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July 30, 2015 - Best games for the highly anticipated console by Microsoft, the Xbox One. Originally dubbed the Xbox 720, the Xbox One is the sequel to the hugely successful (and simply awesome) Xbox 360. As well as this, the Xbox One is also the main competitor of Sony's PlayStation 4, so needs to be pretty darn good. This list is devoted to finding the best games available for the Xbox One. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
This game is unbelievable! It's graphics are stunning and it is the best in the series and has a beautiful control set paired with an excellent story line! Assassins creed is by far the greatest Xbox game and is cherished by many. It truly does deserve the title as the greatest Xbox one game.


It's the best assassins creed game ever made so far and maybe ever
So happy to see this above Call of Duty. Call of Duty got old and I only played from world at war to MW3 before black ops II turned me off from the series. Sure the multilayer was fun but the campaign was terrible. So I played 5 Call of Duty games and got bored. I've played all 6 AC's and I want more! I love games that focus on the single player experience. Those are the best in my opinion.
[Newest]I've never played this. But I'm sure it is good

Why in HELL is this not #1?


This will do for the Xbox One in 2014 what Halo did for the original Xbox back in 2001!
This will hopefully be the Call of Duty killer!


[Newest]It should top the list
More comments about Titanfall

3Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty ghost is a fantastic game with great dlc on the way I am buying the season pass on the first day
This game is so awesome once you see it
I play it and it was really good
[Newest]I hate this game its bad

4Battlefield 4
Epic FPS, Campain is amazing, So many plot twists, Multiplayer is the BEST. I literally Blew up a wall, and killed someone at the same time. Amazing.


Best FPS ever. Anyone who disagrees is younger than 8 and gets nude and cries in the corner.


It's the same thing as battlefield 3, and the graphics aren't that different from bf3. It's still good, but it feels like they just copy pasted a lot of stuff to play it safe.
[Newest]Rpg is so cool yo

5FIFA 14
FIFA is a 5 star game it has good viewing and as soon as it comes out shops are full of people wanting to buy it
I don't think anything else can be said about FIFA except its better then FIFA 13 the same amount as FIFA 13 was better FIFA 12. Still, it's a brilliant game.
Good features and make me more interested in football
[Newest]You guys really need to buy this game. Not an option

One of the top most anticipated games on my list. It's from the creators of My most favorite series; Bungie and Activation.
Can't wait for this game but mostly can't wait for the next batman arkham game


This should definitely be towards the top of the list -- if not at the top. If you actually knew anything about games, then you would know that this is one of the top most anticipated games of the year.
[Newest]Way underrated should be at least number #2 like Call of Duty but with aliens

7Forza Motorsport 5
I'm a fan if this series. My favorite was 3
One of the best games on Xbox it is better than need for speed. It is a Microsoft franchise game
Which other Xbox one allows you to drive like this?
[Newest]I think this game is good but is easy to complete

8Dead Rising 3
Dead rising three is so much better than all of those stupid single shooters.
Dead rising 3 is epic its probably the best game this year besides Grand Theft Auto 5
Dead rising 3 is the best game by miles, better than Call of Duty and boyfriend and AC4
[Newest]One of the "BEST" zombie games for Xbox one

9NBA 2K14
My Player makes this so good even though I am averaging 13 points for the timberwolves with like three rebounds and one assist and I only play eight or ten minutes? I wanted a trade to celtics, thunder, or nuggets, (i wanted a ring while I was on a team that I liked and I wanted the nuggets because they were like second in the conference so... ) I got traded to marvericks and now averaging 15 points per game with a career high of 29 with 4 rebs and 3 assists. I also average 3 to 4 rebs and 1-2 assists but my team is tenth in the conference so... I am going to stay this year but I might trade cause I never started a game which I think is a glitch
The Quality of this game is unreal, and unparalleled by any other game on this list. Best sports game ever made.
Nba2k14 is amazing the graphics are really good and the my career mode is amazing it legit makes you feel like your in the nba with the endorsements and cut scenes it is just a great game


[Newest]My favorite game of all time. Should be at the top

10Watch Dogs
One of the best looking game in the history of games
Graphic is so cool
Best graphics beats Grand Theft Auto 5
[Newest]What is up or down

The Contenders

I love minecraft. It is so fun ğŸŽ®
I know it is the best game ever best I love the game on Xbox one and PlayStation Two but I still agree at its rating it need to achieve one thousand stars if possible.
Nothing can beat Minecraft best game ever i👍👍👍 I love this game so cool I want to play it over and over again and again best ever it is so good I love this game so cool I don't want to stop writing about it it need a one hundred stars so cool don't want to stop writing about it ever it is so cool never stop playing it to cool just don't stop playing I love writing about it so cool never stop playing this game to cool so cool just don't stop playing it ever never ever ever in my life so cool I love this game to cool I love the game I love it I love it so so much never ever stop playing this game to to cool
Minecraft is just awesome
[Newest]I don't play it much anymore

12Ryse: Son of Rome
I'm so addicted to this game! Its awesome! The scenes are so real! If you like anything to do with old timey fighting in an arena you will love this game!
This is a great game with the most realistic graphics love campaign and gladiator mode both so realistic!
Best game ever! Just like Skyrim got nothing bad about it!
[Newest]Ryse is the only war game I ever played it is sick, crick, nick, wick, awesome

13Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto 5 is the best Grand Theft Auto ever. I love it. Its what Grand Theft Auto is all about. Money, empire building, cars and freedom. I sold it with my 360 to get the one. I can't wait for it to release on the one.
It is the best game I played


Best in the world


[Newest]It awesome should be 1

14Halo 5: Guardians
It's Halo. On Xbox One. Nothing can beat this.
Even though the teaser wasn't much for the masses of Halo fanatics, it already looks amazing! I can't believe that I got a PS3! I missed out on Halo at its prime... But not to worry! I got an Xbox One for Christmas! This and Tomb Raider will soon be my favourite games ever! (I'm Canadian, that's why I spell it like "favourite". Don't hate. )

As stated above, its a halo game. Therefore it should be number ONE.
[Newest]Why isn't this #1


15Assassin's Creed Unity
Can't Wait, its gonna be much better than Black Flag, and, Paris in that game will be the size of actual Paris.
Its awesome has coop and takes place in Paris. And you customize your assassin. Better than black flag by a lot
I have always love assassins creed games and this won is the best.
[Newest]Great graphics and wished all the series was on Xbox one

16Madden NFL 25
Dylan thinks Madden nfl 25 is the best Xbox game in the world
I like Madden 25 in all but I like Madden 15 is better. There both of my favorites
Madden NFL 25 is the best game ever it is thumbs-up I love it it's my favorite

17Lego Marvel Super Heroes
A splendid Marvel game
It will be on first
Awesome really awesome I love playing it.

18Far Cry 4
How is this game not in the top 10. Best Game
Yea it should be in top 10

19Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Online multiplayer is messed up and needs fixed but overall it is a great game to have if your a fan or want a new game/series to get into


Its going to be awesome to play halo 2 on Xbox one again I have such fond memories of this game
The game which will save the Xbox one thanks to the halo 2 campaign being remastered.

20Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
There is a LOT to say about Metal Gear Solid V, especially Phantom Pain, 1st open-world Metal Gear Solid game, and it looks VERY awesome. I HIGHLY recommend this when this comes out instead of Call of Duty: Ghosts (just my opinion).

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