combined with a simple vocal melody and three-part harmonies. To top it off, the lyrics speak to everyone.

9 Eleanor Rigby

There's something absolutely magical about this song. I'm 62 years old and I saw the Beatles in '64. I've always thought this was one of the very best narrative pieces. Strangely, almost every kid in my daughter's generation (17) ranks it as one of their very favorite Beatles songs. It's not as enigmatic as "A Day in the Life" or as anthemic as "Hey Jude" or "All You Need Is Love," but it cuts through all of that as a plain but hugely powerful lament that just gets to everyone. "Wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door." "All the lonely people... Where do they all come from?" Wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave, no one was saved." Whoa!

The first time I heard this song, I thought, "How could anyone but the Beatles think of such beautiful lyrics?" The orchestral tune of this song blew me away, leaving a lasting impression on me. Combined with the profoundly meaningful lyrics, this song is ultimately my favorite Beatles song ever made. I feel that there is no other song that could beat it in the category of uniqueness. I would give this song a rating of 20/10.

I lived through the 60s and beyond, in "the Haight" prior to the Beatles' explosion. I listened over and over to all the music. It was everywhere, all the time, making life seem like a totally new dimension, like in the Wizard of Oz, but real life! Out of all the songs I heard, this one had a greater depth and meaning, now, some 50 years later. Hard to believe, but true! Seems like yesterday, no pun intended.

This song is the greatest song written by The Beatles. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful, and the instruments are played perfectly to match them. My favorite lyric is "Eleanor Rigby died in a church and was buried along with her name, nobody came." It just explains the modern-day society perfectly.

10 Come Together

Really good arrangement. The drums, the unforgettable bass riff, the guitar solos, all add up to this great masterpiece. Throughout the song, you can listen to the influence of each and every member of the Fab Four: Ringo, George, Paul, and John. Powerful lyrics catch everyone who listens to it and make everyone reflect upon them. It should be higher up the list.

This song is excellent. Come on, people! How can this be number 12? This song could easily enter the top 10 Beatles songs. Everything is just perfect in here: excellent rhythm, terrific bass (probably one of the best from Macca), incredible vocals (I think these are the greatest vocals that John Lennon ever recorded). I mean, everything in this song is just so catchy!

This song rocks the hardest! Well, I'm 14 years old, and this song sounds cool to me - sounds cool even to my teenage peers - sounds cool to my parents - sounds cool (virtually) to all ages. This song stands the test of time. Listen to the guitar on the line "come together! Right now over..." That's pure soulful rock music! I believe that this song and "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" are two of the best (perhaps "coolest") songs ever written by the Beatles, and these two deserve to be on top! I mean, really! This is a rock anthem that will always rock you down forever. A rocker's favorite. Yeah! Rocks as hard as Metallica.

Think of rolling up to a stoplight, windows (or top) down, stereo blasting, when a group of fine ladies (or men, if that's what you're into) pulls up next to you. What Beatles song do you want to have represent you? Here Comes the Sun? Hey Jude? I Want to Hold Your Hand?! No question for me. Come Together is timeless.

The Contenders
11 Something

It's clear that John and Paul were the strongest songwriters in the Fab Four, but we know that in the later years, when they were both at their best, they hardly listened to each other. George spent years in the background, quietly biding his time and taking in as much information as he could from two of the greatest songwriters in history. His epic final statement is Something, which showcases all the different elements that made The Beatles so incredible: beautiful texture and instrumentation, unusual but incredibly effective chord changes, fantastic individual performances (Ringo's drums, Paul's bass, George's gorgeous solo). George mastered the art of writing a perfect Beatles song, something I don't think Paul and John could ever say they did. It's hard to compare the emotional capacity of this song to the likes of Hey Jude, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, etc., but I don't know (I don't knooow!) if any Beatles song is as perfectly written and recorded as Something. I mean, Paul's ...more

George Harrison was largely under appreciated. He is almost as much of a genius musician and songwriter as John or Paul. Sure, he didn't match their legacy in mainstream media but George is an absolute master of music. Those chord progressions! Something and Here Comes the Sun, both created by George, are the greatest songs by the Beatles. The song is mesmerising enough for my daughter to choose it as her wedding song, some 50 years (half a century! ) after it was released. "Something" is, simply put, perfect.

