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1 Scorpia

It is definitely the best book in the series, This book is AMAZING

Excuse me. I'm halfway through the seventh book and this has been the worst so far. Tedious for me.

I think this is the best of the 9 original Alex Rider books. It has great depth, excitement and a brilliant back-story to Alex's past. Russian Roulette, despite not really featuring Alex, is also excellent - certainly the darkest and most grown-up. There are many parallels between Roulette and Scorpia.

Having just read Never Say Die, I would certainly say this is almost as good as (or maybe equal to) Scorpia.

In my opinion, Crocodile Tears and Snakehead are the two AR books which are not as good as the others.


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2 Scorpia Rising

I love this book. And I love the death... it's realistic and heartbreaking. Alex is clearly broken, suffering from PTSD, but he lives- although his pain when he killed Julius was real. Julius made a great villain, sadistic and genuinely scary. I like how it ends- things aren't perfect but they're better, and it's going to be alright. A brilliant end to the series.

This is by far the best especially with that gun battle at the end plus smithers was amazing

This book was the most heartbreaking of them all. Although it has very little action, I think it's still the best because it really focused on majority of the characters' development(eg Alex, Blunt, Jones). It also shows the moral issue behind using a teen spy.

In my opinion, the villains plot was too weak.

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3 Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin

The ending with Vladimir and Ivan was shocking and so damn cool

Best book ever!



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4 Crocodile Tears

Ver epic

Such a thriller with parts where nothing turns into everything! Love how the character of Desmond McCains' final moments too - felt it building up to that in the last few chapters! THE BEST AR BOOK BY FAR!


I love this it is full of surprises! Desmond McCain is boss - CityGuru

5 Point Blanc


Super good

Deserves to be higher. Final two chapters are beast

By far the best

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6 Snakehead

I have read all 10 book in the series and 4 short stories and Snakehead is by far the best book produced by Anthony Horowitz.

Fantastic! Best book in the series by miles!

How is this not number 1?...

The best

7 Ark Angel

To me this is the best in the series. it made me feel like I was alex

Ark Angel is great, especially with the battle in space at the end - ShuhBanggg

8 Stormbreaker

It was a good starters book and was a easy read.

9 Eagle Strike

"Alex really test his skills"

Why number 9? Easily #1. Damian cray is the ultimate villain and amazing setup for the next one. My personal favorite.

Alex rider does it on his own! it just shows he dose not need any help. He is a talented spi

10 Never Say Die

This is Brilliant. The reunion between Jack and Alex is beautiful, for me Top 3.

Wow just wow

I'm excited for this book to come out! I love this series. - ChuckLaunching

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11 Skeleton Key

One of the best deserves to be higher

12 The Gadgets

Great book. Really shows the Gadgets and their importance.

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