Top 10 Best Home Workout Programs

It's little wonder so many people resolve each year to lose weight, eat better, get stronger and treat their bodies better. When you're healthy, you feel better, look better, and are all around more happy.

But maintaining a good physique isn't necessarily easy, especially as we get older. There are a lucky few who are able to stay fit simply by living their daily lives. The rest of us, however, have to put forth an effort.

Too often, this is something we don't do until there is a problem. Maybe you're looking in the mirror and you don't like what you see. Maybe you are participating in an loved activity and realizing you have lost a step and can't keep up. And maybe it has come to the point where a poor physique is actually affecting your health and quality of life.

Regardless of their motivation, come January 1st people flock to their local gyms in hopes of making this year a better one. But this crowd quickly dissipates as the year progresses and it doesn't seem to be because people are reaching their goals and living happily ever after. Instead, it appears that people are getting discouraged and giving up. And it's not just the people in gyms who spent the first few months of the year aimlessly trying out the various machines at the gym and not seeing results. Millions more have treadmills, exercise bikes, dumbbells, and other home gym equipment purchased with the best of intentions that often times ends up being a high priced clothes hanger.

Why is this? Why do so many people fail at achieving their new year's resolution to get in shape?

Part of it may be that working out is just that, work - and work is hard. But that doesn't appear to be a complete explanation. Most people will work extremely hard if they believe it is worth it. And what reward is better than a trim and strong physique? Instead, a better explanation may be that people get discouraged by a lack of results. Granted, it takes time to make a difference in your body, but if you don't know what you are doing when you work out, results may come at a snail's pace if at all.

In order to get the best results in the shortest amount of time, you need to work out properly. For some, this means signing up for sessions with a personal trainer, but at $50+ an hour, this can be prohibitively expensive. More and more often, people are avoiding the gym altogether turning to home workout programs.

Unlike the aerobics videos on the past, today's home workout programs are more complete fitness solutions. Many feature multiple routines, diet plans, online interactivity and more. There are no magic weight loss potion and you will have to work, but know that if you select a quality workout routine and put forth the effort, you will see results, and you will see them quickly.

To help you get started, here is a list of the top home workout programs.
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1 DDPYoga It is the mission of DDP YOGA to empower others to think beyond traditional limits, to find inspiration from adversity, and to become the most trusted fitness company on the planet!

I've been doing DDPYOGA for 3 years and am in the best shape of my life. I'm 59 years young and love the fact that I get a great workout without beating up my joints. I gave up running 20 years ago due to back and ankle issues and took up cycling. I find my cycling has also improved since starting DDPYOGA. I'm on the road for work a lot and love the fact that I can great a great workout in my hotel without having to bring a lot of exercise equipment along. The new DDPYOGA App has made working out on the road that much better. Dallas does a great job teaching modifying positions so that if you are a beginner you can work your way up to better fitness levels. I have tried other higher intensity body weight programs but the high repetitions were hard on my joints and can leave you so sore you can become frustrated and quit.

DDPYoga is the best home workout on the planet. They give you so many tools to own your life and make the best out of the rest. I have not seen a workout such equipped with food guideline, workout plan for beginner to expert, and a group that helps every step of the way like this. I will never look at another workout system again. Not only are the workouts amazing and you feel so much better afterwards but there is a group on the website and on Facebook that is the best support system you can ever find. I have found such a diverse and amazing group of people because of that. Friends and family for the rest of my life that would be there for me at the drop of a dime if I needed it. Once you start, you can't stop and that is a guarantee.

I did Insanity for years, but kept having to stop and restart due to frequent and recurring muscle/tissue injuries. Some of these injuries were caused by my poor flexibility. No matter how much I stretched or warmed up, my flexibility sucked. I switched to DDPYoga and found out I was not as physically strong as I thought. I also had multiple muscle imbalances where one side was stronger than the other. This occurred from the rapid movements in Insanity which did not teach me proper form or give me time to evaluate the movements I was doing. This caused the stronger muscles to overcompensate for the weaker ones. DDPYoga corrected all of those issues. The biggest difference I found was how I felt after the workouts. Insanity made me feel tired, DDPYoga made me feel energized. Insanity is a good program that can help you achieve your fitness goals, but won't help you if you are hurting. DDPYoga is better, it can heal your body.

I have been doing DDPYoga since January and cannot believe the changes in my flexibility, core strength and muscles in such a short period of time. This is not about finding your inner chi or any of that stuff, this is about empowering yourself. This program is for all levels of fitness, whether you are just starting out or a professional athlete. The DDPYoga app is mind blowing. I have never seen any other fitness app that does what this one does. From new live workouts, nutrition, and support to fitness tracker and so much more. There is no other workout that does what this does, and once you start you are addicted. It is literally life changing.