I have this record in my bedroom with the rest of my records. I love the Abbey Road album. It's amazing. It's too hard to choose favorites from it, so, for me, I love them all. And I'm only 13 years old. Long live the Beatles! Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon are amazing. I love them dearly, and I love the song Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson made together. It's amazingly beautiful.

You're asking me, will this song go? I don't know, I don't know, but it most certainly should. It's too good to not be in the top ten. And I know you could say that about maybe 50 of their songs, but this one especially.

12 I Want to Hold Your Hand

Iconic. Doesn't have the complexity of some of their later songs, but it's one of the two perfect pop-rock songs (She Loves You being the other). Clearly in the top 10 for me.

For me, one of the best songs ever made. Listen to how the bass plays a lick when the other instruments are low. Everything works together perfectly. And it's not just the same chord progression looped throughout the whole song, no, the chorus is a little bit different each time. A masterpiece!

I Want to Hold Your Hand is a fun and playful song that is also very cool sounding. This is definitely one of the Beatles' best songs. It was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and is featured on the album Past Masters Volume 1.

Listen to ballad versions of this, such as the version in Across The Universe, to truly appreciate the quality of the melody. It's a truly beautiful song and it is the song that brought America to its musical knees at the altar of the Fab Four.

13 Help!

Never was a big Beatles fan, but I appreciated the craftsmanship of Help! Although it's definitely not as iconic, it should definitely be ahead of songs like Hey Jude, A Day in the Life, and Strawberry Fields Forever.

When I first heard it, it was like a veil was opened, and I could see my future. It was just great. I knew what I was gonna be: I was gonna be a singer. Although I may not be as good as the Beatles (no one is), but I'd try my hardest! I love this song, and so should all the people.

The Beatles are the greatest band of all time and for some reason, this has always been my favorite of their songs! "Help" somehow manages to be simultaneously a cry for, well, help and a joyous celebration! It's so catchy yet so heartfelt!

This song reflects John Lennon and me. I love him to bits. The voice, the music, the beat are simply undying. People listened to it in the sixties, and it is still worth listening to in the 21st century.

14 I Am the Walrus

This song is kind of like the "Pink Elephants On Parade" of the Beatles. It's so bizarre that it actually makes you wonder if you were on something before watching the video. Seriously, I am the egg man? I am the walrus? What the fudge does that have to do with anything? I'm not saying this is bad, oh no, I'm saying that no matter how weird, scary or all-around strange it is, there is just one element that just makes you want to watch the music video again and again. This song is psychedelic genius!

There is one partition in music, before Beatles and after, more specifically Sgt. Pepper album, but for me I Am the Walrus was the song to break the envelope before its time. It's a timeless work of art with ups, downs, stops, changes of rhythm, and different timing, almost incomprehensible. This song is influential for rock masterpieces like Queen's Under Pressure.

What the hay. This is at least top ten/twenty, and no one even put it out. It is beautiful and melodic. You need to listen to it multiple times to absorb the complex cello and violin movements. After all, it was their 16th best-selling song.

He sings about being an egg-man and a walrus. Also, did someone take his brain away for the time it took to make this? I probably would've made it if the Beatles didn't beat me to it.

15 Twist and Shout

This song is marvelous and will never ever be forgotten because of its amazing beat. The Beatles should be incredibly proud of this masterpiece! If only there were more songs like this today.

Twist and Shout is a classic twisting and dancing song that will get you movin' and groovin! Also, I love it when the Beatles each sing a long note, climbing the scale at the end. It's also sung in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Best song ever! It should be number one! I don't think I have met anyone who can resist dancing to this song! It is my go-to song in any given event, happy or sad!

In my opinion, the best rock and roll song ever. John Lennon's voice and delivery is fantastic.

16 All You Need is Love

Forgotten trivia about this song: When the technology was finally invented that allowed a simultaneous worldwide broadcast via satellite, the scientists realized they needed something everybody on earth would listen to when the "on" button was pushed. A Beatles song! [duh]. The Beatles were then tasked with writing something for that first-ever worldwide broadcast. A weighty responsibility, but the boys came through with flying colors.

