Top 10 Prettiest and Most Beautiful Female Warrior Cats

This is a list that shall show you pretty Warrior cats!
The Top Ten
1 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. She first appears in book 1, Into The Wild.

Spottedleaf, Spottedleaf. People say she's a stalker and she's mean, but it's all a lie. First off, she was an amazing medicine cat. Heck, she saved Ravenpaw after the Sunningrocks battle. Yes, she shooed Firepaw and Graypaw away, but most medicine cats would do that too. Then she was killed by Clawface (Almost cried in empathy for Firepaw), and she never stopped looking after her clan, guiding Fireheart/star when he was made a warrior. She also gave Firestar one of his 9 lives, and finally, she gave her life in the stars to save Sandstorm, Firestar's mate. Stop sending hate towards Spottedleaf. She's amazing. -Skycloud

I have seen a bunch of comments on this list, but one question really needs to be answered... Why are people this obsessed with female cats? People are using words like mouse-brained to insult others too like wow. I think that goes to show that the Warriors series has had an impact on this generation. Also yeah I chose Spottedleaf based on LOOKS, on the inside she's just a female version of Peeping Tom.

She is so pretty, gentle, and sweet! No wonder why so many cats had crushes on her. Spottedleaf was always so gentle with everyone and she was even really kind to Sandstorm, which must have been hard because she was mates with the cat she loved. I never shipped spottedxfire but I LOVE the thistlexspotted ship. It was so cute how he was so gentle and sweet towards her. Spottedleaft is beautiful inside and out.

She's so pretty and sweet! I know some people say she's a stalker and she's mean, but it's all a lie. First off, she was an amazing medicine cat. She also gave Firestar one of his 9 lives, and finally, she gave her life in the stars to save Sandstorm, Firestar's mate. Stop sending hate towards Spottedleaf. She's amazing.

2 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. she is a sleek, silver tabby she-cat with delicate silver markings and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe and mother of Feathertail and Stormfur. She more.

Silverstream, the mother of Stormfur and Feathertail, and Graystripes lost love. I haven't read Crookedstar's promise, but from what I know, Mapleshade's curse destroyed her family and her life. They don't give her enough credit. She died giving birth to her kits, and even gave Firestar one of his 9 lives. I'm also assuming she gave Mistystar one of her lives, so she's done so much to help the clans. She's just known for being pretty on the outside, but she's barely ever shown, so you don't get to see who she really is. She's such a good role model! -Skycloud

Silverstream's a brat, but I'm also a brat, so who cares? Also, this is based on looks, and I love her silver pelt! She's amazingly pretty! SIlverstream has got to be one of the most annoying and prettiest cats in the book.

Ah, Silverstream. The beautiful daughter of the pretty, lovely Willowbreeze. Silverstream broke the warrior code because her sweet natured heart could not stand to watch a poor young cat drown. It was so sad this poor young mother had to die so young and innocent and never see her children grow up( well in starclan of course). Silverstream died so her kits could live and her beautiful character lives on in her daughter like her own mother's character lived on in her. R.I.P Silverstream.

Honestly we didn't know Silverstream too well. What we do know is that (obviously) she was beautiful, and we are all going to agree that she was kind and loyal to her clan at heart, even though her and Graystripe were from different clans. -Mistypool

3 Feathertail Feathertail is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series called Warrior Cats. She's a slender, silver-tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes and a plump tail. She is the daughter of Silverstream and Graystripe, Stormfur's sister and Crowfeather's first love interest. She used to be more.

Feathertail, the gorgeous daughter of Silverstream and Graystripe. She was so nice and sweet, which is why StarClan chose her for a prophecy, and then the mountains selected her for a prophecy of their own. Not to mention she saw past Crowpaw/feather's hard exterior to the cat inside, then gave her life to save his. She doesn't get enough credit. All the top 3's are known for there looks, not personalities. But she's so sweet and caring! -Skycloud

Feathertail is just downright beautiful and sweet! Plus she is so caring and understanding, as shown when she falls for Crowfeather/paw. Although I don't think she should've died... Leafpool and Crowfeather couldn't have been together. At least she was actually HAPPY that Crowfeather moved on. It just shows she was pretty inside and out. -Mistypool

Feathertail is just beautiful, it doesn't matter if she's a half-clan at, she's still kind and caring and I feel so sorry for her that she didn't get to continue her relationship with Crowfeather even though it wouldn't have worked out.

