Things We Want to See On Xbox One In the Future

The Xbox One is an amazing console as it is, with an epic controller and fantastic graphics and powerful hardware, some brilliant games and brilliant features, but this list aims to find what we want to be added to Xbox One to make it even better. No Xbox haters are wanted here.
The Top Ten
1 More Respect for the Xbox One

Yeah Microsoft pitched the console badly, but that makes the pitch bad, not the console. But because of that bad pitch, the Xbox One has suffered from poorer sales than Sony's PlayStation 4. The Xbox One has still had immense sales, but not as much as the PS4, and has caused many gamers to slag off the One even though they don't have one. Just because the PS4 is more popular doesn't mean it's better does it. Justin Bieber is more popular than many of our favourite bands, but that doesn't mean he's better does it, because he most certainly isn't. Xbox One is awesome, so respect both consoles and their fans and creators.

2 Backwards Compatibility

The Xbox One already has backwards compatibility, just not for all 360 games.

3 Availability In Different Colours
4 Lower Price
5 Ability to Access the Hard Drive
6 Ability to Save MP3 Files
7 More Free Games
8 A Smaller Version

Xbox One S has released.

9 More Games
10 Ability to Play Used Games

You already have the ability to play used games. There was never a point when you didn't.

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11 Better Shape
12 More Storage
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