The greatest song ever written is a combination of an anthem melody, "Love love love," with the typical Lennon hammering on the same note in the chorus, before the little step up in the melody. It creates a climax and resolve. It's truly marvelous.

Bloody amazing song. Honestly, probably my favorite. Lennon sings so beautifully, and the tune and Paul McCartney in the background. AMAZING SONG. I'll always have this song with me. Best song about love ever? Definitely.

Number 21?

This could easily replace Here Comes the Sun in the top 5! Vote for this. All You Need Is Love is a classic, classic song, one of the most famous in the entire history of music!

17 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

"Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees, and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes..."

The earliest and oldest surviving hominid is named after this song, as it was playing at the discoverer's celebration party.

Absolutely amazing, it should definitely be in the top two or three! A beautiful masterpiece and my favorite Beatles song.

The lyrics just make me wonder what they must've been thinking. I love how this song makes me feel, a sense of wonderment.

18 Across the Universe

This is my favorite Beatles song without a doubt, but only if it's the Let It Be version. The Let It Be... Naked version of it is a butchered farce, and the other versions are just... meh. But the one with Phil Spector's work on it is my favorite version, and it's such a beautiful work of art. (I realize I'm seriously in the minority by saying that.) The choir arrangements work favorably for me, the strings enhance the experience tremendously for me, and I can't believe that the Let It Be... Naked version is often considered better.

It's wonderful to think this song has been played into space. It makes me cry every time I hear it, and it gives me a lot of bravery.

For rock2metal and everybody who doesn't know what "jai guru deva om" means: It's in Sanskrit, and it means "thank you, guru Deva." The Beatles met this guy during their journey in India, and he had a great influence on their music and their way to see life, I think.

(I'm sorry if I made some mistakes, but I'm French, I'm 16, and yeah, I love the Beatles too!)

This song is my favorite tune by the Beatles. Although it's a very hard decision with so many amazing songs... Happiness is a warm gun, I'm so tired, a day in the life, the list really goes on forever. I'd recommend this song to anyone; it has a really dreamy feel to it and makes me feel very nostalgic for some reason.

Jai Guru Deva means thank the teacher, and I believe to John the teacher was everything in the universe and every experience he's ever had. That's part of his astonishing brilliance. He could wring the positive out of every part of his life. He was truly enlightened, as is this majestic song!

19 Hello, Goodbye

This is easily a top 5. What on earth is it doing at 57? I feel like I'm overflowing with all the world's happiness when I listen to this song. The Magical Mystery Tour Singles were the best songs they wrote. I can't believe people would vote for Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane, but leave this behind.

I love this song. It has a great music video too. I love the Beatles! They're the best!

Wow, this is my favorite one. I'm surprised it isn't in the top 5 at least.

Simple, yet amazing track. I may even like this more than Strawberry Fields Forever.

20 Penny Lane

Close your eyes, listen to the song, and you are transported to a barbershop in Penny Lane on a drizzly London morning. It is the most nostalgic song about Britain that I have heard. This should be declared Britain's national song.

When the music gods came down from Mount Olympus, they had three sons who were left at the fire station on Penny Lane. When they grew up, they changed their names to Ringo, Paul, and George. They wrote this song together...

Brilliant theme, wonderful playing, stunning production, amazing musical ambition combined with a wistful, yearning lyric. Strawberry Fields is incredible, but this tops it.

The Piccolo Trumpet solo is to die for. It ought to be number one, really. It's a brilliant fusion of Baroque and rock!

21 With a Little Help from My Friends

You know, there are a couple Beatles songs I like. First off, I prefer prog rock and hard rock more than the Beatles' slow rock/pop, but this song really is inspiring. It seems to outshine every other Beatles song. You will find maybe one or two songs on an album that are greatly underrated but are amazing songs. Like Something for Nothing by Rush, it's a great song, so underrated. Personally, I think all of Rush is underrated. This song has a great rhythm and good lyrics; it just surpasses all their other stuff.

"I get by with a little help from my friends. I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends." This is a beautifully crafted song with catchy lyrics, a captivating beat, and delightful drumming. "If you need anybody, I want somebody to love."

