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1 Scorpia

I have all 10 Alex Riders and the 4 short stories, accident in Nice is the Best, and they are all great but my personal favourite is Scorpia just because of the shere depth it gets into about personal life

A great book for the reason of the story line. SPOILER ALERT. Mrs Rothman is obviously tricking Alex and he probably knows it but he is still saying Maybe. In my opinion, Spy book of the decade. Yes, ahead of James Bond! - GGaming

I haven't read the book, but everyone's opinion seems promising


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2 Scorpia Rising

This one just got darker, grittier and far more brutal than any of the others; a phenomenal finale and so much coming to fruition.

3 Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin

Just finished this and it is super high on my list

One of the best first person narratives


I have read all Alex Rider books, and the best one is Russian Roulette by far...

Yassen is my favorite character in the whole series because of this book, so much depth and really touches your heart...

What a masterpeice by Alex, great book, best Alex Rider book out there.

4 Crocodile Tears

I love this it is full of surprises! Desmond McCain is boss - CityGuru


5 Snakehead

I have read all 10 book in the series and 4 short stories and Snakehead is by far the best book produced by Anthony Horowitz.

Fantastic! Best book in the series by miles!

How is this not number 1?...

The best

6 Ark Angel

Ark Angel is great, especially with the battle in space at the end - ShuhBanggg

To me this is the best in the series. it made me feel like I was alex

7 Point Blanc

Deserves to be higher. Final two chapters are beast

By far the best


8 Stormbreaker
9 Eagle Strike

Why number 9? Easily #1. Damian cray is the ultimate villain and amazing setup for the next one. My personal favorite.

Alex rider does it on his own! it just shows he dose not need any help. He is a talented spi

10 Never Say Die

I'm excited for this book to come out! I love this series. - ChuckLaunching

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11 Skeleton Key

One of the best deserves to be higher

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