Where do I even start. She was such a kind caring cat and I loved her beautiful silver pelt She showed kindness and patience to Purdy when he clearly didn’t know where they were going. She is my second favorite she cat coming after Brightheart for her looks AND kindness. She showed Crowfeather love when everyone one else hated him. I love her.

4 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool is a stunner. If you look at a picture of her you can just see how sleek, soft, and silky her pelt must be! Her colouring really goes well with her eyes, which have just a hint of green in them. She is the prettiest cat by far. I can see why Crowfeather fell in love with her! She might seem like the ordinary, every-day cat you can find anywhere, but then look at her closely. Do you see the evenness of her stripes, the snow-white tail-tip, chest, and muzzle? All these define her character amazingly. For her appearance is gentle, and so is her personality. I don't understand how anyone could bear to look at Squirrelflight compared to Leafpool! This glorious cat is wonderful. She is fabulous, and you could definitely describe her eyes of having "a glimmer that you can only see if you look for it". Because, although warmth shines out of them, really there is a touch of beauty in there. Also, the way white runs all the from her muzzle down to the end of her belly is so sweet! I ...more

She is so precious ... She is certainly really beautiful. Her personality matches her physique, really. I loved when she helped her sister heal Tawnypelt while she was on the trip to the drowning place.
I'd give a speech about how much I love Leafpool, but, god, I can't get the words out.
Sorry to speak English badly, it is not my main language.

She sacrificed so much JUST to be a medicine cat, then the other cats said she couldn’t be a medicine cat anymore because she had kits. Like seriously. She literally gave her kits up to Squirrelflight to be a medicine cat. She even gave up the one cat she loved, Crowfeather, to be a medicine cat. At this point she gave up SO much to be a medicine cat that you would think that job was like, ultra blessed where you would be worshiped and have fresh kill brought to you every single day and people would call you royal or whatever. When it turns out that job you actually just heal people. Sure some cats might say it’s and honorable job, and I agree, but she gave up so much for that job just to be kicked out of it. She also is a VERY pretty she cat. With that beautiful shiny coat and those unique eyes, I can see how such a salty cat like Crowfeather coyld love her beauty and kindness. She was very kind and consoling to injured cats and alway comforted them. She was such a kind and ...more

She is super pretty. She deserves to be at the top! I mean, I know every detail of her, even up to the fact that her eyes are 3% green and 97% amber! I mean, who else knows that? I have studied her incessantly for the past couple of years and I know that she is so pretty she could hardly exist. I mean, you just don't get that combination of eye colour with fur colour on your average everyday cat! And how come everyone's so obsessed with Spottedleaf? You can find a random calico cat anywhere. But Leafpool, she is something different. Although she looks like one of the plainest cats you could ever meet, believe me, she is rare. And she is stunning. Too so for me to express the way I worship her in words. She is as beautiful as a StarClan cat (and they are honestly amazing), no, even more beautiful actually! Goddesslike (even though warrior cats don't have goddesses). She is probably the most pretty cat you could possibly see. You will not find a cat anywhere else like Leafpool. Honest.

5 Squirrelflight

So stubborn and independent, just like Sandstorm, who is super gorgeous. She is so strong willed, and she went on the journey to the sun-drown place (aka the beach lol) with Brambleclaw, and helped save the clans and lead them to the lake. She acted like Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf were her kits even though they weren't, not to mention when Firestar died, Bramblestar chose her as deputy. She deserved it, too. She is an amazing role model! Give her more credit! -Skycloud

Squirrelflight is SO pretty. Way prettier than Leafpool. Her dark green eyes, and dark ginger fur is stunning. It's super cute how she has one white paw. Squirrelflight is absolutely gorgeous and her pelt is alluring. No wonder Bramblestar, Stormfur, and Ashfur all had a crush on her!

She is beautifulest cat in warriors series.No wonder she enchanted many strong warriors with her bushy tail and deep green eyes. It seems to me that she could be the most beautiful cat of all cats in all series. Also, her character is great and she is just perfect. She is my favorite cat and always will be.

In my opinion, Squirrelflight is a pretty cat. She's also my favorite. She has green eyes, and gorgerous (have I spelled that right?) dark ginger fur. Her one white paw makes her unique. (and not a female version of Firestar) It's no wonder that Ashfur developed obsession.