Fantastic song. It deserves to be great and is truly an inspirational song from a truly inspirational band, "Simply the Best"! It deserves to be higher up the list.

I'm a big fan of Slipknot. I like hardcore and screamo. When I first heard of the Beatles, I thought they would suck, then I heard this song. Now, I love the Beatles. Please vote for this song.

22 Tomorrow Never Knows

The first time I listened to Tomorrow Never Knows at around 8, I was pretty hooked onto it. And then, reading its lyrics a few years later, it's kind of like, "Dang, these guys get it." However, all personal feelings aside, this song also exemplifies a part of the versatility within their discography that is difficult to completely deny because of factors previously stated here, such as the abnormal rhythm in the entire song and what some may consider a surrealist tone in general. This song just holds a special place in my heart in those ways and can easily contend for the top 10 in my opinion.

A difficult song for many to like due to its lack of a recognizable or catchy melody (in my view), but for crazy, creative, and experimental musicianship, it is simply phenomenal. It sounds nothing at all like a song of the 60s. It could equally have been written recently or in the future and still sound contemporary. A song written around a single chord and driven along relentlessly by drum and bass style breakbeats, in 1965, 30 years before mainstream music develops the drum and bass style! Honestly, where on earth were these guys getting this from? You just have to listen and admire the sheer creativity and innovation.

This would be the best Beatles track, in my opinion. Released in 1966, the Beatles opened up the scene for real psychedelic music. Always ahead of their time, the Beatles played numerous instruments on limited tracks, played sections backwards, and included noise like whistles, horns, traffic, and talking. Revolver was where the Beatles really experimented with sound and became the best and most influential band of all time.

The amazing backdrop of Indian classical instruments merged eloquently with Ringo's unorthodox drum play makes this song loud but still soul-engrossing. The voices of John and Paul feel warm when heard with a backdrop of a flanged instrument play. There is a method in the chaos if you can notice it. It is one of those songs which will have polarizing listeners' opinions.

23 I Want You (She's So Heavy)

By far my favorite song, those last 3 minutes are a banger.

Another thing to mention, Ringo's drumming is superb. When you're a drummer like I am, you start to notice these things about Ringo's drumming. The song is constantly descending into chaos, and Ringo keeps up with it.

A jazzy prog rock piece that eventually turns into debatably the foundation for doom metal, it just keeps getting better and better as the song goes on. The coda is a particular highlight of the entirety of Abbey Road, I believe.

This should be at least in the top 10, its amazing, it sounds so dark and builds up over time and gets darker and darker until the song ends, if you havnt heard it yet you should definitely listen to this.

My favorite song ever recorded... I marvel over every detail. The sound becomes so polarizing it toys with my senses. This song effects me like no other.. Beautiful chaos.

24 Happiness is a Warm Gun

I love this song a lot mostly towards the end, but I like how there's four parts in the song: Donated to the National trust, I need a fix cause I'm going down, mother superior jumped the gun and finally Happiness is a warm gun. Paul McCartney also sounds a lot like Queen at the end.

How is this number 32? It's in my top 5 for sure, and I know all Beatles songs. Maybe it's just my taste, but the tone, the optimistic lyrics, the changing moments, the chorus - I think it's a masterpiece from any point you listen to it. Seriously, I'm a little confused about these top tens.

I don't know if this is my favorite Beatles song ever, but it's definitely the best off of the White Album. I don't see how this could be this far down on the list.

The fact that there was actually a group who were able to have many different songs in one 2-minute and 41-second song is crazy!

25 Yellow Submarine

This song is beautiful, lyrical, and one of the great iconic songs the Beatles produced! I can't help but be swept up by the momentum and happiness whenever I listen to it, and of course the movie it inspired is incredible too!

This was the first Beatles song I ever heard in my life. I've been singing it since I was in 2nd grade. It's a very random, cool song. I can't believe it is only #27! It deserves to at least be higher than 20!

One of my all-time favorite Beatles songs. It also has a unique music video, and this song is probably the one they have the most products for, like a Lego set and a Hot Wheels.

One of Ringo's finest songs to have sung!

I can't believe the Real Love version is now rare. Still, each version is excellent!

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