Top 10 Alex Rider Books

The Top Ten Alex Rider Books

1 Scorpia

It isn't as good as some of the others but it sure ain't the worst.

I think this is the best of the 9 original Alex Rider books. It has great depth, excitement and a brilliant back-story to Alex's past. Russian Roulette, despite not really featuring Alex, is also excellent - certainly the darkest and most grown-up. There are many parallels between Roulette and Scorpia.

Having just read Never Say Die, I would certainly say this is almost as good as (or maybe equal to) Scorpia.

In my opinion, Crocodile Tears and Snakehead are the two AR books which are not as good as the others.

It is definitely the best book in the series, This book is AMAZING

Excuse me. I'm halfway through the seventh book and this has been the worst so far. Tedious for me.

2 Scorpia Rising

Amazing read, an incredible finale to the main plot of the series. It is a roller-coaster of emotions, with exiting and tense moments and heartbreaking ones ( read the book and you'll see what I mean). The villain is pure evil but at the same time has a story of their own and it also includes probably my favourite character in the series, Julius Grief. He is a clone of Dr. Hugo Grief made to look like Alex through plastic surgery, and last appeared in point blanc, which was another incredible book. Here he returns for revenge, but this book really emphasises his character (in a good way).The face-off between him and Alex in the rain is amazing and just everything about this book is just fantastic. I can't say any more. READ THIS THRILLING BOOK! ( make sure you read the previous novels first though.)

I love this book. And I love the death... it's realistic and heartbreaking. Alex is clearly broken, suffering from PTSD, but he lives- although his pain when he killed Julius was real. Julius made a great villain, sadistic and genuinely scary. I like how it ends- things aren't perfect but they're better, and it's going to be alright. A brilliant end to the series.

This one just got darker, grittier and far more brutal than any of the others; a phenomenal finale and so much coming to fruition.

This is by far the best especially with that gun battle at the end plus smithers was amazing

3 Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin

Just Over The Top (Beyond Expectations) I'm Literally Speechless Because yasha/Yassen an innocent Young Boy who is always ready to help and care is turned into a slave or food taster then to An ASSASSIN who has no feelings and cares about no one

Should have Russian roulette number 2 can't wait to read it should be top 3

Russian roulette was easily the most high quality Alex rider book. This tonal grittiness and realism twist with an increadible premise. A heart pounding experience with the most impressive plot about failure family courage regret and grief. This installment has a lot of love for fan favourite character Yassen Gregorvich and expands on him with grate imagination. This story is an emotional rollercoaster and adds an ingenious level complex emotions we now feel towards this character. We empathise with him, understand his guilt, cry with him and even try to forgive him. This take on the character is a lot more creative and better than the older version, actually giving him believable storys motivations traits rather than having him being the stareotypical cool assassin guy. I really can’t put into context how good this book is. As someone who knows what a decent and cohesive story, I love this book a lot.

The ending with Vladimir and Ivan was shocking and so damn cool

4 Point Blanc

The best one and there's not anything anyone can say that will change my mind.

It has a great plot in the book and has great stereo typical villains such as Mrs stellenbosch who is my favorite villain. It also has many mysterious deaths such as Michael Roscoe and the Russian business man.

Deserves to be higher. Final two chapters are beast

By far the best

5 Crocodile Tears

This should of been the number 1 book. I love the alex rider series but this book must of been written with a magic pen. So much tension and fear. Love it.

Such a thriller with parts where nothing turns into everything! Love how the character of Desmond McCains' final moments too - felt it building up to that in the last few chapters! THE BEST AR BOOK BY FAR!

I love this it is full of surprises! Desmond McCain is boss - CityGuru

Simply Flawless, one of the best books I ever read

6 Stormbreaker

Amazing books that attracts the young readers eye

The first of the best book series I have ever read

It was a good starters book and was a easy read.

Very catching and cool

7 Snakehead

I have read all 10 book in the series and 4 short stories and Snakehead is by far the best book produced by Anthony Horowitz.

Fantastic! Best book in the series by miles!

How is this not number 1?...

Ash working with Scorpia really surprised me.

8 Ark Angel

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. This book is brilliant. Stormbreaker, Snakehead, Crocodile Tears, Point Blanc, Russian Roulette, Scorpia Rising, Scorpia, are great. But Ark Angel topped all the lists except for this one.

Ark Angel is great, especially with the battle in space at the end - ShuhBanggg

This book has the best villain plot

The launch is the best part

9 Eagle Strike

Ever since I read this book when I was in Grade 6, I strongly felt that this was the best Alex Rider book. I liked the story so much that I would read it more than doing in class work sometimes.

It is the book that led to Scorpia and the main action in this series and Yassens sacrafice was totally unexpected. When Damian Cray killed himself I didn't know what to think I thought he had killed Alex!

I love all Alex Rider books and this one was equally amazing! After I read Russian Roulette though,it gave me a totally different perspective on Yassen in this book and I feel he shouldn't have died! Damian Cray was also a great portrayal of a villain,who had good intentions but was kinda mad.

Why number 9? Easily #1. Damian cray is the ultimate villain and amazing setup for the next one. My personal favorite.

10 Never Say Die

I'm excited for this book to come out! I love this series. - ChuckLaunching

This is Brilliant. The reunion between Jack and Alex is beautiful, for me Top 3.

Alex in a quest around the worls

Great read

The Contenders

11 Skeleton Key

Sarov's death was super surprising this was my favorite it barely edged out Ark Angel

One of the best deserves to be higher

Needs to be much higher

Sarov's death was sad

12 Secret Weapon

Awesome, great short stories


13 Nightshade

Looks amazing

Looks great

14 The Gadgets

Really great and addictive fun will have the most amazing time ever!

Great book. Really shows the Gadgets and their importance.

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