Top 10 Best Eminem Songs

Eminem, aka Slim Shady, is the rap god who has dominated the game for over two decades. His sick flow, raw rhymes, and controversial topics have made him a rap legend with fans all over the world. Eminem has dropped countless bangers and classics, proving his skills and impact on the culture. His music has moved many people and motivated others to follow their dreams.
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1 Lose Yourself

Well written, has a message, great sample. Fantastic song.

Greatest of all time... The rhythm, the writing, the beat - it just says it all. The way he starts slow then turns it up like a bomb, it's just something only Marshall Mathers can do. All props to the best rapper there is, ever was, or ever will be, Eminem!

This song is the best by far because it not only sounds phenomenal but also tells a story. "His arms are heavy, knees weak," describes how nervous he is for his first time rapping. If I were a white rapper, I would be nervous too. The song continues, saying:

"You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime"

This is saying how you shouldn't let nerve get you down. Just lose yourself and live in the moment!

2 Stan

This song tells a story. Once again, great lyrics from the greatest rapper ever. It's awesome how the beat compliments the narrative.

I used to never listen to rap because I listen to the music in songs instead of lyrics. One day, my friend showed me this song, and I really liked the music, so I continued to listen to it. I figured that it was rap, so I might as well listen to the lyrics. This song tells a sickening story, but the story is great. After this, I decided to listen to more Eminem and I listened to the words, and I absolutely love his music. He is purely genius. This song made me like rap, so it is definitely my favorite.

3 'Till I Collapse

This song pumps me up so much! It outdoes Not Afraid completely! This song is one of the best pump-up songs of all time, if not the best.

There were so many to choose from! But this song seems underrated, so I chose it. Very good flow, great lyrics, great music! And Nate Dogg just adds to its awesomeness.

My other favorites are No Love, Not Afraid, Won't Back Down (I'm shocked that Won't Back Down is number 45?), Insane, Lose Yourself, Fast Lane, and SpaceBound. I loved him in Roman's Revenge. He got the best lyrics, although it's quite insulting that he'd work with someone as shallow as Nicki Minaj.

4 Not Afraid

This is the perfect song for fans who love Eminem and rap songs. Watch the official video. It's a cool song with a great video.

I don't really understand why Lose Yourself is on top because it's nothing compared to Not Afraid. This song is truly inspiring. There was a point in my life when I liked Lose Yourself better. Now that Not Afraid is out, it tells you that you can overcome anything. This is the best song by Eminem and one of the best of all time. Super cool songs always give me inspiration.

Super cool song! Always gives me inspiration when I'm down.

5 The Real Slim Shady

So good! It will demolish Not Afraid and Love the Way You Lie. This is what Eminem is about, not the pop you hear today!

This song should be in the number one position. It's hilarious. This one made him known to the world, remember?

I love all of his songs, but the flow he has in this song... Oh my god, the flow is enough to just leave you speechless. The beat, just everything, is perfect. My favorite rap song of all time - this deserves to be at least top 5.

My list:
1. The Real Slim Shady
2. When I'm Gone
3. Lose Yourself
4. 8 Mile
5. Til' I Collapse

6 When I'm Gone

I love the storytelling in this piece. Eminem always excels when writing from the heart. Arguably better than any of Eminem's other songs addressed to his daughter, this deserves a top slot.

This song always brings tears to my eyes. I've never been able to have children, and my husband and I felt like giving up. After two years of paperwork and applications, we finally adopted a baby girl from India. When she would cry, I would put on songs that helped me when I was down. To this day, this song is something that holds me and my now eleven-year-old daughter together. She's been raised on hip-hop, rap, and alternative, and it helps her cope with hardships just like me. I hope she always knows that she shouldn't feel my pain. Just smile back.

7 The Way I Am

Perfect song. The incredible cadence, creative rhyming, and stinging lyricism propel this song above all other songs featured on the album.

This song perfectly captures Eminem's ego. The chorus is really catchy and gets the message across. Although I only know a few songs by him, it's apparent that Eminem creates a lot of music about his life. This song discusses what's happening in his life and how it affects him.

I mainly remember the chorus and two stanzas: "Rock 'n Roll stations" and "The radio won't even play my jams."

8 Sing for the Moment

Best song ever. He is the best rapper in the world and needs people to see that. They all want to talk about him, but really, they don't know anything. They didn't have to go through what he did.

Haters have never been in Marshall's shoes to know that his music is crap (which it's not). He's just rapping about his life. And if you think his music is bad, then if only you had to live the life he did, I would laugh in your face because you wouldn't be able to live one day there.

This song is perfect, second only to "Lose Yourself." It's an incredible blend of rock and roll and rap that shows the more compassionate side of Marshall Mathers. The line "It's all political, if my music is literal and I'm a criminal, how can I raise a little girl?" reflects Shady's life in his music.

Most people wouldn't even come close to where he is in the world if they had grown up like he did. This song reveals his true character. Many people might not know that when he was nominated for an Oscar, he chose not to attend the ceremony. Instead, he stayed home to watch cartoons with his daughter because she wanted to spend time with him.

