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Best games for the highly anticipated console by Microsoft, the Xbox One. Originally dubbed the Xbox 720, the Xbox One is the sequel to the hugely successful (and simply awesome) Xbox 360. As well as this, the Xbox One is also the main competitor of Sony's PlayStation 4, so needs to be pretty darn good. This list is devoted to finding the best games available for the Xbox One. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
This game is unbelievable! It's graphics are stunning and it is the best in the series and has a beautiful control set paired with an excellent story line! Assassins creed is by far the greatest Xbox game and is cherished by many. It truly does deserve the title as the greatest Xbox one game.


It's the best assassins creed game ever made so far and maybe ever
So happy to see this above Call of Duty. Call of Duty got old and I only played from world at war to MW3 before black ops II turned me off from the series. Sure the multilayer was fun but the campaign was terrible. So I played 5 Call of Duty games and got bored. I've played all 6 AC's and I want more! I love games that focus on the single player experience. Those are the best in my opinion.
[Newest]It's pretty bad when a multi plat is number 1
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Why in HELL is this not #1?


This will hopefully be the Call of Duty killer!


This will do for the Xbox One in 2014 what Halo did for the original Xbox back in 2001!
Think this will be good!
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3Call of Duty: Ghosts
This game is so awesome once you see it
Call of Duty ghost is a fantastic game with great dlc on the way I am buying the season pass on the first day
I play it and it was really good
[Newest]Fantastic story, campaign Call of Duty done it again with Modern warfare 2,3, Black ops 1,2 and the upcoming Call of Duty advanced warfare. But the aliens in this game suck. Multiplayer did impress me but black ops 2 multiplayer was better but the campaign was like a race to the finish line. Grade A-


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4Battlefield 4
Epic FPS, Campain is amazing, So many plot twists, Multiplayer is the BEST. I literally Blew up a wall, and killed someone at the same time. Amazing.


Best FPS ever. Anyone who disagrees is younger than 8 and gets nude and cries in the corner.


It's the same thing as battlefield 3, and the graphics aren't that different from bf3. It's still good, but it feels like they just copy pasted a lot of stuff to play it safe.
[Newest]Amazing game, amazing franchise
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5FIFA 14
FIFA is a 5 star game it has good viewing and as soon as it comes out shops are full of people wanting to buy it
I don't think anything else can be said about FIFA except its better then FIFA 13 the same amount as FIFA 13 was better FIFA 12. Still, it's a brilliant game.
Good features and make me more interested in football
[Newest]I have to admit I bought the Xbox because I wanted to play Titanfall. I bought it, played it and was completely disappointed after 1 or 2 hours. I had to rely on the only other game I had for the console, FIFA 14. I had never been interested in football or any other sport for that matter, but this game is genius. It has made me 100% more interested in soccer and I can't stop playing it every free moment I have. I'm also really excited for the upcoming world cup because of this game.
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6Dead Rising 3
Dead rising three is so much better than all of those stupid single shooters.
Dead rising 3 is the best game by miles, better than Call of Duty and boyfriend and AC4
Dead rising 3 is epic its probably the best game this year besides Grand Theft Auto 5
What the other guy said
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7Forza Motorsport 5
I'm a fan if this series. My favorite was 3
One of the best games on Xbox it is better than need for speed. It is a Microsoft franchise game
Which other Xbox one allows you to drive like this?
The graphics are amazing, driving mechanics and feel are fantastic - and the maps... Extraordinary.
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One of the top most anticipated games on my list. It's from the creators of My most favorite series; Bungie and Activation.
Can't wait for this game but mostly can't wait for the next batman arkham game


This should definitely be towards the top of the list -- if not at the top. If you actually knew anything about games, then you would know that this is one of the top most anticipated games of the year.
Best game ever! All that needs saying. Why the hell not number 1
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9Watch Dogs
One of the best looking game in the history of games
Graphic is so cool
Best graphics beats Grand Theft Auto 5
Pretty cool graphics, incredibly better than Grand Theft Auto-V.
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10Ryse: Son of Rome
I'm so addicted to this game! Its awesome! The scenes are so real! If you like anything to do with old timey fighting in an arena you will love this game!
This is a great game with the most realistic graphics love campaign and gladiator mode both so realistic!
Best game ever! Just like Skyrim got nothing bad about it!
Vastly overrated, it's to linear and repetitive.
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The Contenders

11NBA 2K14
My Player makes this so good even though I am averaging 13 points for the timberwolves with like three rebounds and one assist and I only play eight or ten minutes? I wanted a trade to celtics, thunder, or nuggets, (i wanted a ring while I was on a team that I liked and I wanted the nuggets because they were like second in the conference so... ) I got traded to marvericks and now averaging 15 points per game with a career high of 29 with 4 rebs and 3 assists. I also average 3 to 4 rebs and 1-2 assists but my team is tenth in the conference so... I am going to stay this year but I might trade cause I never started a game which I think is a glitch
The Quality of this game is unreal, and unparalleled by any other game on this list. Best sports game ever made.
Nba2k14 is amazing the graphics are really good and the my career mode is amazing it legit makes you feel like your in the nba with the endorsements and cut scenes it is just a great game