6 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

Hollyleaf is prettier than Leafpool, and Leafpool is STUNNING, making Hollyleaf one of the prettiest cats out there. She's so beautiful, but everyones like "No Spottedleaf and Silverstream are the prettiest!" Yes, both are pretty, but Hollyleaf did so much, and she doesn't recieve much credit for it. She returned to her clan and warned them about Sol stirring up trouble in the tunnels, then gave her own life to save Ivypool. Gosh! Give her more credit, people and other cats! -Skycloud

Oh, Hollyleaf! She is just so badass even though she broke the warrior cade by killing Ashfur, she only did it so Squirrelflight's secret wouldn't get out, and it's horrible that she had to get killed by a mudslide, at that point I felt so sorry for Fallen Leaves, Lionblaze and Jayfeather, cause they all had to experience such sadness of watching their sister die under that mudslide.:(

Hollyleaf is definitely one of my favorite characters. She's loyal to the warrior code and even when she ran away from her clan, she had the courage to come back and face the truth. She died saving Ivypool from Hawkfrost, though I think she would've made a great leader.

Hollyleaf... Black and lime green eyes... The dream team! I personally love black cats. But with lime green eyes... *chefs kiss* Leafpool and crowfeather did a great job!

7 Dappletail

Last time I checked, this wasn't about personality. Who cares if she's a brat? This list is titled "Top 10 Prettiest Warrior Cats". And sure, Dappletail is quite pretty.

Okay, it's true that she may be pretty with her "lovely" (more or so typical Blondie equivalent version for cats) tortoiseshell pelt, however based on previous votes, I think that it's fair to rely on inside out. Dappletail was shown to be over stubborn, nothing like a squirrel light personality though. She stole stormtail from moonflower, developing the personality because of her so called beauty, he lost all feelings for sweet little moon flower. There's nothing good about this cranky elder besides being lazy and relying.. why is she up here again?

Why is this so low on the list?!
I know she was not pretty after she became an elder, but she was still the most beautiful she cat in Thunderclan!
Respect people have some Respect

It's not Dappletail's fault Stomrtail was pursuing her while he was a father, he was a careless creep and Moonflower deserved way better than him.

Also practically every elder is cranky lol.

8 Brightheart

I HATE Daisy for making fun of her face and taking Cloudtail away from her! They were literally the cutest couple. She got hurt all the time, and she didn't show it! Her scar doesn't make her ugly, for goodness sake, she fought at least a 100 dogs, when she was an APPRENTICE, what do you expect Bluestar?! She's gonna come out more beautiful than ever? Her scars show that she was brave an didn't lurk in the shadows and do nothing! She put up with Cloudtail even when he was SO totally obsessed with Daisy!

I think Brightheart was you're average pretty queen before half of her face got ripped off by dogs. I think she deserves to be at the top for all the struggle she had to go through since she was so brave. And also her caramel and white fur go so nice together and match her toad-green eyes. I think how cheerful and calm she is makes her even more beautiful

I loved Brightheart since the day she was born. She was such a kind and caring she-cat and even after she lost her face, she was brave and put up with rude comments. Her amazing pelt color was just the start. She also was able to soothe Cloudtail when he was mad and put up with him when he was obsessed with Daisy. I still hate him to this day for that, and don’t see why people have a grudge over Daisy when she so clearly said to Brightheart “I love Cloudtail but he loves you so I won’t get in your way.” Like, Brightheart and Daisy are friends now too. But enough of Daisy. Back to Brightheart. She was an amazing compassionate and kind cat and was pretty patient with Jaypaw/feather when he was being rude and mean to her. Wow Brightheart is a great cat.

Brightheart may not be the prettiest anymore thanks to those stupid dogs but she is still pretty, and Cloudtail is one of the few cats who actually see beyond the injured part of her face.

9 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan. She has a deceased kit named Mosskit, a sister named Snowfur, a mother named Moonflower and a father named Stormtail. more.

I think Bluestar is one of the best leaders Thunderclan ever had. She is compassionate, calm and wise and made millions of sacrifices to prevent Thistleclaw from becoming leader of Thunderclan. She was Whitestorm's second mother and Firestar's mentor. She encouraged her clan to accept Firestar when he was an apprentice, and gave her last life saving him and the rest of her beloved clan from the dogs.