9 Mockingbird

Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird... Man, I've heard this song so many times, and I'll never forget a single word of it. On my list, it's number one. Love you, Eminem. Always have, always will.

Although I appreciate that some of Eminem's songs will always be viewed as lyrically better and more famous than this one, for me, this song epitomizes Eminem's music and life. This is an incredible song about battling fatherhood, with financial struggles and lots of other issues he faced throughout his life. The emotion he pours into it is powerful. You listen to this song and you are simply put into the shoes of Eminem. Amazing.

10 Rap God

I get that Lose Yourself was his first big song, and he climbed the peak of fame with it. I get that Stan is dedicated to his fans and is very well-written. I get that Not Afraid was his comeback song to tell his fans that he's back and will stay. I love all those songs, but Rap God is totally different.

If we were to choose one song that can define Eminem and represent him, then Rap God is the undisputed choice. He wrote this song to tell the world that he is the king of hip-hop and will remain so until someone better comes along, which is unlikely to happen for generations. Lose Yourself is 17 years old and has been listened to by most people. That's why it's at the top. The same goes for all other songs. But if all his songs were released together, undoubtedly Rap God would be the first choice of fans. And it would be as difficult to remove it from rank 1 as it is to remove Eminem from the rank of best rappers. So, don't judge the song by its rank. Just do yourself a favor and listen to it once.

The Contenders
11 Without Me

Quite underrated in my opinion! This song has some nice jokes and touches about reality by Eminem, and that makes it funky, fun, special, and maybe a bit rough at times. When you watch the actual official video, the atmosphere with Dr. Dre, the yellow Lamborghini Murcielago, and some other things show how it's banging. And for sure, for many people it's a pure classic and childhood music. I'm not an expert, and I might be wrong, but for sure this is pure gold, like many Eminem songs from those years and period, and very special to many too.

12 Beautiful

The message of this song is to simply not care when people diss you, insult you, or say you are this or that. Just know that you're beautiful and amazing. This is very important in my opinion, as some people think they're in hard times because others say they're ugly or unlovable, which is totally false! Everyone has their own type, and everyone is different, which makes them unique and special in their own amazing way. This is exactly what this song provides. The lyrical genius, beat, and chorus - wow, the chorus is amazing and Eminem has a great vocal voice, and it wasn't auto-tuned - all mix together to make this a more powerful and meaningful song.

13 My Name Is

Such a funny song. What Eminem meant by sticking Nine Inch Nails through each one of his eyelids is that he's saying other forms of media, like movies, video games, and rock music, can also cause people to become violent, not just rap.

He's using the rock band Nine Inch Nails - an amazing band, by the way, you should check them out if you haven't - as an example.

His name is Slim Shady. My Name Is is one of the songs that got me into Eminem. The lyrics and the chorus are monumental. This is rap. This is Slim Shady. This is going into the rap history books. Eminem is at full power in this song. Just remember one thing: his name is Slim Shady.

14 Love the Way You Lie

I don't know if this is my favorite song by him, but it's definitely the one I find myself listening to the most. I love it so much and all the emotion behind it. I'm not even a big fan of Rihanna, but she did a great job with this song. Eminem and Rihanna just nailed it. It's so good and relatable for many fans who have found themselves in the situation of an abusive romance. Overall, I think it's a really powerful song that captures some very difficult emotions. It lets us know that it's okay to love someone who might not be good for us. The song is musically brilliant.

15 Like Toy Soldiers

This is the most mature and powerful song Eminem has ever released. A lot of critics label Eminem as nothing but a racist, misogynistic homophobe. However, in this song, he addresses a grave issue in hip-hop: how rap beefs aren't just for show anymore - they can be deadly. In my opinion, this song played a role in reducing violence in rap beefs.

If the song itself isn't powerful enough for you, consider the music video. At the very end, Marshall puts down the mic and walks away. The part that always brings me to tears is when pictures of 2Pac and Biggie are shown. These were two of the greatest rappers of all time who could have achieved much more. Both died too soon due to the absurd East Coast-West Coast rivalry. This is one of those songs that makes you realize there's only one Eminem, and there will never be another like him, no matter how hard anyone tries.

16 Cleanin' Out My Closet

This is an absolute outrage! This is easily one of the best Eminem songs of all time. This song is legendary! The rhythm, the beat, the music video, the chorus, the meaning - everything about this song is Eminem at his finest! It should be in the top 5! Other underrated songs that deserve to be up there include: "Bully," "Mosh," "Forgot About Dre," "My Name Is," "No Apologies," "Rock Bottom," "The Way I Am," "The Real Slim Shady," and "We Made U." Sort it out, people. The new album "Recovery" is terrible, although "Relapse" was good, especially with songs like "Beautiful" and other dark, unique tracks.

17 Guilty Conscience

This deserves to be much higher on the list! Guilty Conscience is like the best collaboration between Slim and Dre. I love the way the song tells the stories of three men and how their conflicting consciences come into play. I'm especially fond of the last stanza. This song is too awesome to be ranked at 47!

