Best Xbox Consoles

There is one for Nintendo and Play Station. But not XBOX. So I made this.
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1 Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Product Image

This might as well had been that whole Xbox company. This is probably one of the greatest consel there and not to mention this was also my childhood

Everybody had Xbox 360! Xbox 360 made Xbox famous. My aunt has two, My friends housemats have 2 and my other friends family has one. It's so popular!

I like the 360 and not the one because the one has so many things going on you have no privacy I mean come one what if your trying to change cloths and some one Skype's you

Xbox 360 should be number 1 all you Xbox one fans should realize nobody exept you go, s on judging consoles by their release

2 Xbox Xbox Product Image

This is an old console but it was good for that time! Like a more advanced NES I'd called Xbox! Xbox has great games!

Xbox 360 is undoubtedly a more advanced system, but I still enjoy the old "gritty" feel of this console. Has great games like Morrowind, Star Wars: Obiwan, etc.

Morrowind is the best action rpg of all time. sorry skyrim, I still love you!

The 4th Best Game Console Ever

3 Xbox One Xbox One Product Image

I just got one of these and it works well but the controller is a bit too flat

It is true that XBOX one is in 4th place for good consoles.

Yes, it may not have been the most revolutionary but all in all I love the X1. I thought Xbox 360 controllers were perfect until I held an Xbox One controller. I also love the UI. There are plenty of things that could be improved but I think this console is great.

I like to use it and it is fast

4 Xbox One S Xbox One S Product Image

The best console I love this

Ridiculous quality due to the new HDR gaming!

I want this so bad! I can play the Sims 4, Forza motorspor and Starwars!

Great looking console! classy white!

5 Xbox 360 E Xbox 360 E Product Image

I have one of these right now and it works soooo well. I had for about 6 years now and it works perfectly

By far the best Xbox of all time. As soon as it became perfect, they dumped the Xbox one on us.

6 Xbox One X

I'd say Xbox One X is the second-best console that has ever been made so far. Xbox 360 is FIRST because it brung so many good memories.

Why this? It is best console in the world

Give it first place

Hmm. I like the s model better


7 Xbox 360 S
8 Xbox Series X
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