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2 Insanity

Insanity changed my life and my fitness. I thought I reached the peak my fitness and then along came insanity. I've never felt as fit or as strong. My journey has now been shared with so many others on a similar journey. I am now an insanity live instructor, I see individuals of all shapes and sizes taking their journey further. It's amazing to watch. The beauty of this programme is how You feel the psychological and physical need to give up yet that inner voice just keeps you going. If you've never done this programme don't be put off they're are plenty of options for beginners to advanced- be warned your fitness is about to take a serious boost!

I am a Yoga and a naturopathy Doctor from India and doing my 3 rd week Insanity and am loving it... it's tough as hell but I can see my strength increase my confidence increase... the way different muscle are used to work out is really fascinating and you can feel those things that's amazing... I have not lost weight very much but I can see myself getting fitter may be as the workout goes on I might start loosing weight... Shaun T is a motivation machine amazing work... thank you

I've done this and P90X. While I like the variety of P90X and think it is quite good, Insanity is the clear best for me. I shed all my excess fat and got abs and muscle from Insanity, and it was the most athletic I've ever felt in my life. Not needing any equipment is a huge plus (although having a mat definitely helps for your joints), and Shaun T is a much better motivator than Tony Horton. Whereas Tony loves to talk about himself and show off, Shaun T makes you feel like he cares about you personally getting through the workout (as much as he can in a pre-recorded video).

Did Insanity twice. Like many other people here it changed the way I view home fitness while it was changing my body. I've since purchased the Insanity MAX 30 program which is as good if not better (for me) but only requires 30 minutes a day. The leaps in strength and cardio from week to week are astounding. Turning 50 this year and I'm earning myself an 8-pack. Thank you Beach Body. Thank you Shaun T.

3 P90X

P90X is a good program to use, but it's tough to do. I use it when I can't go to the gym. In the gym, you can spend hours, but with this program, you can do just one workout in only an hour, which I think is amazing. It challenges you to succeed, and after a month, you end up with a decent new body. The more you workout, the more your muscles will build. Also, I believe there is something you eat after the workout, which is helpful, but I don't know what it's called.

P90X was successful back then and now. Sure, it can be challenging and rough, but it has effective methods and routines to lose weight without any hesitations. There's this guy called Jacksfilms on YouTube who made a parody of this program. He gave it a try and received an amazing result after many days of workouts. This made him appreciate Tony Horton, the 56-year-old creator of P90X, even more.

I love P90X for one reason and one reason only. It is the most effective program out there. Its effectiveness is simply due to its all-around approach. It challenges you in all areas of your fitness, whether it's strength training, cardio, or just overcoming the greatest obstacle of all, you. If you want a total life transformation, P90X is your tool for achieving it.

I've done a lot of Beachbody programs, and to me, P90X is simply the best. No other program can beat the total package P90X offers: strength training, yoga, martial arts, cardio... Just an all-around fantastic program. I think Insanity is a close second and definitely takes P90X in a comparison of cardio only... But P90X easily takes Insanity in strength/physique (endless pullups and pushups, plus lifting weights) and flexibility, with decent cardio. It's the best all-around thing going.


This program is accessible to everyone. Yes, it is intense. But there are low-impact modifications that make it something people at any fitness level can do. Top athletes will also be challenged by this workout if they go all out at it. It is perfect for cardio and muscle tone, and the optional third phase, Gamma, will work more on strength if you want it. Core development is also a huge part of this workout. Push play.

I love T25! I keep waiting for the workouts to get easier, but they get harder, and I sweat more because I push myself harder and my form gets better every day. I truly am inspired by the setup, the short time frames, the bursts and resting periods, and Shaun T himself. Again, I LOVE IT!

Love, love, love this program! It's genius. Short, sweet, and to the point. Just starting the last week of Alpha phase and my clothes are so much looser than when I started. The modifications are great too, so everyone can do it.

I absolutely love the FOCUS T25. Focusing on your core and form at high intensity levels burns an extreme amount of calories. The Alpha to Gamma phases, which incorporate weights and cardio, increase your coordination, speed, and strength for overall fitness!

5 Insanity: The Asylum

If you want to get in shape and turn your life around, choose Insanity. It doesn't get much better! It really works. You will have a great trainer and really just great everything! Join Insanity for the best choice of your life!

I've done P90X, but this one is harder and better. I will definitely keep doing this workout, as well as the other volumes that get released for it. If you're wanting to get in peak condition for a sport or just wanting to get healthier, then look no further.