Talk about a duo. This song really captures the struggle between good and evil. For those who criticize it for being "offensive," understand that he is not actually advocating killing or having abusive relationships. Don't just hear the lines and get upset. Understand the message.

18 Rock Bottom

Again, I have probably made many people wonder, "Are these made-up songs?" or "I think he discovered a piece of practice paper on the floor." This type of song is not made up! It's a piece of lyrical mastery. His metaphors and similes in this song are amazing! Eminem is simply the Albert Einstein of rap, not just rap, but the mastermind of all music! This is just a great way to start getting known around. To be honest, I did struggle with deciding whether I should have put "The Way I Am" in replacement for this, though.

Let me give my review:

The song enters with a semi-catchy and semi-monotonous beat that does not have many changes throughout the song. Not saying it isn't good, but it's kinda monotonous throughout. It kinda does that thing in music where it starts in this place, and once the verse ends, the beat kinda disappears.

The song really is about the struggles of being broke and having no hope in the world. Marshal tells about getting in and out of a job, being excited over job openings, getting fired on the first day, and the struggle of not having the power to take care of his family and his children. The lyrics are very powerful and might even make you shed a tear. Also, the flow of this song is just phenomenal. The storytelling is a great thing too. It tells his past in a very detailed way. This song is definitely 10/10. It has very few flaws, and the flaws are really tiny things that don't really matter in terms of music, but in terms of quality and "Oh, is this song gonna be as good as the other songs on the album?" Hope this helped.

19 Berzerk

This is one of Eminem's greatest songs of all time. It's such a big hit. I'm surprised it's not in the top 10. It deserves a much better ranking, and I can't get it out of my head. The lyrics are also awesome.

He brought Shady back with a mix of some Beastie Boys and '80s music. What more could you ask for?

This is one kick-ass song. It has a great tempo and killer lyrics from the Rap God. This song makes me want to get off my ass and do something.

20 No Love

This is mind-blowing! Some of the lyrics are out of this world. I'm not normally a fan of Lil Wayne, but when I first heard this song, I was greatly surprised and inspired. The song talks about standing up for your rights and equality and addresses how bad bullying is, as well as its effects on your personal life. The video is inspiring, and the song is equally inspiring. I'm struggling to describe this mind-blowing piece of music. Watch the music video and see how impressive it is.

What the hell? No Love is literally top 5 material. It's way better than Mockingbird, Not Afraid, and Like Toy Soldiers. This song is extremely motivational in a neutral way (a little good and bad). It shows how good Lil Wayne really is, or used to be, and it's a very good pump-up song. How is this not even in the top 15?

In my opinion, the ranking is Lose Yourself > No Love > When I'm Gone > Stan > Till I Collapse > Rap God. I've listened to more tracks than just those, though.

21 Bad Guy

One of my personal favorites. Honestly, you could argue that the final verse is his best, or at least one of his best. He's rapping from the perspective of Matthew, the brother of Stan, who killed himself and his pregnant wife because Eminem was late to respond, and just goes off. Matthew kidnaps Eminem and kills him. But in doing so, Eminem realizes that Matthew is just an emotion inside of him, representing all those he ever insulted, offended, or hurt in his raps from years earlier. This is how all that is coming back to hit him harder. Pure genius. You won't find anybody else in the world, dead or alive, with the ability to do that.

22 Role Model

What the heck?! This is easily one of the top 5! The video is also fantastic, the lyrics are funny, and it's actually a very catchy song!

Well, don't YOU want to grow up to be just like me?

This song is just insane. Amazing lyrics and sense of humor, plus a catchy beat. These early Eminem songs are the reason why I became a fan of rap.

Best song. I don't like Eminem that much, but this song I will always go back and listen to.

23 White America

Eminem has so many songs that it's almost impossible to make a list and rank them. This track makes it even more difficult. Not even Eminem can top this. You can feel his anger and frustration in every line he raps. This song deserves to be way up on the list.

Really? 47th? Wow. People should listen to a good Eminem song. This ranking is terribly low. Why doesn't anyone actually listen to a good number of Eminem songs before they vote on this flawed list?

When Em walks up to the mic onstage and clears his throat on "Curtains Up," then the next track starts when he screams "AMERICA!" - goosebumps!

24 Forgot About Dre

It's the 11th greatest rap song on the greatest rap songs list. So why is it 24th here? It should be at least in the top ten. This is one of the best duos in rap. Shady and Dre kill it.

How is this song not in the top 10? I love his older stuff better. Yes, this should be number 1!

This song is flat-out awesome, with nice bass and a super catchy hook. Dr. Dre is at his best in this song too.

25 I Need a Doctor

One of the few rap songs that actually conveys a good message - a song about friendship. Eminem's verses are heartwarming, and Dre's verse is just absolutely badass.

It probably says a lot when the song currently at #19 on Em's list is at #4 on Dr. Dre's list (I Need a Doctor), and the song currently at #33 on Em's list is at #4 on Jay-Z's list (Renegade).

It's not about the beautiful voice.
It's not about the fast rap.
It's not about the amazing video.
This song gives me goosebumps.
I cry almost every time I listen to it.

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