Bluestar, where do I begin... She has gray-blue fur and that "Teen forever look" It doesn't matter how old she gets, she always seems like the same, controlled, cool, cat she was before she went crazy. Also, I kind of agreed with her when she was insane. #WARONSTARCLAN Also I'm totally making a PMV of I'm blue for her, lol

Bluestar, Bluestar. Daughter of Moonflower and Stormtail, mated with Oakheart and gave birth to three kits, one of which died by the river, and she sacrificed so much for her clan. She gave up her kits! She cared for Whitekit(Whitestorm) after Snowfur died, and found Firestar, who pretty much saved the entire world. AND she saved Firestar from the dogs. One of the best leaders ever. -Skycloud

I love Bluestar she's amazing through and through. She's probably the best Leader Of TC. Even if she didn't become such a great leader later on.. but you can't blame her, she was still very amazing and loyal. Not to mention she was pretty much mentally unstable. Just her cold icy-blue eyes with her beautiful gray-blue fur *chefs kiss* just iconic!

10 Willowbreeze

Willowbreeze... you don't even need her description to know she's a stunner! Just by the sound of her name you know that Willowbreeze is a really pretty cat. She was always so sweet and nice to Crookedstar. I was really sad when she died.

Willowbreeze is a very pretty cat and it is sad when Mapleshade killed her and I hate Mapleshade for all the good cats she killed.

Willowbreeze is silver, Silverstream is silver and Feathertail is silver. I'm glad Willowbreeze passed that onto her daughter and granddaughter. I think silver fur is so pretty. :3

She is so darn pretty! I really, really wish that she didn't die. :( I just read Crookedstar's Promise... I absolutely HATE Mapleshade. But Willowbreeze was akways so kind and caring... always worried about her mate. It just wasn't fair. -Mistypool

The Contenders
11 Sandstorm

Sandstorm is just beautiful, I hate it when people say that she's just the average cat. She was super patient when Firestar was obsessed with Spottedleaf. No offense to Spottedleaf. Their Daughters are beautiful and did great things.

In my opinion she's prettier than Spottedleaf. (No hard feelings.) She sounds like a basic everyday cat, but if you listen to the small details you will realize just how beautiful she really is.

She is my absolute favorite character. She is so pretty with her sleek pelt and gentle green eyes. I can't understand why she isn't higher? She is kind and supportive, and super feisty too! She loves Firestar so much! She has played a massive role and I think she even deserved to become deputy. (Thinks of Brambleclaw *vomits*) Her fur is so soft and shiny! Please vote for her! I lover her personality and without her, many things would be different.

She is absolutely stunning especially her nice light ginger pelt and her beautiful green eyes she definitely deserves Firestar and Firestar deserves her.

12 Ivypool

Why is Ivypool so underrated? Look at what she did compared to most other people. But of course this list is about the cat's beauty. I believe she should be near the top if not at the top of the list. I am not being bias about this she is literally an all around great character who doesn't deserve to be this underrated. I won't go in depth because well that's what reading comments are for right? Thanks to the other people who put down this info on Ivypool as well as other cats.

Ivypool! Oh my gosh, where do I even begin?! Ivypool risked her life every night learning about the dark forest and when the attack would happen. Then she convinced Mousewhisker, Blossomfall, Birchfall, and Applefur to fight on the side of the clans. I can understand why she was so mean to Dovewing. Her sister was the 'best' at everything, and Ivypool was jealous. Ivypool is my second favorite cat! Also, Brightheart, Dovewing, and Ivypool are on this list. BUT WHERES WHITEWING?! -Skycloud

I love Ivypool's tabby pattern- or whatever that is- it's really pretty! But I chose her because of looks, so I'm not going to be screaming about how amazing her character is. The silver pattern on her is pretty and looks amazing!

I think that she is so under rated too! She deserves more than what she got, I don't hate Dovewing, but I think she got to much attention from the clans and that Ivypool deserved as much. She helped her clan so much, plus she sacrificed so much!

13 Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has light grey fur with Amber, green, or blue eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things more.

