Most Wanted Xbox One Games

The Top Ten
1 Batman Arkham 4

There has been so many hints to a next game the batman arkham franchise this my favourite game franchise now that rocksteady and wb montreal take it into turns now its getting me pumped rocksteady has been hinting it for so long now. Its set to be realeased 2014 on Xbox one

2 Suicide Squad

Wb montreal are susposed to doing a suicide squad game hope it is they would do so well after arkham origins now they have time to work on it because rocksteady are realeasing a batman arkham game this year 2014.

3 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

I can't wait to get that game is my favourite Call of Duty ever

Can't wait this is going to be amazing

4 Grand Theft Auto 6

Woah! If Grand Theft Auto 6 came out right now I would fall down the stairs

My cousin works at rockstarr and said that there is definitely going to be grand theft auto 6

I just want to vote again

5 Batman Arkham 6

Arkham knight or 4 is the last in the series but that would be really cool

6 Call of Duty: Ghosts 2

SPOILERS IF you haven't FINISHED GHOSTS ok at the end of ghosts there is a cutscene showing us that rorke didn't die if you look to the right rorke breaks your arm saying that we are going to destroy the ghosts together and drags you away and brainwashes you.

7 Homefront 2

It has been confirmed but no information

8 Battlefield Bad Company 3

It also has been confirmed but we will have to wait until star wars battlefront 3 and mirrors edge 2 realeases

9 Titanfall 2

Even though the first one isn't out yet (at the time of me writing this)

Devolopers respawn entertainment said that titanfall 2 will be coming out soon.

10 Dead Rising 4

There were so many Easter eggs in dead rising 3 that hinted another game.

The Contenders
11 Max Payne 4
12 Minecraft
13 Doom 4
14 Far Cry 5
15 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
16 Elder Scrolls 6
17 Evolve 2
18 Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Okay, my relatives are cray cray bout this game

19 Borderlands 3

I really like borderlands and a REAL borderlands game hasn't been out in a while

20 Far Cry Primal 2
21 Battlefield 1
22 Overwatch 2
23 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Beath-taking actions, mysterious strory, heart melting music, amazing peotry, seductive characters.

24 A New Counter-Strike

CS:GO's getting boring, it would be good if they launched a new one.

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