I have done the Asylum about 4-5 times, followed by the Asylum 2 4-5 times, and then the Asylum 1&2 hybrid. I feel like a real athlete. I highly recommend it for people who want a challenge, preferably after P90X or Insanity.

Asylum pushes not only my body but my mind. The agility, quickness, explosiveness, and focus required reap HUGE results!

6 TurboFire

This workout gets the job done! I've lost 15 pounds and 12 inches off my body in 8 weeks! The workouts are fun, varied, and keep you wanting to come back for more! A better workout than a gym workout, and less money than a gym membership! Turbo Fire makes you feel like you're actually in class with the rest of the people. Can't say enough about it. Cardio, strength training, and high-intensity interval training all in one! There are also modifications for those who need to keep things more low impact. Don't think twice about trying this workout!

I loved TurboFire. It was the most fun workout that I've done at home, and as a result, it kept me motivated to keep doing it. I lost 15lbs at the end of the program and would have probably lost more if I had followed a proper nutrition plan. I started doing other workouts, but on the days that I don't feel like doing anything, I always do a TurboFire workout because I know I would enjoy it! I would highly recommend this workout to anyone interested in a good home workout program!

This workout is the most fun of all my home workouts. I feel as if I am right there in the class, but have all the convenience of home (no drive, no line for the bathroom, no gym fees). I do a lot of exercise DVDs, and Turbofire is one I keep going back to again and again because it is fun and challenging. I must say, however, that I am not a fan of the strength training component.

I've done this program three times, beginning to end, and supplemented my half marathon training with it. I love it! It's so much fun. It hardly feels like you're working out... until you're flat on the ground, out of breath, sweating like a crazy person! It really makes getting your fitness on track super fun and easy!

7 Hip Hop Abs

Love HHA, for an older person no longer willing to do much on the floor (too many issues, back troubles, and such). This is a great workout. It might not be as fast for losing inches, but it's also not as intense as Shaun's T25. It's better to start with one you will use and finish than to buy one that you start and use once or twice and never finish. I go to a fit club where we do most of these workouts on the list, so I know the difference between them. HHA is a good starter program, although you can modify the others. However, they are not nearly as fun though.

I wind up reaching for this one most often because I love to dance. It's fun and I really feel the tightening in my core. And Shaun T makes me smile. He's adorable! His positive energy is contagious. It's a workout that never feels like a chore.

Hip Hop Abs is fun to do, and what people don't realize is that it can be pretty hardcore as it includes good plyometrics just like P90X and Insanity! The only difference with Hip Hop Abs is that it's FUN! You don't realize how hard you're working out until you notice all the sweat dripping off your face and splattering on the floor!

I just began Hip Hop Abs today, and man, was it fun! But it was definitely a workout. I wanted to quit after five minutes, but after finishing, I felt great and definitely broke a sweat.

8 Body Beast

The best program for skinny guys is different from all Beachbody programs, and the best part is it's built for people with any fitness level. The results are amazing as hell. Everybody should give this a try.

Body Beast is an awesome program for women too! You will not bulk up like men do, but you will certainly get strong, lean muscles and definition. I will be doing this one again!

Love the beast. My doctor wants me to slowly do this. I have considerably bad health concerns so she wants me to start slowly. Just doing back today with 5lb weights killed me. But it's a step in the right direction; and I do feel it

Best for skinny guys like myself! For maximum results, you have to take the supplement, but the program also works pretty well without it.

9 P90X2

It makes you stronger, more flexible, more explosive, more athletic, more durable, and less vulnerable to injury during your everyday routine. All this while also getting you absolutely ripped.

Same style as P90X but with a focus on athletic performance and overall durability as well as getting ripped! Best program for the money, hands down.

This program adds balance and proper recovery training into the mix. Most people need this to feel better as they make the journey.

10 Les Mills Combat

I don't know why Les Mills Combat is ranked #10. It should be one of the top 3. I am on my second round of the Ultimate Warrior Hybrid and am seeing amazing results. I went from day one of hardly keeping up to now matching their every move. My body is definitely changing shape, and I am loving the empowerment it gives me! I highly recommend this program to women and anyone who likes more martial art-type workouts.

This program ROCKS! I am doing it for the 2nd time, and I thought it might be too easy to do again from the beginning... Not so. It's still a challenge, but every bit is entertaining, fun, and engaging, and it gets the job done. Les Mills Combat is only so far down on this list because not nearly as many people know about it as the other programs. It should be #1.

Les Mills Combat has changed my life! I love the motivation that Dan and Rach give in each and every workout. Rach has even made me cry a few times because of what she said. It really hit home. I am in my second round of Combat but doing the Ultimate Warrior track and I can't get enough! Love the empowerment and self-confidence it has given me to push play and get fit!