Beautiful Whitewing was her mom, and Dovewing inherited her beauty. Everyone says she's a Mary Sue. Excuse me, last time I checked, she broke the warrior code by meeting Tigerheart. Dovewing was given the power of super senses, and played a key part in saving the clans from the dark forest. She refilled the lake and stopped the beavers. She did so much to help. I still don't know WHY Whitewing isn't on this list, but whatever. Dovewing and Ivypool are amazing. -Skycloud

Stop calling her a Mary sue! Is she not allowed to be overwhelmed that she has the power to save or destroy the clans like cmo wouldn't anyone get stressed? She trusted her sister enough to tell her how she was really feeling .like u can't call someone a mary sue or whiny because she wanted to share her feelings with her sister honestly leave her be she's not the only character with a forbidden love story. Like come on pick on somecat else

Dovewing is the cutest cat! She also had AMAZING POWERS! She also saved ThunderClan from the Dark Forest. I think Dovewing should be at least in the top tens. Also please don't call her MARY SUE! She is not. She has beautiful white fur and blue eyes. What more could you ask for?

I've gotta admit, she's fairly pretty. This test isn't about personality, right? She has a well-balanced look but I still wouldn't call her the prettiest. Aldo, she is NOT a Mary-Sue, but I do hate her. #TeamBumblestripe

14 Goldenflower

I think Golden-furred she-cats are sooo pretty. She might not have been the best character, but the genes certainly worked her favor. She had beautiful bright fur!

Goldenflower chose a mate who didn't love her and had a son who also had an imposter so shouldn't she be higher? also golden she-cats are very pretty she SHOULD be higher. she was an only mother for goodness sake!


I love her and all but she had a terrible taste when it came to picking mates. I mean Patchpelt? And Tigerstar? Yes patchpelt was goldys mate. He was also Swiftpaws father lol

Goldenflower lives through the fact her 2nd mate was a killer, her clan hated her kits, and her daughter left the clan as an apprentice. She is such a pretty cat inside and out. She honestly is soooo kind and gorgeous.

15 Redtail

Is Redtail a she-cat? I think he's a tom because his description literally said "tom" ... Anyways, he didn't deserve to die! Why did his own nephew kill him?

He was so cute tortoise shell with a red tail lol he was a good deputy, obviously if bluestar chose him, why did tigerstar have to kill him! He would've been a great leader.

Redtail's markings are really beautiful... I've always had a weakness for tortoiseshells!

Reminds me of a squirrel it he was a good deputy and tiger star is evil to kill him!

16 Daisy

I hate to say, I REALLY don't like Daisy. She stole Cloudtail from my poor Brightheart, who going from enough as it is, insulted her face (I hate Cloudtail for not sticking up for her) and keeping Cloudtail from doing his job! She does have very pretty cream colored fur, but she has time to make herself nice, real warrior cats don't!

Daisy is super nice! She lived in a barn, and I think her heart will always be there, but she won't leave Mousewhisker! She has outlived almost all her kits!

daisy my have done all that other stuff, like with brightheart and cloudtail, but you half to admit that is is kind of funny when she bust into the medicine cat den and was worrying about a thing that would be fine. I like her beautiful cream coat with those blue eyes.

Just because she is a kitty-pet, doesn't mean that they'res anything wrong with her. She grew up like a kitty-pet. Big deal! She is still in my opinion, the second most beautiful she-cat in warriors. My first is Millie, and after Daisy, its Sandstorm then Squirrelflight. Spiderleg was mistaken to not want to be with Daisy anymore. She is a perfectly fine cat. He was just embarrassed to be with a kitty-pet. UHM HELLO! Wake Up, Spiderleg. Some of the greatest warriors of all times mated kitty-pets and actually was a kitty-pet! Sandstorm mated Firestar, one of the greatest. He was a kitty-pet. Graystripe (THE GREATEST OF ALL) mated Millie. She was a kitty-pet. So, Daisy is pretty, and like any great warrior.

17 Socks

Vote for Socks! He's SO cute! So is scourge tho, Ruby's not as cute but they would totally rock some Cat calendars!

So 1st cutest is Swiftpaw who is not on here and 2nd is Grey Wing, Graystripe, Fircone, and Smudge. Socks is very cute. Black and white cats are my jam! He was cute as a kit, but kinda lost some cuteness when he and Ruby were homeless. He is also Firestar's half brother and I love Firestar. He is awesome! Socks looks like Swiftpaw and Swiftpaw is so cute. Go Socks! Socks! Socks!