This is the best video game ever!
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I love minecraft. It is so fun 🎮
Minecraft is just awesome
Very good game. It's not common and that's what makes it good
[Newest]Talk it over with 50xbox players. They will think Minecraft is the best. I'm even surprised PS4 Minecraft got poor views. Minecraft is a good game when you're bored. (MOM! Can You get me Minecraft)
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13Halo 5: Guardians
It's Halo. On Xbox One. Nothing can beat this.
Even though the teaser wasn't much for the masses of Halo fanatics, it already looks amazing! I can't believe that I got a PS3! I missed out on Halo at its prime... But not to worry! I got an Xbox One for Christmas! This and Tomb Raider will soon be my favourite games ever! (I'm Canadian, that's why I spell it like "favourite". Don't hate. )

As stated above, its a halo game. Therefore it should be number ONE.
[Newest]The game's not even out yet, we haven't seen any gameplay, how do we know it's awesome. It could totally suck


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14Grand Theft Auto V
It is the best game I played


Best in the world


Oh! What a GAME! Just awesome! I hope it is in no1#


[Newest]Its not out for Xbox one

HEIL Hitler

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15Assassin's Creed Unity
Can't Wait, its gonna be much better than Black Flag, and, Paris in that game will be the size of actual Paris.
I have always love assassins creed games and this won is the best.
Though its not released yet, I think it will be one of the best!

16Injustice: Gods Among Us
I love the character Superman! He is so awesome. Also, GreenArrow is cool too, and Batman, and amazing skins. It is such an awesome game, so muck like Mortal Kombat
Coolest superhero game ever
Where is Mortal combat?

17Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
There is a LOT to say about Metal Gear Solid V, especially Phantom Pain, 1st open-world Metal Gear Solid game, and it looks VERY awesome. I HIGHLY recommend this when this comes out instead of Call of Duty: Ghosts (just my opinion).
I'm pretty solid just talking about this game haha no I like kids

18Madden NFL 25
Dylan thinks Madden nfl 25 is the best Xbox game in the world
Blue 42 set hit hike
This Should be number 1. 1!

19Lego Marvel Super Heroes
A splendid Marvel game
It will be on first

20Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Its going to be awesome to play halo 2 on Xbox one again I have such fond memories of this game
My cozen loves halo and master Chief.
The graphics look dopetastic

21Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is the best game I've ever played on Xbox One.

22Killer Instinct
I got real angry and jealous when I heard killer instinct was coming out on Xbox one but when I saw the trailer it didn't look that bad but I still prefer the killer instinct for snes
Best quality game we had on consoles since a very long time.. This game should be top 5!
Great fighting game. Top list of fighting games of all time.
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23Halo: Spartan Assault
Very cool out of this world


24Star Wars: Battlefront
This will be an amazing game

25The Elder Scrolls Online
A lot of people hate on this game because it was not as good as they expected but I don't think that the game is even 1/2 bad, it has a great feel, a great multiplayer and its an amazing game in general and it is worth the money
This will be an amazing game!
I think this game is awesome
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This is my favorite horror game of all time, and since I only have 5 games for my One it is my favorite ^__^


27FIFA 15
I hope it's going to be better than FIFA 14

28Tom Clancy's The Division
An RPG aspect in a shooter based in a ravaged world. Don't see that a lot, do you?

29Just Dance 2014
BEST GAME EVER it should be on the first place you wont be sitting all the time but dancing and creating your own it is just PERFECTION %
It isn't like those lazy games where you sit all day long.
You wont be sitting on your ass with this game
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30Far Cry 4
Best game! Who doesn't LOVE FarCry!
Stop saying F.. K!

31The LEGO Movie Videogame
The Lego movie video game is so cool

32Dying Light
Best looking game hope it lives up to what it is showing us but looks great.


I just voted so I could comment since this game looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but it hasn't actually come out yet.

Why isn't this on top, what is wrong with you people

34The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Think Skyrim world & atmosphere, Game of Thrones writing/characters, Arkham Asylum combat, all improved with next-gen technology.
What! Ihate this site and the people who vote in it

35Battlefield: Hardline

36Rise of the Tomb Raider

37Quantum Break
Seriously TitanFall in #5? A mp-only game?
Battlefield4 in #3? A game full of glitches?

Quantum Break, developed by remedy the guys who made max payne and alan wake I expect a masterpiece!
Put Quantum Break in the #1 SPOT!
New exclusive release by Remedy Studios
Looks great!
Quantum Break is just awesome

38Mirror's Edge 2

39The Evil Within
The true next horror game, up against Resident Evil, hopefully it makes up for RE6

40LEGO The Hobbit
I wouldn't mind a Hobbit game, but adding Lego makes it a kiddy game.

41Skylanders Swap Force

42NBA 2K15

We're the people who made this Mexican?
Honestly, I think this game is racsist... everything about it
GET IT TO NUMBER ONE! This game is so funny!


44Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

45The Amazing Spider-Man 2
I've been waiting to get that game, and I'm still waiting. Love the first game and I can't wait to play this one
All of the Spider Man games are just not good.
The amazing spider man2 the bomb I love iove that and I got when first came out in gamestop

46Alien: Isolation
Alien Isolation is an assortment of adventure and horror! I love this game!

47Cyberpunk 2077

48EA Sports UFC
Game looks so real

49Final Fantasy XV
The gameplay was awesome, the story is pretty much unthinkable. but it made it much more waitable

50Mortal Kombat X
I've played it since I was 4. best game ever
I love Mortal Kombat

51The Crew
Racing games looks boss
The Crew is AMAZING! The Crew is awesome because you can go all around the U.S.A. 's biggest and best cities. You are also able to design the car you drive. If you don't like this game, you are INSANE!

52Trials Fusion
Great game! This needs to be in the top 20 at least!


53Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
First of all the game has 3d graphics, second of all this game is like a nonviolent version of Call of Duty, it's also more easy, this is all I got
' like a nonviolent version of Call of Duty ' I totally 100% agree on this.
This game looks amazing!
I have it and its kinda stupid, to get stuff, you need to get sticker packs, and they copy Ghosts but replace words like Deathmatch or Kill with vanquish, that's wrong... just wrong.
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54Mad Max
Can't wait for this game

55Dragon Age: Inquisition

56Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Number one-anything LOTR will be amazing on Xbox one

57Sunset Overdrive
How is this not number 1? At least top 10
Can't wait to play this game
It looks so cool
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59Zoo Tycoon
I love Zoo Tycoon! It is so addicting!
It should be number 1! I have it and I'm on level 40!


60Disney Infinity 2.0
Better than Skylanders Trap team.
Awesome game!
You can build whatever you want with NO
LIMITATIONS! How legit is that!


62Tetris Ultimate

This is a spectacular game! It is very atmospheric and it feels like you are in the game. There are some good puzzles and in one part there are traps. I have not yet completed the game but so far, AMAZING!

64Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

65NBA Live 14

66Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

67Madden NFL 15

68Phantom Dust
Too amazing for words! A shame that it wasn't very well know back in the Original Xbox days, but when the Reboot releases for the Xbox One, it's going to be so popular! The redesign was unexpected but hopefully the gameplay didn't change from the original.

69Sniper Elite 3
Best Strategic FPS improves on V2

70Mighty No. 9

71Child of Light

72Murdered: Soul Suspect
This is an amazing game! The storyline is so unique! You have to solve your own murder as a ghost, with special powers. A downside to this game is the mouth movement when people talk is not as fluid if you know what I mean. The mouth basically looks like it is just moving up and down. I have not finished the game yet, I have not got very far but this deserves to be much higher. I can't really decide which is my favourite Xbox One game but this is definitely one of them!


74Crimson Dragon

75Powerstar Golf

76Shadow Warrior

77NHL 15
Why is it so low? Best game in existance

78Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

79WWE 2K15
In the poster of the game there will be John Cena
I am number 1 fan of WWE in the world
Best game with so cool graphics.
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80Forza Horizon 2
Not out yet though.
Good for the Xbox One, but absolutely rubbish for the Xbox 360. As far as I know, they have different game engines (Playground Games for Xbox One which led the original Forza Horizon for the Xbox 360 to awesomeness, and Sumo Digital for the Xbox 360, which I know is gonna lead the 360 version of the game to absolute disaster).


This game looks amazing top 10 at least

81Skylanders Trap Team
Skylanders is a stupid game and anyone over the age of 5 that plays this game need to get a life.


83Dead Island 2
It sounds very fun

84Payday 2

85R.B.I. Baseball 14

86WWE 2k14

87Dance Central Spotlight

88Fallout 4

89Infamous: Second Son
Why is this not further in the list

90Need for Speed: Rivals
Amazing graphics and gameplay
Need for speed is the best racing game with many super cars
The best racers and the best cops.
By the way, the Koenigsegg One:1 is a free DLC.


91Rayman Legends
It is a beautiful game. Rayman Origins was good but this is way better
Just awesome, and has CASTLE ROCK, with BLACK BETTY AS A SOUNDTRACK!
I wish I had the artistic ability as the artists who worked on this game.
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92Kingdom Hearts III
If you have seen the graphics they there amazing and this game will beat the all others.
This game is amazing! Square Enix mixed with TONS of childhood Disney characters?!?! THAT is unbeatable, and should EASILY make this game number one. enough Said.
I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts game, and I can't wait until Kingdom Hearts III comes out


More comments about Kingdom Hearts III

93Batman: Arkham Knight
Dude. You can't go wrong with Batman. His new suit is amazing!
Everybody pre order this game at GameStop for the Red Hood DLC pack! This game is going to be awesome
I have been waiting for this game a long time. I'm so excited for the driving of the batmobile and all the other new gadgets and crimes you can solvr

94Peggle 2
You're kidding this has to be top 5 haha best game ever

95Wolfenstein: The New Order
It looks so good!

96Kinect Sports Rivals
Very Fun game And uaaa ya very cool

It is a fun game
Buy it

It's exciting to here that the creators of the Left 4 Dead series come to make a new game!

99Fighter Within

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