This program is pretty amazing. I love the workout (it makes me feel powerful!) and the trainers (they crack me up). The routines are really fun and fly by! I was losing weight before I started, but this program really started to actually change the shape of my body. I finally had definition in my waist and abs. I wasn't a "skinny fat person," but I started to become a *fit* person!

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11 12 Days - Amy and Jamie Honey System

Fun is the key ingredient of everything: a healthy diet can be fun, exercises can be fun, learning important facts about your body, nutrition, and fitness can be fun.

12 Truth About Abs
13 Les Mills PUMP

This program is the absolute best... hands down! It's a HIIT, weight training & cardio program. It WILL... tone, shape, sculpt & change your body if you apply yourself. It will burn the fat & give you lean muscle. "Change"... isn't that why we workout? This will give you the change you want in the fastest time!

The only class workout that I have done where I have seen a change in my body! Also, it helped with my running and achieved my own personal best time in the Manchester BUPA 10K!

Absolutely the best workouts I have done in over 30+ years working out daily. The best!

Addictive, effective, full body strengthening with cardio hits that makes you feel powerful.

14 Athlean-X

Anything other than this just feels ineffective and like a waste of time. Most programs usually stop helping and just plateau but athlean-x on the other hand still helps no matter what in all aspects. Jeff always tells you what is needed and even separates the truth from the bull.

Much better planned program than all of the above and below. Probably the only one that marries science with working out. Those that don't should be dumped as they can easily cause injuries to people who follow them, which are almost all of the other programs.

This program is the only one on the list created by a guy that is not only a physical therapist but trains pro athletes for a living. I'm sorry but the other programs are either scammy (six pack shortcuts) or just overly marketed infomercial creations. Athlean-X is in another class.

This was the best ever body weight exercises tutorial and fat burning workouts. And the trainer Jeff he teaches simple shortcuts and tactics of exercises and he presents variation of body weight workouts.

15 ChaLEAN Extreme

I enjoyed this program and did 90 days, then mixed it up between DVDs like one week from each month. She does a great job of letting you know the moves ahead of time and the proper form. She is not annoying. There are lots of lunges, but the reps range from 8 to 12, so it's not excessive, and most routines are close to 30 minutes each.

This program is easy to do and easy to follow. It doesn't matter what your fitness level is, you'll see results.

16 10 Minute Trainer

Wonderful workout program. If you are short on time, if you are traveling, if you just want to maintain whatever shape you got, if you want to have an efficient workout in a short time (total 15 mins, including warm-up and cool down), if you want to stay in shape, or even if you want to get extreme results (by doing 2 or more workouts back to back), then the 10 MT is an ideal program.

Another masterpiece by Beachbody and Tony Horton. This program is on the same level as the P90X and Insanity series. I did this program for a straight 1 year when I was working abroad and worked 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week. Even now, I sometimes do it when I am short on time, especially for a month every year during Ramadan. It may be only 10 minutes, but it surely is intense, especially the total body DVDs.

Why is this program rated so low? Please vote and take this program's rating up.

There really isn't an excuse for finding 10 minutes in your day. You are sitting here reading right now, right? This program helped me find my health and redefine my future fitness goals. Fun, challenging, and a great first step from couch potato to athlete.

This is my favorite!

17 20 Minute Workout

This workout combines strength, flexibility, and cardio in a pleasant, non-judgemental manner. You are encouraged to perform at your own level and to make adjustments and modifications based on your own injuries or physical limitations. It can be as hard, or easy as you make it. But the workout is only part of the deal. Diet and recipes, a supportive, interactive community, and an optional app, make this a total fitness package.

Diamond Dallas Page is a genius!

DDP Yoga is absolutely the best workout and lifestyle program that I've used.

18 21 Day Fix

I have 2 toddlers and they even try to join in. The first week was killer but definitely stick with it. I am on my third round and am down over 20 inches. Portioning properly is important. The closer you can follow the program and push your limits every minute will give you amazing result. Just missing one day impacts my life surprisingly in a critically negative way. Get a support group also it helps on those difficult days to stay motivated. Every single workout I notice how I have improved every week and always feel it is challenging. I love how any fitness level can do it because of the alterations and I still do some for my joints. I love this plan and it's 30 minutes a workout so it really does fit into anyone schedule.

This is a great program!

Especially for someone like me who hadn't worked out in years! The first week was hard, but with the modifier, it allows you to still get the exercises done without quitting because the workouts are to hard.

I have lost 15.5 inches after the first 3 week. Am currently on week 2 and feeling great!