I like socks but he was a jerk to tiny..I like black and white cats But he always teamed up with ruby And made fun of tiny when he was actually the most handsome/pretty of the three.

Scourges brother Socks is pretty and cute and he has white paws that look like socks. Fun fact:Scourge, Ruby, and Socks have looks that are much closer to their mother Quince than they are to their father who is also Firestar's named Jake

18 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

She is so misunderstood! She got dreams about her kits that were telling her to avenge them so she thought that if she didn't, that they wouldn't go to starclan! Also, she is like the way she is because:
1. her kits died
2. Frecklewish sat by and did nothing while her kits drowned
3. Appledusk got a new mate
4. her kits telling her to avenge them in a dream

So next time you want to call Mapleshade a bad cat, think about it for a moment. All she really is, is a heartbroken cat who would give her happiness for her kits happiness.

(Mapleshade and Brightheart are tied for my favorite cats)

Snowfur is so kind, gentle, and brave. SHE DA BEST! NO ONE CAN CHANGE MY MIND. When she died I was 100% triggered. She was a great mom and cared for poor Mosskit when they died. Such a great mother! I can keep rambling about her for days. Snowfur is extremely pretty and always sees the good in other, like Thisleclaw. -Akira

Ok well I have mixed feelings abt her but mostly good ones. Mapkeshade fell in love and she wanted nothing but a good life for her kits. I hate Oakstar and Frecklewish but if the authors had killed off Bloomheart it would've been a great plot. Frecklewish Ravenwing and Appledusk deserved to die. Appledusk took 0 responsibility for his kits and called Mapleshade a mistake in front of her and drove her out. Reedshine deserved to die next tho. Appledusk lied to Reedshine and literally told her he cheated. Appledusk clearly isn't a good father and Reedshinw honestly should've dies and I hope she and her kits suffered.Also someone commented abt snowfur on here lol

She was a really bad cat, but it's not her fault she fell in love with someone outside the clan! I felt so bad for her when her kits drowned.

19 Snowfur Snowfur is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. She's Bluestar's sister, Whitestorm's mother and Thistleclaw's mate (when she was alive) and used to be a Thunderclan Queen before joining Starclan. She's one of the main characters in Bluestar's Prophecy more.

Snowfur is so pretty and kind! It was SO sad when she died! She would have been such a great mother if she lived to see Whitestorm live! R.I.P Snowfur

Snowfur was a kind and quiet warrior! Her white pelt was just so stunning... she shouldn't have died! I almost cried when she did it just wasn't fair. -Mistypool

She so pretty I just love her because she deserves a lot of credit for being 1 on my list and I thank her for caring for mosskit, my second fave.

Awhhh Snowfur is so niceee, I’m sure she would have been a great mother to Whitestorm, like she was to Mosskit in StarClan, if she had lived longer. She and BlueStar were such great sisters! I wish she didn’t die but I guess these things happen. R.I.P SNOWFUR

20 Brook

Honestly no one really talks about Brook and she is kinda not in the books that much but she is still so kind and sweet! She is so nice to Stormfur. I guess she was kinda popular between the cats and put others before herself even though she wasn’t always in ThunderClan <3

I Voted for brook because she is SO sweet and gentle.she is one of my personal favorites because she is beautiful but can also fight

I loved Brook as soon as she appeared in Moonrise. She was one of the most gentle ones of the tribe and Stormfur was literally perfect for her. I like her a lot and I think she’s one of the prettiest cats

Why is this so low she is prettier than silverbutt and spottedbutt
Just because they're do hot does not mean they're a nice cat inside plus
Silverstream is hopeless mother she DIED and left her kits mother-less!
DAMM you silverbutt

21 Mistystar

Mistystar was one of the best leaders and the great thing is that she wasn't greedy to get the throne! She helped Leopardstar when she was so weak and was a great deputy when she was Mistyfoot. I believe that River Clan will be safe in her paws.

Omg I love mistystar/foot. I think it was really good of her to tell firheart how oakheart died even tho it was kinda breaking the warrior code.

Mistystar. One of my fave characters "The best of the best" and a double image o her mother. She's small and pretty. I feel bad for what she had to go throught with all that trouble with Hawkpoop. Oops. I mean Hawkfrost!

I would put bluestar but I already used up my votes but they are both beautiful, I love blue-gray. Her name really fits her too. If it weren't for her and bluestar and stonefur I wouldn't know blue-gray cats exist!

22 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

Jayfeather is my absolute favorite character out of any book I've ever read. He is such a good medicine cat, and he was the first to find out about the kin of kin prophecy because of his power. Jayfeather is probably the best chracter overall in the entire series. He reminds me of myself. -Skycloud

Lets ignore the fact that he is blind. Look at this art! This is so beautiful. And his quotes about the stick are better! "This is MY stick".
I think Jayfeather should be higher up on the list just because of this beautiful art! Good job artist!

Oh he is very handsome and I'm sorry for him that he couldn't become a warrior but at least he had a nice mentor and two littermates.

I love his quotes. My fave is wher someone asks to use his stick to save cats from the mud. He says "No."
The other cat said "it's just a stupid stick.
"Its MY stick." He replied.
He's 9 on my list he used to be my fave and he still is.

23 Brambleberry

Brambleberry is one of the most beautiful characters. I find white cats with unique patterns beautiful, and if you look at fanart of her, her blue eyes are just gorgeous! Though she is very pretty on the outside, she has a great, caring personality on the inside, too. I think that Brambleberry should be way further up the list, not just at position 7. Leafpool is just an average cat to me, since most cats are brown tabbies, some with white patches and hazel or amber eyes. I think Silverstream is pretty, too, but silver-she-cats are so overrated compared to other cats.

I've always felt that Brambleberry was really pretty. Not only is here patterning good, but she was so sweet to Crookedstar and acted as his foster mother.

She is surprisingly very pretty. Most people don't think of her when they talk about good-looking she-cats. They think of Silverstream, the obvious choice. Or what's on the inside, Brightheart. Brambleberry's coat is white with several black dapples and blue eyes. If she was a warrior, she'd have a choice by the time she was an apprentice. Even though in the books she's a medicine cat. She's Mudfur's mentor and was mentored by Milkfur. In doesn't state her parents in the Wikia so they are probably unknown unless they reveal it.

They should make more cats like this! And it's cute how they say she has a pink nose lol I like how she has spots I love spots and her blue eyes go good with her fur

24 Leopardstar

She's beautiful! The golden-spotted pelt is gorgeous. Unique. She looks almost identical with Spotted Fur. Amber eyes. And by the way, this is not about the personality! Yeah, you know, " ditzy twerp. " And uh, what leader do you like?

Very pretty cat! Rare pattern! And I love her character development from snobby- to decent, I'm glad that she improved

She may be kind of a jerk... But she is very pretty I love the gold and spots and also the prefix leopard

She's pretty with a golden pelt black spots and nice warm Amber eyes

25 Heathertail

I love Heathertail! Honeyfern and her are my favoritecharacters. Heathertail has a beautiful colored pelt, along with perfect heather-blue eyes to match . Not only does she have a great complexity of colors, but she is also a really determined, loyal, and outgoing she-cats in General. Heathertail was also the ONLY cat that actually stood up for Breezepelt when everyone accused him of being disloyal to WindClan , AND when they blamed him of killing his mother. Also when Crowfeather when to find Nightcloud, she refused to stay back and came with him and Breezepelt. She was also a told mother to Breezepelt's, SmokehazeBrindlewing, Applepaw, and, Woodpaw

Her pale blue eyes sound just so beautiful. They go perfectly with her light grey fur. I really shipped LionXHeather, too bad it didn't happen. There was so much chemistry but you can't see as much affection with LionXCinder. You don't feel it, it's just Lionblaze thinking, I wANt tO bE y0Ur mAtE! I love Cinderheart and the ship isn't bad but I feel like they should've tried developing it more.

she is light brown tabby she-cat with heather blue eyes. Aww, so pretty~
really! heather heatherheather lovvvvvvve(sorry for being hysterical heheh)

First, heathertail is beautiful but she is really! ean
But not tigerstar, brokenstar, and scurge put together mean gees people. Shes more mean like a hollyleaf mean. She's loyal, and hates lionblaze, and made bad decitions in her life but being with beezepelt was awesome for me.

Hollyleaf was loyal, and also made bad decitions in her life. I always shipped mousewhisker and hollyleaf to get hollywhisker

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