This is a great workout for people just getting started on a fitness journey. The exercises are easy to follow, yet challenging. The ability to modify makes it so almost anyone can do it. In three and a half months, I have lost 45 pounds.

Great program only 30 minutes long. Everyday is a different routine. Moves are simple but effective. I have been doing for 6 months and it has transformed my body. I'm 55 and have tried other programs and routines. This one works.

19 Workoutla
20 30 Day Shred

Jillian kicks my butt almost everyday. Her workouts are just the perfect amount of exercise for a busy mom like me. Along with walking everyday I see the pounds shedding off.

Jillian is an angel; she is a great motivator. This workout is doable for a mid-range fitness level, 30-something mom of two. And you see results in a few days.

Love, love, LOVE IT! The first 30 days I did I lost 5lbs! And like the others say, great workout for a busy mom!

I've been doing this for three weeks, and I'm really starting to see results.

21 Daily Burn

Awesome total body workout. Excellent trainers. Different one each day. Streams live.

22 Insanity Max 30

This is good for people with bad joints to because it has a modifier right on the screen. You don't have to look for where the modifier is while your workout.

This program should not be down here, it's one of best workouts I've ever tried, it gives you a great amount of self accomplishment when you hit a new max out time. seriously hard and amazing.
this should not be number 18!

I have done 3 rounds already and this is my go to routine. It is 30mins only, but highly intensive. You will sweat all over. I have done various sports but this program beats them all in terms of cardio preparation.

If Insanity is considered the best, this one gives you better results in half the time.

23 7DayFitness
24 Buti Yoga

Buti is an amazing yoga practice and workout! It is a butt-kicking combination of power yoga, plyometrics, and dance. There is a lot of toning so you will get your cardio, strength, and flexibility in one super fun, engaging workout! I have personally seen my core strength increase so much more in Buti than any other type of fitness program, plus I can do headstands and other yoga poses I never dreamed of doing before. The practice and group of women that do it are extremely supportive and empowering. Buti encourages you to be your best self through self-love rather than self-loathing. And did I mention it is so much fun?!?

I found Buti Yoga two years ago, in the end of May of 2014. It was four years after becoming a first time mom, over the age of 30. I had SO many physical issues and could barely do anything because of fallen arches that sent a train wreck of issues up my legs. My core strength was gone, and... plenty of other post pregnancy issues that left me too afraid to attempt working out in public view. I did the few free workouts on YouTube, then immediately went all in for the full 30 day slim down package, which at the time included a full blown meal plan, dvd set, and access to the online video library. I was instantly addicted and completed the entire 30 day slim down twice- 60 full days of pure Buti Bliss. Half way through that I was so on fire for Buti that I signed up for certification in mid July. It's two years later and I am still going strong in instructing Buti Yoga and still absolutely addicted. I am stronger than I ever have been, more inspired, delighted, and my body has resolved ...more

Buti Yoga shows you physical results immediately faster than any other workout I've seen on this list. Buti is challenging and fun. The music is great and I can do more yoga poses than when I was paying massive amounts of money at local yoga studios. I'm not sure how Bizzie balances yoga and cardio so well but it just works. You are challenging yourself and growing so confident. It's so great I really can't sum it up in this comment. Everyone that does Buti ends up with a body they ACTUALLY dreamed of...but not by stressing the body; rather, celebrating it.

Vinyasa /power yoga practitioner for 14 years and fell in love with Buti instantaneously and now a Buti yoga instructor practicing myself at home. Never been a "workout at home" kind of person. Nothing could motivate me, however BUTI yoga changed that and I'm commited to a home practice that makes me feel great inside & out.

25 Georges St-Pierre's RUSHFIT

Lost 43lbs with this program after 2 rounds. No whooping and hollering from those taking part (a big plus), straightforward training from Eric, all of which is well researched, and a bit of humour from the very humble man himself, GSP. I have tried quite a few of the others on this list, but I always come back to this. One tip, squat the way Eric tells you to, putting your weight into your heels, or your knees will suffer. Good luck.

Works your butt off. At most you need some space, a mat, and light dumbbells (I should be in the 165 lb range and 10lb dumbbells were PLENTY) plus the program of course. Also has 3 fitness levels, alternatives for the exercises if needed, AND is a 60 day program. I bought multiple copies to ensure I have a working copy. I rarely endorse anything but stand FIRMLY behind this product.

The finest MMA-style, no-nonsense workout program ever! Excellent and well-balanced. In my opinion, GSP Rush Fit should be in the top 3. Please vote for this program. You need to train like a fighter if you want to look like one.

Who better to train you than one of the most physically fit human beings on the planet?

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